Best Area Rugs For Kitchen:{8 Modern Kitchen Rugs Of 2021}

The kitchen rug is one of the most important things in the kitchen. In this article, we are going to discuss the best area rugs for kitchen which are available online. I have picked up the best 8 modern kitchen rugs which are very much useful and gonna enhance the beauty or look of your kitchen at an extreme level.

I know the value of your hard-earned money and that’s why our motive is to suggest the best products at the best price.

What Is Area Rug?

An area rug is a carpet type product that is used to cover the floors. They are usually softer than the carpets. An area rug pad is a pad that is used to protect the rugs from the floors, basically, it is a layer between the rug and the floor. They help to hold the rugs with the floors and make the rug non-skid.

Today we are gonna discuss the best area rugs for the kitchen, not rug pads.

Usage Kitchen Area Rug?

Area rugs are mostly used for decorating the room but other than decor, it can be used for hiding the cracks of your floors. The best rug can enhance the look of your room at an extreme level. This is one of the best interior decors you can have in your house. This can attract any guest who enters your room and makes the room look so clean and fresh(especially the white rugs). Let’s discuss some advantages of the kitchen area rug.

Sound Reduction

The area rugs can help to reduce the sounds which are created while u walk on the floor. You may ignore the sound but this can be disturbing to someone who is focusing on their work on having rest. The rug helps to absorb the sound and make the floor soundproof.

Cozy Effect

It usually happens in the winter season. We do not want to keep our feet on the floor without sleepers. That time rugs can help the most.

Less Injury

Rugs can help to prevent injuries happen while falling on the floor by mistake. This usually happens with the kids. When they just learn to walk, they fall always and if that happens on the hard floors then, it may cause injuries. So, if the rug would be there, the injury will not happen.

Clean or Fresh Floor

The rug will help to keep your floors clean or stain free. They will cover the floor and that will prevent the floors to have any type of scratches as you will not have any direct contact with the floor. If anything happens to the rug, you wash is but if anything happens to the floor, it’s quite difficult.

Hide The Cracks or Stains

This is one of the best reasons to use rugs. As the rugs cover your floor so, it covers the cracks and stains also which are present on your floors. This makes your room look very clean and fresh.

Rug as Decor

The best rug can boost the look of your room. This can be the best decor in your room. The rug is the only decor that has the capability of covering your entire room. So, they can enhance the look of your room wherever you gonna place them.

Let’s Go With The 8 Best Area Rugs For Kitchen

I have rated all the 8 best area rugs for kitchen out of 5

ProductDimension(inches)Item Weight(pounds)Rating(According to us) 
Carvapet 2 Pieces Microfiber17 x 48 +17 x 242.744.3BUY NOW
Ottomanson otto home collection runner rug21 X 591.094.4BUY NOW
Yimobra Original Luxury Shaggy Mat17 X 241.174.4BUY NOW
HEBE Cotton Area Rug Set 2 Piece2' x 3'+ 2 'x 4.2'3.634.4BUY NOW
Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Rugs32 x 20 + 17 x 242.924.5BUY NOW
Ottomanson Runner Rug20 X 592.84.6BUY NOW
KMAT Kitchen Mat Rug20 X 393.394.5BUY NOW
Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug2" X 323.144.4BUY NOW

1. Carvapet 2 Pieces Microfiber

Carvapet 2 Pieces Microfiber-Best Area Rugs For Kitchen

This is one of the best water resistance rugs. It can easily absorb the water and dry it up. This awesome area rug helps to keep your kitchen’s floor so clean and fresh. It will prevent your floors from being damaged.

This area rug looks so stunning and it is available in many colors. They enhance the look of your kitchen so much. This red rug matches mostly with the white kitchen.

It has the rubber-backing which helps to make it a non-skid rug. You can easily stand on it and work for hours. Its microfiber material is so gentle on the skin. You will have a beautiful sensation on your feet.

The package consists of 2 pieces of rugs of different sizes i.e 17×48 inches and 17×24 inches. These two make the L shape rug in the kitchen which can cover much of the area of your kitchen.

These modern kitchen rugs are gonna boost the look of your kitchen. Other than the kitchen you can use this in the door, bathroom, bedroom, or living room also.

Very easily washable it is. Machine washing is advisable with mild detergent and avoid bleaching or dry cleaning.

2. Ottomanson otto home collection runner rug

Ottomanson otto home collection runner rug

This multicolor kitchen rug looks so stunning. It is so reliable to use and so grateful to look at. This can be one of the best decors in your home. You are gonna love its quality. This is so good to touch.

This is one of the most wanted kitchen rugs available online. The best part of this rug is, it is so cheaper than other online brands.

The material is used in this rug is, polypropylene, which is very much durable and the smooth on the skin.

The low-pile and strongly bond edges help to avoid the bulks under feet. You can easily place this underneath furniture and doors.

It will be so much convenient even if you use it in office or house with kids and pets.

