5 Top-Rated Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners 2021🥶

Let’s take a quick look at this 14000 BTU portable AC buying guide like what we are gonna discuss in this whole article. So basically, our team of experts has picked up the 5 best 14000 BTU portable air conditioners which are highly reliable to use and recommended by many online buyers.

There are a huge number of brands that are producing ACs and they are doing a great job but the thing is, this practice is making us confused that which will be the best AC to buy, and for that you need to know that how to choose the best air conditioner.

Here you are gonna get the best suggestions for 14000 BTU portable AC along with a buying guide.

Why Portable AC?

If you are done with the air coolers and want to upgrade to an air conditioner then, the portable AC can be an ideal choice for you because it is almost like a cooler only.

The difference is, the coolers work with the help of the water you put in, and AC has the conditioner to push the cool air without filling water. Also, portable ACs dehumidify the room just like dehumidifiers.

If you want an AC but the budget is not so high to take a split AC and the availability of the space in the room is also less, then portable AC is an ideal choice for you.

A best 14000 BTU portable AC can come under $550 which is lesser than the 14000 BTU split ACs. But if we compare the price of portable AC and window AC, both are quite the same.

If there is not a big margin gap between the price of portable and window AC, then which one should we buy and why? In order to answer this question, let’s make a table and see the pros and cons of portable and window AC.

✔️Can be used if don’t have a window❌Can’t be used without window
✔️Can be carried room to room❌Can’t carry room to room
✔️Looks attractive as a decor❌Doesn’t look attractive
cools less than window AC(of same BTU)✔️Cools better than portable AC(of same BTU)
✔️Safe to use❌There is a risk to fall down

5 Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners

Generally, a 14000 BTU air conditioner can cool up to 550 sq ft area but some models out of these 5 ACs can cool up to 650 sq ft also.

If your room size is actually less than 400 then, it is better to go with the 12000 BTU air conditioners. This will save your energy and money also.

I have picked up these 5 ACs based on many factors like durability, cooling capacity & quality, brand, warranty, and most important reviews.

Every product is rated in the range of 1-5 based on the above factors.

 Product NameArea Can Cover(sq ft)Item Dimension(inches)Our Rating 
Black + Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner35017.1 x 13.8 x 28.14.6BUY NOW
Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner50016 x 19 x 35.54.7BUY NOW
Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner37518.9 x 14.9 x 30.54.8BUY NOW
AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner55018.39 x 15.63 x 30.124.7BUY NOW
Best Choice Products65016 x 15 x 294.9BUY NOW

Black + Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner

Black + Decker BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner

If your budget is somewhere around $400 then you must check this AC out. You will have a great portable AC at the cheapest price.

As the price is a little low, the area covering capacity is also a little low. Usually, 14000 BTU portable ACs can cover 500 sq ft but this AC can cover up to 350 sq ft only.

This can be an ideal choice for small rooms or cabins. Its adjustable fan speed cools the air to 65°F at the highest cooling setting.

This AC comes with a 3 in 1 functionality system and they are fan, cooling, and dehumidifying. Bucket-less, self-evaporating operation makes your living space cool, clean and dry.


✔️Cost is less

✔️Good for small apartments

✔️One year of warranty + five years of warranty on the compressor


❌Covers less area compared to other 14000 BTU portable ACs

Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

This portable AC is not a cheap one, if you have a high budget around somewhere $600 then you must check this AC out. Is it worth buying? Yes, absolutely.

This 14000 BTU AC can cool the area of up to 500 sq ft and faster than many renowned branded AC as this has a dual hose. There are many differences between single and dual hose. But you just need to know that dual-hose portable AC can cool faster than a single hose.

You can extend the hose up to 60″ and that is quite enough size. They are providing three functions like cooling, dehumidifying, and fan.

If we talk about the look, it looks damn awesome especially because of the white edge and black body. It can be one of the best decors of your house.

Its filter can filter the air out as well as odor also because there is an odor-neutralizing carbon filter with it.

It is space-efficient and you can pull over the top air vent when it is in use and put it down when it is off.


✔️Pull over top air vent system

✔️Carbon odor-neutralizing filter

✔️having dual hose

✔️Cools the room faster

✔️Looks damn attractive


❌Quite costly (but worth buying)

❌The temperature sensor is really close to exhaust hose

Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner

Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner

If you need the best smart portable air conditioner at the cheapest price possible then I must suggest you look at it. This AC is way cheaper(by cost) than the last one mentioned above.

You can do control it thru wi-fi and with the help of your voice thru Alexa. This is not less smart than the last one mentioned above. But there is a huge margin between the cost of that and this.

Then why should you buy that one when you are getting the same features at a lower cost? The answer is because of the area covering capacity and inverter.

This 14000 BTU portable air conditioner can cover up to 375 sq ft only which is very less compared to the last one mentioned above. If your room is around 350 sq ft then you must go with this.

And the second thing is because of the inverter. This AC does not have a dual inverter but that AC is having a dual inverter and because of which that is must energy-efficient and makes less noise.

This AC comes with the 3 in 1 functionality and they are a fan, AC, and dehumidification.


✔️Can be controlled by wi-fi and Alexa

✔️Very much smart 14000 BTU AC at cheapest price possible

✔️The control panel over the head is very much attractive and user friendly

✔️Hose socket is very smooth to fix


❌Covers only 375 sq ft of area

AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner

AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner

This AmazonBasics Portable Air Conditioner is one of the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioners available online. The best thing about this AC is, it can cool up to 550 sq ft which is way larger than the capacity of all the ACs mentioned above.

