Best Outdoor Trash Cans | 8 Most Attractive Garbage Cans

Best Outdoor Trash Cans

A garbage can or trash can is one of the most essential products or items of a house. Trash cans are used in many places of the house like kitchen, bedroom, living room, and outdoor also but the type of dustbin varies from room to room. Today we are going to focus on the outdoor garbage cans. So, I have selected or picked up the 8 best outdoor trash cans for your home and they are so attractive because we focus on quality and look both.

Why Garbage Cans?

A beautiful house or office is beautiful when they are clean. So obviously, to keep our rooms clean, we need the garbage cans so that we can throw the unessential packets or any garbage into that, rather than throwing them anywhere else inside the room. Here we are going to talk about the outdoor garbage cans.

The best outdoor trash cans can grab the visitors’ attention also. Why don’t we care about the garbage cans? We buy so many things which we don’t use also on a daily purpose but the thing which we use daily, we neglect that thing.


You are here means, you really care about everything in your home. I appreciate your thinking style. Very few persons only give importance to the trash cans and buy online.

8 Best Outdoor Trash Cans

We have done so many types of researches and then sorted out these 8 best outdoor trash cans for your home. They are very reliable to use and attractive also.

I know the value of your hard-earned money so, I have tried my best to pick the best product under cheapest price possible.

The things we took care are

  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Material
  • Looks
  • Size
  • Price
  • Reviews

I have rated(out of 5) each of the cans listed below:

 Product NameProduct Dimension(inches)Capacity(gallons)Our Rating 
Simplehuman 40 Liter Trash Can19.2 x 10.2 x 25.2104.9BUY NOW
Simplehuman 50 LiterRound Trash Can14 x 18.9 x 26.5134.8BUY NOW
GLAD 75L Plastic Step Can19 x 16 x 27.8204.8BUY NOW
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Trash Can 22.3 x 24.5 x 27.25324.8BUY NOW
Rubbermaid Garbage Can22 x 11 x 25234.8BUY NOW
Rubbermaid 2019 VERSION Trash Can14.6 x 17.6 x 24.8134.7BUY NOW
Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash16 x 15.75 x 31.7334.9BUY NOW
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Wheeled Garbage Can28.5 x 23.38 x 36.5504.9BUY NOW

1. Simplehuman 40 Liter Trash Can

Simplehuman 40 Liter Trash Can

This is one of the best trash cans which is available under the cheapest price online.

You can easily use this outdoor as well as indoor also. Indoor, you can keep it in the kitchen. This is really so attractive. Anyone will look at least once at it if they visit you.

Very high standard material they have used to make it durable and that’s why you get 5 years of warranty with it.

This is a wheel trash can that means easily portable and it has many nice features. The pedal of this dustbin can be stepped over 150,000 times, that means 20 times a day till 20 years. Isn’t it amazing?

They have introduced the side lock also to keep your curious pet and kids out. This is one of the best outdoor trash cans to keep animals out.

As it is slim in shape, it is space efficient actually.


✔️5 Years of warranty

✔️Long lasting pedal

✔️Storage efficient


❌The lid is not quite good

2. Simplehuman 50 LiterRound Trash Can

This can is of the same brand as the first one. This is also one of the best and most wanted trash cans available online.

The price of this can is a little higher than the first one because of its space availability.

The shape is different. It is half curved in shape and as usual, comes with 5 years of warranty and very durable.

The pedal of this dustbin can be stepped over 150,000 times, which means 20 times a day till 20 years.

The sad part of this can is, it doesn’t have a wheel whereas the first one is cheaper than this garbage can and does have wheels. This is also one of the best outdoor trash cans to keep animals out.

Rest all the functions are same.


✔️5 Years of warranty

✔️Long lasting pedal

✔️Storage efficient


❌Wheel is not there in this price

3. GLAD 75L Plastic Step Can

GLAD 75L Plastic Step Can

The size or capacity of this dustbin is more than the last two mentioned above and the price is also cheaper than them. It has a capacity of 20 gallons. This can one of the best cheap outdoor trash cans available online.

