Best Low Pile Rugs To Buy Online In 2021{Worldclass Rugs}

In order to decorate the room, everyone must use a beautiful rug on the floor. A rug is one of the best decors any room can have. If you use the best area rug for hardwood floors, it is gonna boost the look of the room by 3 or more times(but you need to know how to choose the right rug for your room). Here I am gonna discuss the best low pile rugs which are designed very well and will complement your floor.

Before that, you must know that the rugs are not only used for decorating the floor but also to soundproof the floor, protect the floor, balance the overall look, etc.

But why low pile rugs? There are many advantages of low pile rugs let’s discuss some of them.

Benefits Of Low Pile Rugs

There are a lot of benefits of using the low pile rugs and they are:

  1. Easy Maintenance: If the rug is low pile, the dust or dirt can not go deeper and you can easily vacuum clean that. Also, they are easy to put into the washing machine(if it is machine washable) as the thickness is less. You can easily clean the rugs whose height is low because dirt can not go deeper.
  2. Pet-friendly: Every pet owner should use low pile rugs if their pet or dog has the habit of chewing. As it is a flat pile rug, dogs will not able to chew it, and also it will be easy to clean if they shed their hair on it.
  3. Available in multiple designs: Compared to high pile rugs, flat pile rugs are available in more colors and designs because they are easy to design.
  4. Great for kids’ playroom: A best flat area rug on hardwood floors can save kids from hitting directly to the floor if they fell.

7+ Best Low Pile Rugs

There are many best quality area rug brands in the market and among them, I have chosen the best low pile rugs for the living room or bedroom or office, etc.

Low pile rugs can be used in any place and for any purpose. So, I have divided the category according to the usages like:

  • extra large low pile rugs
  • low pile rug for office chair
  • low pile entry rug
  • low pile rug for pets

And I will discuss some best rugs for each of the categories.

1. Extra Large Low Pile Rugs

Extra-large low pile rugs are basically used in the living room or bedrooms because there we get a large area to put the rugs on. So, let’s see the best options for this category.

#1. nuLOOM Thigpen Contemporary Area Rug

nuLOOM Thigpen Contemporary Area Rug
Size12′ x 18′

This is one of the best area rugs for hardwood floors. The size of this rug is 12′ x 18′ and perfect for any big room like the living room, hall room, kitchen, etc.

It is made up of 100% Polypropylene and is 0.43″ thick. Can be used anywhere like underneath furniture, entryways, etc. A very good option for high traffic areas.

Easy to clean. Simply can vacuum it or for the hard stains, you can dry clean it.

Its grey color and patterns complement the decors present in the room. The durable synthetic fiber assures no shedding.

Available in 15 different sizes.

#2. nuLOOM

Size12′ x 15′
PatternStriped, Geometric, Solid

This is again another flat rug of nuLOOM and having the features almost the same as the last one mentioned above. Let’s discuss the different features.

It is a little bit smaller rug than that. Its size is 12′ x 15′, which is perfect for the bigger rooms like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, hall room, etc.

I love its pattern more than the above rug. It adds a classy look to your floor.

Having a thickness of 0.43″ and the weaving is been done by machine.

Maintaining or cleaning is simple. Just simply can vacuum it and for a deep clean, you can dry clean it.

2. Low Pile Rug For Office Chair

We usually use the low pile rug for the office chairs because of the grip. In these rugs, they have non-skid backing and because of that, chairs can stay in one place. When you are sitting on your ergonomic chairs, you never will want to slide on the floor.

Another use of these rugs is to protect the floor from chair wheels. So, let’s see the best options of rugs for this.