The cost of this AC is very decent, not so high and not so low but compared to the other 14000 BTU portable ACs it is a very good price.

It can dehumidify and cool the room.

The control panel over the head is very reliable to use and has so many options and is well organized with a LED display.

The air vent comes out when you turn on the AC or else it stays inside only.

It comes with one year of warranty but if you pay a certain amount(somewhere like $40) of money extra, you can extend the period of warranty up to 4 years.


✔️Can cover up to 550 sq ft area

✔️Costs very decent price

✔️Air vent only comes out when you turn on the AC

✔️You can extend the warranty period by paying some extra money


❌A little bit loud

Best Choice Products 14,000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

Best Choice Products 14,000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

If you are searching for the best under the cheapest then there is this AC, which is extremely awesome and costs very much lesser than all the ACs mentioned above.

This powerful 14000 BTU Ac can cool up to 650 sq ft which is an unbelievable range and none of the ACs mentioned above can cover this much area.

So, if you need a simple AC which can cool a large area then this can be an ideal choice for you.

The control panel over the head is very simply designed with an LED display so that you can operate very smoothly.

Very easy to set up or install and comes with a 3 in 1 functionality system and they are a fan, cooling, and dehumidifying.


✔️Can cover up to 650 sq ft

✔️Comes under the cheapest price possible with best functions

✔️Easy installations


❌warranty period is less(please concern before purchasing)

What is the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioner?

Best Under Cheapest PriceBest & SmartestSmartest Under Cheapest Price
Best Choice Products 14,000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air ConditionerLG LP1419IVSM 14,000 BTU White Dual InverterRollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner
Best Choice ProductsLG LP1419IVSM White Dual InverterRollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner

Portable AC Buying Guide(5 Tips)

There are 5 things that you need to keep in mind while buying the portable AC.

  1. Size
  2. Maintenance
  3. Placement
  4. Noise
  5. Price

1. Size

The size of the AC is measured by the BTU(British Thermal Units) and you need to buy the AC according to your room size. There is a chart that shows the best room size for certain BTU.

BTUArea(sq ft)

There is a simple formula by which you can calculate how much BTU you need according to your room.

Length x Breadth = Area in sq ft
If main floor = area x 30 BTU
If the second floor or kitchen = area x 40 BTU
Each foot above 8 ft ceiling = estimated BTU + 1000(per ft)
Each person over two individuals= estimated BTU + 600(per individual)

2. Maintenance

You need to know which system of draining of the water is there in the AC. The water gets stored because of the moisture in the air. In order to cool, the AC needs to pull the moisture out of the air and that water gets stored in a container.

So, there are quite a few techniques by which you can drain the water. The manual techniques are like remove the container and empty somewhere and fix again, attach a pump to push the water, and you can use a pipe to drain the water with the help of gravity. Much portable AC comes with this type of small pipe to drain the water.

If we talk about automatic draining, there are certain portable ACs that can evaporate the water by themselves which means they can remove the water automatically by evaporation.

3. Placement

Although portable ACs are not window AC but they also need windows. The maximum length of the hose can be up to 60″. So, according to the length of the hose, you need to place the portable AC.

Portable ACs are not really portable that much because of the hose. So you can move the AC away from the window according to the length of the hose provided.

4. Noise

If we compare the noise produced by portable AC and window AC, window ACs make more noise than the portable but the thing is, the noise-making machine of window AC stays outside the room and portable AC stays totally inside the room.

The average range of noise that a portable AC makes is 52dB and you need to check that the amount of noise your desired portable AC makes.

5. Price

Last but not the least, price. Mostly, portable ACs are bought because of the space shortage or money shortage.

The price of window AC and Portable AC doesn’t have a big margin and if you want to be benefited, you must know the cost of portable air conditioners.

Generally, the cost of 14000 BTU portable air conditioners starts from $350 and can go up to $700. So, try to avoid those 14000 BTU ACs which come under $350 or even if you want to buy under $350 you must see at least one quality that should be awesome like the area covering should be at least 500 sq ft or it should be smartly controlled, etc.

FAQs On 14000 BTU Portable Air conditioners

How many square feet will a 14000 BTU cool?

Generally, a 14000 BTU AC can cover between 350-600 sq ft but this can vary based on many factors like, how long sunlight stays on the wall throughout the day, how many people are staying in that room, and many more factors.

Why portable air conditioners are bad?

Portable ACs are not bad really. It has also many bonus points. Yeah, it makes more noise than split and window ACs that is because in the case of portable AC the whole body stays inside the room but in the case of split and window AC, the compressor stays outside the room.

Can you use a portable air conditioner in a room with no windows?

Most people use windows to vent the air and it is the best practice also. But it is not like if you don’t have a window that means you can’t use portable AC. If you have any other area in the room from where you can attach the hose then you can easily use portable AC.

Does a portable AC unit use a lot of electricity?

Consumption of electricity can depend on the model but yeah we can say that the portable ACs consume less electricity than the window ACs.

What should I look for when buying a portable air conditioner?

There are quite of few things which you need to take care of while buying the portable AC and they are
>Warranty period
>Area can cover
>Control Panel over the head
>Placement of temperature sensor


I wish I have delivered the 5 top 14000 BTU portable AC reviews very well. I hope that you got exact knowledge about the thing you were searching for.

One last thing I must say is that if you really want to buy the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioner, try not to go below $350. When you want the best product, then spend at least a minimum amount of money.

If still, any doubt is there, please comment them down. Every feedback is appreciated.

*DISCLAIMER: The all above-listed products are Amazon affiliated products*

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