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Best Curtain Rods Suggestions

We all consider the curtain as an important decor of our house. On the other hand, we need a curtain rod also to hang the curtain or else no use in having the curtains. So, in this article, I am going to suggest the 6 best curtain rods which are present online and you can easily buy them.

I have done many types of researches to pick up these awesome curtain rods. So, read the article fully to get all the information.

Why Curtain Rods?

Curtains are used to make your room or home feel more welcome or inviting and also soundproof curtains make room quieter. The curtain is one of the easiest and simplest decors of our house which can enhance the beauty of our room more, compared to many decors.

The best curtain rods can help you a lot in may ways other than just hanging your drapery. A perfectly selected rod can make your room look bigger also.

There are so many factors based on which you should buy a curtain rod.

  1. Size
  2. Height
  3. Color
  4. Types
  5. Style
  6. Quality
  7. Reviews

There are many uses of a curtain rod and will discuss the selection techniques or those above-mentioned factors at the end of this article.

6 best Curtain Rods For Living Room

I have picked up these 6 rods based on many types of research, the reliability, cost, quality, look, and many more things along with the reviews of the buyers.

I have rated every rod out of 5 according to our experiment.

 Product NameDiameter
Initial and Final Length(inches)
Item Weight(pounds)Our Rating 
Kenney Kendall Window Curtain Rod5/8
48 to 86
1.14.6BUY NOW
Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod3/4
28 to 48
1.364.5BUY NOW
AmazonBasics Curtain Rod5/8
48 to 88
1.144.4BUY NOW
AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Rod1
72 to 144
3.524.6BUY NOW
Kenney Chelsea Window Curtain Rod5/8
48 to 86
1.254.5BUY NOW
Ivilon Drapery Rod1 1/8
72 to 144
5.44.7BUY NOW

1. Kenney Kendall Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Kendall Window Curtain Rod

This is one of the most wanted curtain rods available online. The best thing about this rod is, this is the cheapest rod with awesome qualities and looks.

The finial of this rod is really classy and modern in look and design.

You can easily adjust the length of this curtain rod from 48-inches to 86-inches and very smoothly can install it.

If you want to go for shorter than check out Kenney Kendall Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod.

Its beautiful finial is made up of plastic and the body is brushed nickel finished.

You can use this rod in any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom. It can suit every room but the living room will be best.

Light to medium weight curtains are preferred.

One telescoping curtain rod
Two brackets
One center support
Drywall anchors
Installation instructions


✔️Cheapest price

✔️48 to 86″ adjustable

✔️Smooth installation


❌The finial is made up of the plastic so, some persons may not like this

2. Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod

Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod

This is one of the best curtain rods for heavy curtains. This is so much reliable to use also. Especially the hook is very smooth. You can easily take out the rod without opening the screws.

The best part of this rod is its curve towards the end. The curve at the ends helps to make your room darker because the curtains can touch the wall in at the end and block the light while insulating. This can be the best curtain rod for blackout curtains.

You can easily install this twilight curtain rod as they provide everything you need to set up.

The length can be adjustable from 28-inches to 48 inches. If you need the bigger one then you can go with the Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod. There are 3 different sizes available for this product.

You are really going to love this purchase. You can use this rod in any room you want. It will suit everywhere.

Steel curtain rod
Metal screws
Plastic screw anchor
Easy to follow instructions


✔️Heavy curtains can be hanged

✔️Nice choice for blackout curtains

✔️very smooth installation


❌The distance between the window and the rod is around 2-2.5″, Some people need more.

3. AmazonBasics Curtain Rod

AmazonBasics Curtain Rod

There is not much difference between the third rod and this rod. But this is one of the renowned curtain rods available online. The quality of this rod is awesome.

You can use this to hang the heavy curtains which weigh up to 20pounds.

This can be adjusted from 48-inches to 88-inches. You can easily use this in any room you want from the bedroom to the bathroom. This will suit any room.

This is also one of the best curtain rods for blackout curtains. A there is a curve in both the ends, the curtains can cover the full window by touching the wall and won’t let lights enter the room while insulating the room.

They are available with 3 different sizes.

Mounting hardware
Including screws
Installation instructions


✔️High-quality material

✔️Ideal for blackout

✔️Enough strong to handle 20lbs curtain


❌Some people don’t love unscrewing the rod every time when the time comes for cleaning the curtain.

4. AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Rod

AmazonBasics 1" Curtain Rod

If you need a strong and very long rod for your window then this curtain rod can be a great choice for you. This such a strong rod.

It can hold up to curtains weigh up to 22lbs. You can easily use this for any curtain. This rod is so reliable and attractive.

The design and the color of this rod are so beautiful and attractive. It will enhance the look of your room. As it is long in length, it will make your room look bigger than normal.

Easily can change or adjust the length between 72-inches to 144-inches, which is not a small length.

