Best Air Fryer Under 5000 In India 2021🍳{With Great Looks}

Nowadays air fryer is one of the best kitchen appliances and has a lot of advantages of using it. They help us to consume a healthier meal within a short period of time. The cost of air fryer ovens is not less but I have picked up the best air fryer ovens under 5000 which are available online.

When you are searching for something online, you need a lot of time and expert knowledge to judge the product. I know the value of your hard-earned money, so I have picked up these best air fryer ovens based on many factors.

A kitchen which is having a microwave convection oven, sandwich maker, air fryer, and blender for smoothies, is a great kitchen because these are the most essential kitchen appliances anyone can have in the kitchen.

Here, you are gonna get every useful knowledge about an air fryer and which are the things you must take care of while buying an air fryer.

4 Best Air Fryers Under 5000

Here are the 4 best air fryers under 5000 in India, which are available online also. These are picked up based on many factors such as speed, durability, number of dishes that can be made, design, etc.

Usually, there are not a lot of air fryers which come under Rs.5000 but I have selected the best 4 out of those few appliances. You can check their reviews also manually.

I have rated all 4 air fryers in the range of 1 to 5.

 ProductWarranty periodCapacity(Liter)Our Rating 
Inalsa Air Fryer24.24.9BUY NOW
Glen 800 Watt Mini Fryer224.6BUY NOW

1. SToK 4 Liters

SToK 4 Liters
Image from amazon

Key Features

MaterialFood grade BPA Free Plastic,Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH15 x 13 x 13 inches
Item Weight6.5 Kilograms
Wattage1500 Watts

This one is a 4L air fryer. It is one of the best-reviewed air fryers in India under 5000 which is available online. If you are gonna prepare a meal for 3-4 people then this size is very good for you.

It gets heated very fast and its convection fast air makes the food very crispy and tasty. You are gonna love this appliance very much.

You are gonna get 1 Year Standard Warranty only for manufacturing defects on this air fryer.

The cost of this air fryer will fit right in your budget. Buying this air fryer is not worthless. I guess you are gonna get great satisfaction even if you need a big air fryer because its capacity is 4L and it is very huge.

The base is anti-skid because there are rubber feet attached to it. The handle is made up of stainless steel, which means it will last better. You can control time and temperature in this appliance.

The control panel of this air fryer looks very cool and it has pre-programmed switches for cooking fish, chips, cake, chicken, pork, etc. It is super reliable to use.


  • Beautifully designed control panel
  • Fast & consistent heat
  • Rapid heat convection
  • Has pre-programmed switches different dishes


  • Could have given 2 years of warranty at this price

2. Inalsa Air Fryer

Inalsa Air Fryer
Image from amazon

Key Features

MaterialABS Body
Item Dimensions LxWxH29 x 36.5 x 32 Centimeters
Item Weight5.2 KG

The cost of this air fryer is almost the same as the last one mentioned above and this is also not a wastage of money. There are many benefits to this air fryer.

Till now, this is the most reviewed air fryer for under 5000 rupees just because of its compatibility. It gets heated up within 2-3 mins this shows how much fast it is.

You can not only just fry in this, but also make curries, beef, chicken breasts, sausages, and even desserts. This is very much reliable to use.

The capacity of this fryer is 4.2L and the food basket is 2.9L big, which means you can cook for almost 3-4 people at once. This will save your time so much.

If you compare between deep fry and frying in this air fryer, you will see 85% of fat loss, which means very much healthier.

You can control the temperature and time with the help of finely designed knobs. The basket is detachable and dishwasher safe. You will get a 2 years of warranty with this.

Over the top of this air fryer, they have mentioned the timing and the temperature you should set for different dishes like chicken, sausages, beef, etc.


  • 2 Years Of warranty
  • Many other recipes than frying
  • 85% of fat loss
  • Gets heated up within 2-3 mins
  • Most reviewed air fryer under 5000


  • Plastic quality is not that awesome


Image from amazon

Key Features

Wattage1400 Watts

This can be the best air fryer under 5000 rupees because it has a huge capacity of 3.5L. This is the almost maximum capacity you can get in any air fryer at this cost(the cost of this and previous air fryers are different though both are under Rs.5000).