#3. Office Chair Mat

Office Chair Mat
Size55×35 in.
Item Thickness0.16 Inches
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, Carpet
  • Made up of 100% polyester fibers with acrylic resin in the back. BPA free and non-toxic
  • The thickness is 0.16″. Enough for protecting the floor from chair wheels and making a good grip to roll over the floor
  • having a non-skid backing and a very good material for reducing the sound created by chair wheels
  • There is the film in the back, you need to pull it off and put the rug on the clean surface by pressing it lightly
  • Only use it on the hard floors laminate floors, tiles, or hardwood floors
  • Comes with 12 months of warranty

#4. Office Chair Mat(Upgraded Version)

Office Chair Mat(Upgraded Version)
ColorDark Gray
Item Thickness0.16 Inches
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, Carpet
  • This is the updated version of the chair mat mentioned above
  • Costlier than the above mat
  • Made up of 100% polyester fibers and has a non-slip backing. Odorless and non-toxic materials
  • The materials are upgraded in it. The surface is very much smooth, just like a carpet
  • It is very much strong that it prevents wear and tear on your chair while protecting the floor
  • Note: It comes inside a cylindrical container. So, when you take it out, at first keep 4 weights over 4 corners to make it flat.
  • Comes with a one year warranty

3. Low Pile Entry Rug

If you are searching for the best entrance rugs for hardwood floors then, a low pile entry rug can be a very nice choice for this.

I have picked up the 2 best low pile entry rugs which are available online and are highly reviewed.

#5. DEXI Indoor Doormat

DEXI Indoor Doormat
  • DEXI is one of the most renowned brands for the entrance rugs
  • The grey color doesn’t get dirty soon
  • It is eco friendly, recyclable, and not having the annoying rug odors
  • Really very long-lasting
  • Can be cleaned very easily with a vacuum cleaner and for a deep clean you can put it into the washing machine
  • Good as indoor entrance rug
  • Thickness is perfect for closing and opening the door smoothly
  • Having a non-skid back which makes it safe to use

#6. DEXI Indoor Doormat(DIfferent pattern)

DEXI Indoor Doormat(DIfferent pattern)
  • The characteristics are the same of this rug and the rug mentioned above
  • Both are of the DEXI brand
  • Just pattern is different
  • I personally refer to this pattern

4. Low Pile Rug For Pets

Low pile rugs or flat pile rugs are most recommended for pet owners because of their chewing habits.

Note: You can use the extra-large low pile rugs which I have mentioned above as a low pile rug for pets.

If your dog pees a lot due to some reasons, you must use pee pads and also check out the best rugs for dog owners.

Here I have selected the 2 best low pile rugs for pets. Let’s check them out.

#7. Antep Rugs

Antep Rugs

It is one of the best designed low profile rugs I would suggest going for. It can be used in any bigger rooms like the dining room, living room, or bed room, etc. You don’t need to use the rug pads under this.

Its fashionable and modern design complements the floors as well as the room. Having a bold eye-catching pattern.

Made up of 100% Polypropylene and not bulky for guests, pets, or kids. It is stain-resistant and machine-made.

Cleaning is easy. You can spot clean with mild soap and vacuum regularly. Low maintenance and durable like anything.

Available in 7 different sizes. You can pick up one according to your need.

#8 Jinchan Area Rug

Jinchan Area Rug
Size3’x 5’3″
MaterialPolyester & Polyester Blend
  • Ready Made: Size(3’x 5’3″), Color( Taupe on Crude).
  • Modern Design: The color block patchwork design of the area rug brings artistic sense to your room, which can match your modern decoration style.
  • Non-Slip: There are non-slip designs on the back of the area rug. It’s good for preventing your family from slipping.
  • Super soft: The fabric is super soft. Soft area rugs indulge your feet and provide comfort to you, your children, pets, and guests.
  • Easy Care: Dust and dirt on the surface can be removed easily. Please try to hand wash or wipe clean with a cloth. Warning: Do not wash it by machine.


So, till now we have talked about the best low pile rugs for different uses. I wish you got the best flat rug according to your need.

If you want to make your room look simple and beautiful then the best neutral rugs can be a good option.

Note: Always clean your floor before putting the rugs over it. For cleaning the floors nicely, you can use the best cleaning machines(which are specially designed for laminate floors) with laminate floor cleaning liquid.

I hope I have cleared all your doubts regarding the best low pile area rugs for hardwood floors. If still, any doubt is there, comment them down. Every feedback is appreciated.

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