(13+)Best Cube Storage Organizer Of 2021{USA}

A cube storage organizer can help a lot in organizing the room in the simplest way. Other than organizing, it enhances the look of the room and that’s why a best cube storage organizer is very important decor for a room.

Cube storage is the best storage solution for toys also. Other than keeping the toys inside ottoman benches, you can simply arrange them in the cub storage cabinets. Arranged toys in storage cabinets look so beautiful and also it takes less time to find the specific toy if it is organized.

I have selected the best cube organizers which are available online and made up of high-quality materials. Here I have chosen the storage cabinets for the following categories:

  • Cube storage organizer with doors
  • Cube storage organizer with drawers
  • 6 cube storage organizer black
  • 9 cube storage organizer white
  • Cube storage organizer black

Best Cube Storage Organizers

As we discussed above, a storage cabinet is very much helpful in enhancing the look of the room, arranging the unorganized room, saving our time, etc. So, let’s see the best options for cubic storage organizers that are available online.

Cube storage organizer with doors

Cube storage organizers with doors are very helpful if you don’t want to show your things to the guests like clothes and all. Also, the door helps to prevent the dust particles reach inside the box and you don’t need to clean it frequently.

1. KOUSI Portable Cube Storage

KOUSI Portable Cube Storage
image from Amazon

If you really want a cube organizer with doors, I must suggest you go for this. You can form a maximum of 25 cubes with the help of the parts they provide.

You get the following things with this: 65 pcs square panels(14″x14″), 25 pcs square doors(14″x14″), 20 pcs wire panels(14″x14″) for a strong base, 76 pcs connectors(to connect the corners of the panels), one wooden mallet.

One cube will be made up of 4 square panels, 1 wire panel, and 1 square door. If you are connecting many cube boxes together, then the base and top will have wire panels.

The wire panels are really very much strong. They can hold up to 30lbs without sagging. The doors are a little bit transparent and the black design of the square panels suit any wall color. Weight is very light to carry.

You will get 2 years of warranty with this storage organizer.

2. KOUSI Large Cube Storage

image from amazon

I love the look of this storage cabinet better than the last one mentioned above. This looks so aesthetic because of its white color and it is one color with no pattern on it.

I must say it will suit the light-colored laminate hardwood floors.

You can make maximum of 16 cubes with the help of provided materials. The following materials will be provided: 40 pcs of 17.7″x13.8″ panels, 16 pcs of 13.8″x13.8″ panels, 16 pcs of 13.8″x13.8″ doors, 13 packs of connectors, and one wooden mallet.

As you see there are 40 panels of size 17.7″x13.8″, which means you will get a 30% extra depth inside the cube. Isn’t that amazing? Each cube and bear up to 22lbs and they are very easy to assemble.

You will get 2 years of warranty with this storage organizer.

3. KOUSI Portable Storage Cubes(12 cubes)

KOUSI Portable Storage Cubes
image from amazon

The walls and door of this cube storage are almost transparent and you can make maximum 12 cubes with the help of panels provided.

This may not be a good choice for the persons who don’t want to show the things placed inside the cubes because anyone can see that from outside.

Just like the first item, it also has the wire panels in the base of cubes which can hold the weight up to 30lbs. The size of the cue is 14″x14″x14″.

I must say this is one of the best storage solutions for toys or small spaces. These are waterproof and dustproof so very easy to clean.

Just like other products of KOUSI, you will get 2 years of warranty in this also.

Black Cube Storage Organizer

Now I am gonna mention some best black cube storage organizers which are available online and suit a light-colored room very much.

This is the specialty of black color, it looks so attractive when placed between the light-colored things. So, if you have light color paint on the walls, these black cube storage will suit nicely.

4. KOUSI 14”x14” Storage Cubes Organizer

KOUSI 14”x14” Storage Cubes Organizer
image from amazon

These panels are made up of high classed eco-friendly resin material that is very strong to bear heavyweight.

With this item, you won’t get doors. They will open as shown in the picture. I must say that this is the best storage solution for toys.

You won’t have to waste your time searching for toys and also when you keep small teddy type toys inside the cub, it looks very attractive.

Other than toys, you can keep books, shoes, etc in this. But According to me it’s not okay to keep clothes inside this because dust will be settling down on them as there is no door.

This also has the wire panels for the base which can bear weight up to 30lbs. It means you can keep 7-8 thick books vertically in each cube and it won’t sag.

The panels are dust resistant, waterproof, and very durable. You will get 12 months of warranty with this product.

5. Best Choice Products(9 cube black storage)

Best Choice Products(9 cube black storage)
image from amazon

I must say this is the best cube storage according to me. It is way stronger than the products mentioned above. The top of this can bear up to 275lbs which means you can keep TV also over this.

The best storage solution for small spaces or small apartments. There are 9 blocks in total. Unlike the cube storages mentioned above, you can not reduce the number of cubes and change the dimension of this item.

Its overall dimension is 35.75″(L) x 11.5″(W) x 36″(H). You will get 3 long back panels for three rows. If you want to cover the back, you can insert the back panels from the side.

Although they say it’s easy to assemble but it is not that easier than the cube cabinets mentioned above. Let me say the steps to assemble them:

Step-1: Arrange and secure the inner shelves
Step-2: Attach the top bottom and sides with the help of screws and mallet(toughest part for normal people)
Step-3(optional): Insert the back panels from the side and enjoy

6. ClosetMaid 1574 Cubeicals Organizer

ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer
image from amazon

As you can see in the pic, there you will get 6 cabinets with this product. Let me tell you that it is one of the best storage cube organizers with almost 25k reviews. The most reviewed cube organizer.