The cost of this fryer is also lesser than the last one mentioned above. The first thing is it will reduce the fat percentage by 80% and the fryer mentioned above helps to reduce 85% of fat.

And the second difference is in the warranty period, that fryer comes with 2 years of warranty and this air fryer comes with only one year of warranty.

Rest everything is awesome in this air fryer. You will get to control the temperature up to 200°C, timer up to 30 min.

Handle is very smooth to open and the detachable parts are dishwasher safe, so don’t worry about the cleaning.

This will consume a little bit more energy because it is 1400 watts and others are 1200 watts. As it will consume more energy, like that it will cook more food also at a time.


  • Having a 3.5L of capacity
  • Very smooth to handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Design is user friendly


  • Consumes a little bit more energy

4. Glen 800 Watt Mini Fryer

Glen 800 Watt 2 L Mini Fryer
Image from amazon

Key Features

Item Dimensions LxWxH33 x 25 x 25 Centimeters
Wattage800 Watts

This is not a very much preferred unit but better than many air fryers available in the online market under rupees 5000. The cost of this fryer is not that worth enough because it has 2L of capacity.

But if you live alone or you want to cook only one person’s food at once then this can be a good air fryer under 5000.

It consumes very little energy because it is an 800 watts appliance. You can Fry, grill, roast & even bake in this fryer.

The reasons of choosing this appliance are electricity efficient, can cook in various types, and comes with a 2 years of warranty.

You can easily handle this and wash also because the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and very smooth to use.

The worst part is, you can not control the temperature. temperature is preset in between 180-200 °C.


  • Can Fry, grill, roast & even bake
  • Space efficient
  • 2 Years of warranty


  • Capacity is less
  • Can not set temperature(temperature is preset)

Best Air Fryer Under 5000

Among all 4 fryers if I need to choose the best two based on overall factors, then I will choose the Inalsa air fryer and SToK air fryer because they are very durable, trustworthy, most reviewed, and user friendly.

SToK 4 Liters
Inalsa Air FryerSToK

What Is Air Fryer Oven?

From the name “air fryer” we can understand that this works with the help of air. So, basically, air fryer ovens work on the principle of air blowing. When we keep the food inside the air fryer, the hot airs pass thru the food and it gets heated up.

There is one chamber in which we keep the food to be cooked. Right above the chamber, there is one pull out air fan. That fan pulls the hot air from the food chamber and sends it downwards with the help of the free space between the wall and chamber of the air fryer.

That air contains heat energy and when it reaches downwards, there is one guide that pushes that air and distributes the air throughout the chamber.

Why Should You Use Air Fryer?

An air fryer is one of the best cooking equipment for the new generation. This is a very good appliance for the persons who love healthy foods because an air fryer can reduce up to 85% of the fat present in the food.

This is a very fast appliance to cook or bake any food. Whenever you want to bake anything, just take it out of the refrigerator and keep it in the air fryer then switch it on.

They are so much easy to operate. No use of any fire and all. Just plug in, set timer, set temperature, and wait. A very good option for the person who has very little time to cook.

There are many things which you can make with the help of the air fryer and they are healthy as well as tasty because it doesn’t make you feel like the food is not deep-fried although there will be very less oil. You need very little oil to cook, which means it helps to save oil and indirectly saves money.

There is something called air fryer toaster oven combo also. In this appliance, you will get the feature of both an air fryer and toaster.

Some of the things which you can make in the air fryer.

Pot Sweet Potato ChipsCrispy Air Fryer Bacon
Air Fryer DonutsAir Fryer Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Chocolate Chip CookiesCrispy Air Fryer Baked Potatoes
Brussels SproutsMini Calzones

Things To Consider Before Buying Air Fryer

I have listed the best air fryers which are available under 5000 rupees in India but you need to know which one will be good enough according to your need. Let’s see a little buying guide of air fryer or the points which you must take care of while buying an air fryer.

1. Shape & Size

Shape matters because of the free space left in the kitchen to keep the fryer. You need to go with the shape which will fit nicely on your countertop. The slim body designs are called space-efficient because they acquire a little space on the countertop.

