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Hi, Rajmun is here. I am from India and currently pursuing engineering. I have interest in home appliances and love to research about them. I research about the best home appliances, decors, decorating ideas and “Fav Home Decor” is the place where I share them.

Favhomedecor.com is an online platform where you can find all the best Amazon products in the decorating niche. I know that it is very hard to find the best product on Amazon because of its huge variety of products. So, I am here to provide you the details of the best products which will suit your need best.

My philosophy is very simple. I just want to suggest the coolest product according to your need and you can buy my suggested products directly from Amazon. I understand the value of your time so, I find the best according to your desire.

When you visit favhomedecor.com you will get only interesting, innovative, and often times very odd products.

To be true, items listed on this site do return a small commission on product referral. However, this is not the sole motivation for featuring an item. You are never been charged extra because of these commissions. Neither I do carry any product which is listed on this site, nor I sell anything

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I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of favhomedecor.com. Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.