This black 6 cube storage organizer is available in 7 different colors. The product dimension is 24.12” W x 11.62” D x 35.87” H. You can use it horizontally as well as vertically, according to your need.

Only 3 back panels you will get to cover the backs of 3 cubes out of 6. Each box can bear the weight of 15lbs.

You can keep teapots, plates, or some aesthetic things inside this to make it more beautiful. You can use Cubical Fabric Drawers for cubbies but they are sold separately.

7. Hodedah Black 3 Shelf Bookcase

Hodedah Black 3 Shelf Bookcase
image from amazon

If you live alone and you need a small cubical 3 shelve bookcase, then it is a great option for you. Or even if you need some small storage cubes to keep your child’s toys then I must refer you to this.

You can easily keep books or some toys inside it. It comes in 6 different colors and they are very much pretty. Also a good option for office storage usage.

The total dimension of this item is H35.67” W15.91” D11.77”. Each shelve has a capacity to hold weight up to 18lbs.

Cube Storage Organizer With Drawers

The best thing about the cubeorganizer with drawers is they get covers fully so the items inside it don’t get contact with dust particles. Also, you don’t need to put your hand inside the box to take the items out, just pull the drawer and take it.

Let’s see what are the best options for cube storage organizers with drawers.

8. ROMOON Dresser Organizer

image from amazon

This cube storage looks so aesthetic and it will suit your bedroom perfectly. The durability of this item is very good.

The materials used are iron, wood, and non-woven fabric. The handle is made up of wood that means no deformation and no breakage anymore.

They have used MDF board between the non-woven fabrics to make it durable. The frame is made up of iron.

There are 5 drawers in total. 2 are big(15″x11″x12″) and 3 are medium-sized(15″x11″x8″) to meet your needs. Easy pull drawers with wooden handles for smooth opening and closing.

9. 12 Cube Organizer

12 Cube Organizer
image from amazon

This cube storage with drawers is having a great number of ratings. I have selected this because of the price and structure.

It is having 12 large drawers and 3 small drawers but the price is not that high. You can change the dimension according to your need also.

This piece of furniture can be used in the living room, bedroom, and even in the laundry room.

It is having a quality and long-lasting construction i.e high-quality plastic connectors, exquisitely designed fabric, the superior stitching, 4 strengthening steel bars, and a rustproof iron frame.

Assembling is easy and fun. You don’t need any skill to assemble it. Just follow the instructions step by step, that’s it!

Black 6 Cube Storage Organizer

I have selected some black 6 cube storage organizers because many people search for them. So, I thought why don’t I do research on this and help you in choosing the best black 6 storage cubes.

I have mentioned some 6 cube storages above which are having black color also. So, check them out, and also here are some black storage cubes that have 6 cubes or boxes in them.

10. ClosetMaid 4109

ClosetMaid 4109
image from amazon

It is a 6-cube organizer with a heavy-duty frame and full unit backer. This cube storage is way stronger than other items mentioned here. It can bear almost more than 200lbs total. Like, if anyone weighs 200lbs and sits on it, it can bear that.

The dimension of the cube is 13.50-inch H by 13.50-inch W by 13.66-inch D and dimension of the whole item is 30-inch H by 43.98-inch W by 13.66-inch D.

It is fully made up of honeycomb laminate wood and lasts long.

You can decorate it very beautifully by keeping the white-colored(or any other light-colored) vases, some books, or even boxes, etc.

Available in 4 colors and 4 dimensions i.e 3 cubes, 4 cubes, 6 cubes, and 9 cubes.

11. Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens
image from amazon

There is no much difference between this cube storage and the item mentioned above. there is a difference between costs. It is a little bit costlier than that unit.

If they both are having the same qualities then why should you buy this expensive one? That one is having a full unit backer that means the back is covered in that unit and in this back is open.

And also it has used 1% of the iron also for more durability.

So, if you want to have an open storage cube back and a little bit more durable unit then you can go with this item.

White 9 Cube Storage Organizer

Now I am gonna suggest some white 9 cube storage organizer.

12. ClosetMaid 421

ClosetMaid 421
image from amazon
MaterialInformation Not Available
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.7 x 35.9 x 35.9 inches
Item Weight41.5 Pounds
Furniture FinishWhite

In this white cube storage, you will get 9 cubes and out of them, 5 are covered from the back. I must say it is one of the most reviewed storage organizers available online.

Product dimension is 35.86” W x 11.63” D x 35.86” H . Each cube dimensions is – 11.25” W x 11.75” D x 11.25” H. Each cube has a weight limit and that is 15 lbs.

Made up of laminate wood so that it lasts very long.

13. ClosetMaid White 9 Cube Storage

ClosetMaid White 9 Cube Storage
image from amazon

This white cube organizer is way more expensive than the items mentioned above. The only reason for this is its strength. They have used thicker and better woods to form its frame.

Or else almost everything is the same. the dimensions are as follows: 43.98″H x 43.98″W x 13.58″D. The dimension of each cube is 13.50″H x 13.50″W x 13.66″D

Back of this item is covered as you can see in the photo.


I have mentioned the best cube storage organizers available online and also different types of cube organizers like cube storage with doors, storage organizer with drawers, 6 black storage cubes, white 9 cube organizers, black cube storage organizers.

According to me “ClosetMaid White 9 Cube Storage“(the 13th one mentioned above) is the best one to buy if you are searching for a strong cube organizer but its cost is very high.

You can choose the best one according to you. I hope I could help you in finding out the best cube organizer for you. If still, you have some doubts regarding cube storage, comment below.

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