It has the rubber-backing which helps to make it a non-skid rug. You can easily stand on it and work for hours. No risk of slipping or anything as it is made up of the high-quality Nylon.

It is machine washable but not advised to put it into a regular machine for washing.

3. Yimobra Original Luxury Shaggy Mat

Yimobra Original Luxury Shaggy Mat

This may look like a bathroom mat or rug but I would like to say that, this is awesome as a kitchen rug. You can use it anywhere in the house but it suits best in the kitchen.

The softness of this rug is so much great Your feet. It will make your feet feel so luxurious whenever you will stand on it. It is made up of the microfiber, which is so soft, warm, and the best for the winter times.

This microfiber rug will not allow the water to stay on the floor. It is so great at absorbing the water. This thick and fluffy rug will keep your floor clean and smell free. You are gonna feel always fresh in your kitchen.

It is available in many colors, which you can choose while buying. You can get multiple size options also. It is a non-skid rug and so much comfortable to use.

This brand focuses on the quality and comfort always so you can use this rug in the bathroom, vanity, vacation home, master bathroom, kids bathroom, guest suite.

You can easily clean the rug by washing in machine and drying out, simple!

4. HEBE Cotton Area Rug Set 2 Piece

 HEBE Cotton Area Rug Set 2 Piece

This is one of the best cottons rugs available online. It is hand woven cotton rug, which is so classy in look. This rug comes with the 2 pieces, one is little smaller than the other one.

The quality of this rug is so great as it is made up of the 100% pure cotton., this makes this rug durable. This is very good at absorbing the water from floor and protect the floor from moisture. Your floors are gonna get rid of the stains and scratches.

The design of this rug is so fantastic. The geometric shapes that are made over there are so attractive. They have used the black and cream color to make it more attractive. They have extra snazzy knotted fringe tassels on both ends. This can be one of the best home decors you have in your home.

These 2 pieces of rugs can suit in any room. You can keep it in living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, kid’s room, hallway or as a door mat.

The washing is very easy. You can normally wash it in the water but more than 30℃ is not advisable to protect this cotton carpet. Do not bleach or soak for a long time. It is machine washable and lay flat to fry up.

5. Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Rugs

Non-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Rugs-Best Area Rugs For Kitchen

Again, this rug can also be used in the bathroom and kitchen. Now we are focusing on only the best kitchen rugs. So, this Chenille rug is so much thicker than other rugs. Normally the density of a rug is 1350g/sm but the density of this rug is 2000g/sm, which makes it super cozy and comfortable to use on floors.

This comes with 2 pieces.

This awesome kitchen rug can absorb the water from floors easily and keep the floors clean and fresh. It can work as a giant sponge which can soak so much and provide the maximum serenity and comfort.

The backing of this rug is non-skid because of the Hot melt spray. It can hold the floor very nicely and do not move from its place for safety purpose. It is gonna last for really long.

The pattern of this rug brings a charm to your room. This is gonna enhance the look of your kitchen or wherever you are gonna keep this.

Easily washable. You can wash it in the washing machine and can use little detergent. Avoid bleaching. Can do non-chlorine bleach if needed.

6. Ottomanson Runner Rug

Ottomanson Runner Rug-Best Area Rugs For Kitchen

This fantastic looking rug is one of the most wanted rugs available online. The reason for choosing this is its cost. This is so much cheap by price but expensive by quality. The quality of this awesome polypropylene rug is so good and gentle on the skin.

The practical low pile of this rug helps to avoid the bulks under your feet.

Mainly you can use this in the laundry room(as “laundry room” is written over it) but quite a good option for the kitchen. No difference is there other than the room.

This rug may look like an old one but the patter of this rug is like this only. There are varieties of colors and sizes available for this rug.

They have provided the rubber backing so that this rug is a non-skid rug, which is good for the protection purpose. The back of this rug never let any stain leave on the surface.

This is a durable rug unlike many rugs. This is gonna last really long.

You need to spot clean it. Machine washing is not advisable.

7. KMAT Kitchen Mat Rug

KMAT Kitchen Mat Rug

If you are searching for the best waterproof rugs for kitchen and your budget is a little high, then I would like to say you that this is one of the best waterproof rugs for the kitchen available online. You are just gonna love the quality of this rug.

This rug provides the extreme comfort for standing. The cushion of this thick rug is so good that, it adjusts according to the posture of your standing. It will help you to stand and work in your kitchen for a long time without any hesitation. This is so gentle on feet that anyone will want to stand on this.

This awesome rug is made-up of the premium PVC and the foam which is Phthalate-free. The quality of the material is used in this rug is so premium and great. This ensures that it will make the rug so much durable and keep unaffected due to heavy usage.

This rug is water has the water resistance top and at the bottom has the rubber backing which makes it non-skid. The important thing to note is, this rug shouldn’t be placed on the water. Always keep it in dry surface or else it can slip.

No need to wash or anything. Just clean it by rubbing or wiping up with a dump cloth.

8. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

This is also one of the best waterproof rugs for the kitchen available online. If you have a little higher budget then, I must suggest you going with this kitchen rug. You are gonna love it so much.

The quality of this rug is awesome. The thickness of it is 3/4 inches which is so awesome. You are gonna have an amazing time while washing the dishes or doing laundry because it provides you the extreme comfort when you stand on it.  The premium quality foam of this rug helps to eliminate the tension to give you the ultimate support.

The texture of the top is so beautiful. This can be one of the best decors you will have in your home. The design and style of it, is so fab. They offer a large variety of beautiful colors. This can attract anyone sees this.

This is 100% phthalate-free and Latex-free.

It is very much easy to clean. No need to wash it in machine. Just need to wipe it off by any damp cloth. That’s it!

2 Best Area Rugs For Kitchen Out Of The 8 Mentioned Above

Ottomanson Runner RugNon-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Rugs
Ottomanson Runner RugNon-Slip Thick Shaggy Chenille Rugs

6 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Area Rugs For Kitchen

There are many points, on which we have to focus before buying any kitchen rugs. The rugs which look awesome, they may not be of high quality. The thing is you have aware of many points before buying rugs for the kitchen. Let’s discuss all the points briefly now

1. Non-skid Bottom

When you are working in the kitchen, there is a chance that water can be there in your floor. So, that can make a huge injury if you slip over the water and because of this reason you need a kitchen rug which not only can soak the water nicely but also can hold its place by rubber baking. This will help not to cause injuries.

2. Easy to Clean

As you are gonna use the rug in your kitchen, there are the possibilities of spilling the food on the rugs, which can make it dirty. Many rugs in the market are not washing machine friendly so, you need to take care of the rug or you need to go for the rugs which are easy to clean or machine wash friendly. There are few steps that you need to follow while cleaning the rugs, check them out.

3. Shape and Size

The size matters a lot while you are buying a rug for your kitchen. The rug shouldn’t be larger in size than the free-space of your kitchen or else you may not able to manage it or it may look odd. The size should be at least cover the area where you going to stand and cook.

The shape doesn’t matter that much but I recommend the rectangle shape over the ellipse as it covers more area.

Note: In most cases, I recommend using the low pile rugs in the kitchen instead of high pile rugs.

4. Look or Design

If you treat the rug as a decor of your kitchen then, you must take care of the design and the pattern of the rug. This can be a beautiful interior decor for your house. Anyone comes to your house, they are gonna be impressed by it.

5. Ending Sides

There are many types of rugs available in the market and they have different edges. Some have knotted fringe tassels, some have beveled, some have a normal finish. If the rug is thinker one then, you must go with the beveled edges so that no one will fall by striking at the edge. But if you’re going with normal thickness then, any edges are fine.

6. Color and Fabric Quality

The quality of the fabric or the material matters so much when it comes to durability or long-lasting. There are so many materials that are used to make rugs, such as nylon, wool, polyester, cotton, polypropylene, etc. The color quality also matters. If any thread also comes out of the rug then, there is no going back.

With time, the color starts fading because of washing or many reasons. So, you must take care of that.

Materials Make A Rug As The Best Rug

The durability lies in this factor. This is the most important factor when it comes to the best rugs for kitchen or anywhere. Materials only gonna assure you the quality and the strength of your rug. There are many materials available in the market which are used to make the rugs but mostly used materials are nylon, wool, polyester, cotton, polypropylene, natural fiber.

Note: I will recommend to use the polypropylene, cotton, or nylon rugs for the kitchen.


This is the most used material when it comes to rug because of the affordability. Polypropylene is not that durable but not bad also. It is good at resisting moisture easily.


The nylon rugs can be easily cleaned but not that much available in the market. Yes, they are really a durable one and very strong. This a nice material to be used in the kitchen.


The wool rugs are very fluffy and comfortable to use but the main drawback of these rugs is, they can shed in the starting days when you start using this. The best thing about these rugs is they are so well insulated.


Cotton is also used in rugs in a wide variety as it can be washed in a machine. Most of them are woven by the hands and because of that, you can so many types of patterns or designs. The main drawback is, this is not much stain resistant.

Natural Fiber:

Natural fibers are eco-friendly material. They are not that bad but it is difficult to remove the stain from it.


The polyester rugs are useful for the kitchen because it is really durable and you can easily clean this. They don’t fade easily.


Silk is not advisable for the kitchens but is a nice choice for the living room or bedroom. The silk rugs look luxurious and if want a luxury look then, silk rugs are for you. Note: Silk rugs need more maintenance than other rugs.

Final Words

I have provided all the details for the best area rugs for kitchen. The above points are important to note down when you are going to buy the rug for the kitchen. Most of the points can be applied in any room, only some are specific for the kitchen.

I hope that you have no more doubts regarding the best area rugs for kitchen. Just keep the above points in your mind and go for the best area rugs for the kitchen. I always try to suggest the best product by which you will be benefited. If you still have any doubt then, you can comment. All feedbacks will be appreciated.

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