You are really going to love this purchase. You can use this rod in any room you want. It will suit everywhere.

Mounting hardware
Including screws
Installation instructions


✔️Very strong

✔️Classy look

✔️Easy to install


❌Finial quality is little bad

5. Kenney Chelsea Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea Window Curtain Rod

This is the best curtain rod in the cheapest price. You barely can get this much long rod for this price. It is also one of the most renowned curtain rods which are available online.

You need to hang light to medium weight curtains. You can say it as its drawback that, it can not hold heavy curtains. If your curtains weigh between 10 to 15lbs then it is fine.

This classy rod is available with 6 other finishes such as black, soft brass, champagne silver, oil rubbed bronze, weathered brown.

Can be used in any room from the bedroom to the bathroom, anywhere.

Height is adjustable from 48-inches to 86-inches which is an amazing length in this price range.

Its finial adds a bold look to your room.

Decorative curtain rod
Mounting hardware


✔️Very cheap cost but quality reliable

✔️Adds a bold look

✔️Easy to install


❌Can’t hold heavier curtains

6. Ivilon Drapery Rod

Ivilon Drapery Rod

Based on the overall activities, this is the best curtain rod according to us. Having very few negative reviews online compared to other rods. It is so much reliable to use. You are surely gonna love it.

It is so strong and quality-wise so awesome. This curtain rod comes with all the necessary items needed to install it.

You can easily install it and add a great luxurious look to your room.

Available in 4 different colors such as black, antique black, ivory, satin nickel.

You can use this in any room but it will suit best in the bedroom and the living room.

Having very good quality finials.

Telescoping rods


✔️Awesome quality

✔️Finials are very attractive

✔️Diameter is very good(1 1/8″)


Didn’t get any such cons

Best Pick Among 6

Ivilon Drapery Rod
Ivilon Drapery Rod

7 Things To Know Before Buying The Best Curtain Rods

When we decide to buy the curtain rod finally, there are certain points we need to take care of before buying any drapery rod.

Whenever you are going to buy the decors for your home, try not to harm the uniqueness of your room. They must add the complements to your room. Let’s start with the 7 points which we need to know before buying drapery rods.

1. Size

It may seem difficult to understand exactly which size of the rod should we pick for our house but actually it is not that hard.

At first, you need to select the type of rod you need(wood, metal, wrought iron) and then go for the diameter. Usually, the diameter of the rod lays between 5/8 inches to 3 inches but the above 6 mentioned products have 5/8 to 1 1/8 inches. Usually, the diameter determines the ability of the rod to hold the curtain.

Then it comes to the length of your rod. There are many rods which are expandable and some are there which are not. Usually, in the online market, you will get the expandable length. You may not need the expandable rods according to your window. If your window is larger than the normal size i.e 2 to 8 ft then you must go with the expandable rods.

Try to select the rod which is little(few inches) wider than your window. It makes your room look bigger than usual.

2. Height

Where should you place your rod? How much higher from the ground you should fix them? The simple solution to this question is, more height means bigger looking room. If you want your ceiling to look higher then fix your rod a few inches higher than your window frame.

3. Colors

You may neglect the color of the rods because you may think that rods are always covered by the curtains, the color will not be shown. Well when you will keep your curtains aside for entering the lights, then the rods will be shown.

Only one formula, choose the color opposite to your curtain color. If the curtain is dark then try light color and if the curtain is light in color then go for the dark rods. Simple!

4. Types

There are different types of rods available in the market, they are fixed-width curtain rod, telescopic (expandable) curtain rod, or custom curtain rod option (spliced/extended). Usually, if the width of your window is larger than the 2 to 8 feet then telescopic is for you. If it is smaller than 8 feet then rest two types can be for you.

5. Style

There are so many styles of rods coming every day in the market. If you want to buy the stylish or modern curtain rods then you must check out the magazines to get the trend or ideas for the modern rods you want. Mostly look of the rod depends on the finials. Try to go for the attractive finials if you want an attractive rod.

6. Quality

Anything you buy, at first you need to check the quality of the material of that product. The same formula applies here also. You need to check the quality of the material of the rod. If you think you can’t understand the quality of the rod if you are buying online then you must check out the reviews.

7. Reviews

Now, this is the point that always matters when you are buying any product online. Always refer to the reviews and especially 3-star reviews because 2 and 1 star reviews are mostly for broken parts or delivery issues. You will get genuine reviews in 3 star review section.

Last Few Words

Curtain rods are going to add a charm to your room so always try to check everything before you buy the drapery rods.

I have suggested the list of 6 best curtain rods for living rooms available online. They are fantastic really. I picked up the best one also from an overall point of view.

P hope that you got all the doubts cleared such as what is the best curtain rod or which are the best curtain rods available online. All feedback is appreciated.

*Disclaimer: All the above mentioned products are Amazon affiliated*

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