It can contain almost 40% more garbage than many standard cans. A very much good choice for a bigger family.

Very much reliable to use but yeah it doesn’t come with the lid lock protection unlike the last two cans mentioned above. So, take care of your kids and pets.

Keeping the bag in it is easy but a little tricky. You have to fix them with the ring present inside it, not with the edge of the can.

It is also a space-efficient trash can that can be fitted in any minimum space.


✔️almost 40% larger size than ordinary cans

✔️Very good for a bigger family

✔️Space efficient


❌The bit that the lid hooks into is comparatively of cheap plastic

4. Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Trash Can

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Trash Can

This is one of the strongest trash cans you can get online. You can use it for a lifetime also. Nothing is gonna happen to it. Very much durable.

Comes under the cheapest price among all mentioned above. The capacity is 32 gallons which are so almost 1.5 times larger than the cans mentioned above.

Yeah, the sad thing is, it doesn’t have the cover(lid) at the top. That means it will be opened always. So, better not to keep it under the open sky.

You will not get any fancy features obviously in this can like wheels, pedal, etc. but it is the cheaper and stronger.

One very good thing about its body or design is, it has the venting channels which allows the airflow into the can and makes it 50% easier to remove the garbage bag out of it.


✔️Cheaper in price and super stronger in strength

✔️Venting channels make the removal of garbage bag easier

✔️Larger capacity(32 gallons)


❌No top cover(lid) and pedal. Avoid keeping under the open sky

5. Rubbermaid Garbage Can

Rubbermaid Garbage Can

This is of the same brand as the last one mentioned above but the difference is of shape and capacity.

This is also as strong as the last one mentioned above but it has the capacity of 23 gallons which is also not a small amount for a big family.

Very much durable, strong and has the venting channels which allows the airflow into the can and makes it 50% easier to remove the garbage bag out of it.

It also doesn’t have the cover(lid) at the top, that means you have to avoid keeping it under the open sky.

At the base, there are robust handles, and the rim of the container helps not to tear and improve the control while lifting and emptying.

Unlink the last one, it is space efficient.


✔️Cheaper price and stronger also

✔️Space efficient

✔️Capacity is larger than the cans which comes under the price of this can


❌No lid is there on top

6. Rubbermaid 2019 VERSION Trash Can

Rubbermaid 2019 VERSION Trash Can

This trash can is of the same brand as the last 2 mentioned above but they have changed so many things in it or say they improved many things. This is one of the best cheap outdoor trash cans available online.

They have introduced the lid and the stainless steel pedal in this. This is a nice modification. This is, as usual, strong as their every product but the thing is it has less capacity(13 gallons).

Usually, at this price, you can get up to 20 gallons can but it has lesser than that.

The step on feature of this can is really very smooth.

You need to fix the garbage bag in the ring(same as our 3rd mentioned product) present inside it, not at the edges.

It is better for them who lives alone in any apartment for any job purpose or anything.


✔️Very durable

✔️Liner lock

✔️Space efficient


❌Only 13 gallons. Good for single person use

7. Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash

Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash

This awesome trash can is more of an aesthetic product. This trash can looks so beautiful and designed so nicely.

the weaving pattern on the body enhanced the look of it but keeping the look aside, it offers very good usages also.

This is one of the most wanted can available online. The plastic of this can is thicker than many branded cans actually.

You will get around 33 gallons capacity storage in it which is more than enough for a big family.

It is easy to clean. Cleaning is not a big deal for this garbage can.

Assembling is also easy and you will get a 3 years of warranty for it.

It has double lid closure, one is for taking the garbage bag out and one is for throwing garbage into the can.


✔️Very beautiful weaving pattern

✔️3 years of warranty

✔️Thicker plastic


❌Little sharp edges inside it, may tear the bag

8. Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Wheeled Garbage Can

Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Wheeled Garbage Can

This awesome can is a little costly but, worthy enough. This is one of the strongest trash cans you will get online.