Size matters because of capacity. The capacity depends upon the number of family member you have or for how many persons you are gonna cook at a time. If the fryer has more than 3L capacity then 3-4 person’s cooking can be done at once.

2. Settings

The two settings must be there, one is temperature setting, and another is timer setting. Almost every air fryer has these two common settings. The temperature should be changeable up to 200°C because almost every dish needs that much temperature.

The timer helps a lot when you are working along with cooking. If you forget also that you were cooking something, the air fryer will automatically turn off.

3. Dishwasher Safe

This factor makes cleaning very easy. If the detachable parts like the basket can be dishwasher safe, then you can simply put them in the dishwasher and clean smoothly.

Almost every kitchen appliances are dishwasher safe nowadays, before buying an air fryer do check it once.

4. Price & Warranty

Here I have mentioned the air fryers which come under 5000 rupees but among them, some are around 3000 & 4000 also so, if you are paying more than 4000 for an air fryer, that should have more than 1 year of warranty or any extraordinary feature like wifi controlled, etc.

Types Of Air Fryers

This is also one of the factors you may need to know before buying an air fryer because you have to know which type of air fryer will work for you. So, there are mainly 4 types of air fryers and they are halogen air fryer, paddle air fryer, round air fryer, and air fryer oven. Let’s check them out in detail.

1. Halogen Air Fryer

In the halogen air fryers, there is the halogen which is the main source of heat and the fan present in it helps to circulate the hot air inside the oven. This is bigger in shape and it is almost an oven. You can see the food from outside because of the transparent wall of the halogen air fryer.

2. Paddle Air Fryer

In the paddle air fryer, you will find a handle(or paddle) which is basically used for rotating the food inside the air fryer in order to mix the ingredients finely, and as usual, the heat inside it helps to cook the food.

3. Round Air Fryer

This is the most common air fryer which we see in the market. These are called round air fryers because they are round in shape. They have a bigger area, most easily portable, and the cheapest type of air fryer available in the market. Costlier products have a digital display and cheaper ones come with the knob system.

4. Air Fryer Oven

They are also called air fryer toaster oven. These ovens are very much efficient. They have different layers for cooking. You can cook or bake more than one food at once because of the layers of racks. Air fryer toaster ovens are the most advanced type of air fryer.

You can cook a huge variety of foods in it and comes with many extra features like interior lights, smart control, etc. You can see your food from outside of the oven because of the transparent door. Cleaning of air fryer ovens is very easy actually.

FAQs On Air Fryers In India

What is the best air fryer for a family of 5?

If you want to cook for 5 persons at a time then you must go with more than 4L of air fryers like Nutricook Rapid Air Fryer. The air fryers which have around 2.5L of capacity can be used for cooking for 2-3 people at once.

What can you not cook in an air fryer?

An air fryer works on the principle of hot air penetration. So, if the food will not have water in it, the air fryer can’t cook that food. That means you shouldn’t use dry foods in the air fryer.

Can I put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

Yes, you can put the aluminum foil inside the air fryer but there are many safety measurements that you much follow. You shouldn’t use any acidic food along with aluminum foil because there will be decomposition.

Can I cook mushroom pakoda in Philips airfryer?

Yes, you can cook mushroom Manchurian or mushroom pakoda in Philips air fryer. In Philips air fryer you can bake, roast, and also grill.


So, I have mentioned the 4 best air fryers under 5000 rupees which are available online. They are the most reviewed air fryers also. The best out of them also I have mentioned i.e Inalsa Air Fryer & STok.

If you really want to buy the best air fryer in India under 5000 then you can really buy any one of the 4 fryers mentioned above but Glen 800 Watt Mini Fryer is our least preferred because it is small in size and you may need it for a family of 2-3 members. And I must say, yes, these air fryers are worth buying.

I hope I was able to clear all your doubts about the best air fryers in India under 5000 but if still, any doubt is there, you must comment them down, I will try our best to reply.

*Disclaimer: All the above-mentioned products are affiliated products of Amazon*

I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.

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