Best Desk Lamp Selection | Guide(Aug 2020)

Best Desk Lamp Selection

Here is the best tips to select a best desk lamp. I assure you that, you will get all information from here about a best desk lamp selection.

Best Desk Lamp Selection | Tips(Aug 2020)

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Why do you need a best desk lamp?

Nowadays every house needs a desk lamp because every house has that one persons who reads or studies. As tube light or any other big light can not be kept on over the night because of electric bill or disturbance to other person.

Thinking these all the points in mind. Here is the all tips which will help you to select the best desk lamp for your home.

#1 Lamp height

The most big mistake we do while selecting one desk lamp is, we select a lamp with short height or tall. The height of your lamp should be the height of your hip to shoulder because when you will study something, you will usually do it by sitting on desk or bed. While sitting, your light height should be same as your eye.

#2 Shape of the desk lamp

The shape of the desk lamp creates a hype or an image of your room. It reflects about your choice skills. A big lamp in small table or a small lamp on heavy table is very improper. Best tips is, measure the length from one corner to center of the desk and buy the lamp smaller than that. One bulky lamp for bulky table and a thin lamp for small table. This combo will fit perfectly in your room.

#3 Quality of light

The quality of light should very high or else it will definitely affect your vision. The design should provide a high quality of light as when grow older we need brighter light to read. According to many studies, we need 80% more light when we are at the age of 60 than a 20 year old guy.

#4 Lamp shade

The shade of the lamp should not be very large. All light beams should focus on the center, then only the center will be brightest, which is best for the comfort of your eye.

Best shade color is white. White color reflects all the lights throughout the area. Any other color than white, may give you the the better look but white matches with any type of wall color.

#5 Color and temperature

You can choose different color of lamps but choosing different color of light beams is not good. Color of the light should not be other than white. Sometime people buy the table lamp of yellow color light and it is not very good choice. Always choose white colored beam.

Quality of light is also necessary, search for the designs with the color temperature range from 2500 – 4900. These give a clear and comfortable light to work beneath. LED or halogen lights are good choice for this.

#6 Height adjustable

Now we have to look for a design which is adjustable. Adjustable lamps gives you to set or do placement for certain tasks and to minimize glare. Search for design which has swiveling heads(movable head with out moving the body) and gooseneck arm(piped curved).

#7 Electricity

The lamp should not consume so much electricity. So the best option is to go with LED lamps

#8 Position wise

Last but not the least, let’s assume where you keep your new lamp. Place the light source so that, it doesn’t create dazzle. Very low and you won’t cover your working space very high and the light is too dim. The lamp’s placement should be in the way, so that the shadows don’t streak around your desk as you work. Right-handed persons should place the lamp in left side and left-handed should place in right side.


Here is the list of the factors on which we should buy a best desk lamp. All the points are personally tried and advised you. We hope you got the full information about the selection best desk lamp.

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