It has every single thing you need in any trash can. From wheels to pedal, everything is there and it is very reliable to use but one drawback is, it doesn’t come with the lid locking function.

This has a capacity of 50 gallons which is so much more than the standard size. It is more used for commercial purposes. You barely need this much big trash can for your home.

It can be used in factories or offices.

It is very easy to move one place to another. Very much reliable to use.

They have provided the handle behind it, so that it becomes portable easily.


✔️One of the strongest cans ever

✔️Capacity is very big(50 gallons)

✔️Easily portable


❌Lid doesn’t lock

❌They didn’t mention properly about the warranty period(in this price they should give warranty)

Best 3 Outdoor Trash Cans Out Of 8

OverallCheapMost attractive
Simplehuman 40 Liter Trash Can GLAD 75L Plastic Step CanSuncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash
Simplehuman 40 Liter Trash CanGLAD 75L Plastic Step CanSuncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash

Top 6 Tips To Select The Best Outdoor Trash Cans

As you are here for buying the best outdoor trash can then, there are some points you need to keep in your mind before buying the outdoor trash cans.

1. Size

You may like the design of any dustbin but, the size you have to take care of. There is no use of buying the bigger dustbin than your need just because of the design. There are multiple sizes of one trash can available online. Choose the ideal size according to your need and availability of space in your outdoor area. For single usage go with 10-20 gallons and for a bigger family, 20-35 gallons is enough.

2. Material

There are usually two types of material that is been used to make trash cans i.e plastic and metal.

Plastic is highly used for the body of garbage cans because of its lightweight and cheap price. Plastic can be designed in so many patterns very easily and make it so attractive so this is also one of the reasons. But at the same time, plastic is non-biodegradable and not that durable as compared to metal ones. You need to replace it before earlier than metal cans.

Metal cans are usually used in offices or any commercial area. For household purposes, mainly plastic cans are used. Metal cans can be made up of any metal like iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. They are really durable but heavyweight also. Yeah, it is recyclable.

3. Looks

The trash cans also can be treated as the decor of your house. That is the outdoor decor. You need to take care of its look as you take care of your interior decors like sitting furniture, rugs, curtains, and all. The color, shape, and many things can make it more attractive. An attractive dustbin can also enhance the look of your home.

4. Maintenance

When you are buying the trash can, don’t forget to check if it is easy to clean or not. Almost every dustbin is easy to clean only but yeah check once before you buy.

5. Price

One of the most important factors, price. Usually, the trash cans which are used for household purposes come between $25-$40. Paying more than that for an outdoor trash can that will be used in the house, is not that worthy. Trash cans above $41 should provide you large capacity(35+ gallons) and with many features like lids, pedals, wheels everything.

I have mentioned the best cheap outdoor trash cans above which provide you all the functions.

6. Reviews

Last but not the least, reviews. not only for trash cans but also for every product you buy online, check the reviews always before you buy the product. Better not to see the 1 ratings because most of them are rare cases like a broken piece arrived or something like that. Always try to go for 3 ratings, they tell the actual problems which they are facing.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disinfect my outdoor trash can?

It’s better you first fill your half trash can with the water and then use soap or shampoo until it makes foam and then you scrub it with the handled brush. If that is not enough then try water+baking soda paste on the brush and then scrub.

Where should I store my garbage cans outside?

It depends on the area availability of your outdoor space. Always better to keep near to your home’s main door but if your trash can doesn’t have the lead then it better not to keep it under the open sky.

What is the best outdoor garbage can?

The answer to this question can vary from person to person and their needs. If you are finding the best outdoor trash cans for your home then you must check out the points and 8 best trash cans mentioned above.

How tall is a 10-gallon trash can?

This answer totally depends on the diameter of your can. If the diameter is around 15 inches then the height should be 17 1/8 inches.


I appreciate that you are concerned about trash cans. thanks for reading the article and I hope that I gave you all the details about the best outdoor trash cans which are available online.

If you still have any query then comment down below. Feedbacks are appreciated.

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