Best Paint Rollers For Walls | 4 Best Paint Rollers To Buy Online

Best Paint Rollers For Walls

There are always little and silly works in our home which we need to do by ourselves. We can’t hire any professional to do that small thing and pay them for that. And wall painting or coloring is one of them. Yeah, wall coloring is not a small or silly thing but yeah when we make some of the portion dirty, we need to color that small portion only to cover that dirt. As you are not a professional, you need the best paint rollers for walls to paint those small potions smoothly.

Why Paint Roller?

The simplest answer to this question is because it is the simplest tool to paint the wall. We have the other alternatives for painting the wall like a brush and all but the reliability roller gives, other tools can’t.

Just like brush, rollers also come in different sizes, lengths, softness, etc. But in roller, we get the option to choose according to our wall structure whether it is very smooth, or little rough, or very rough. There are different types of rollers for different types of walls.

Strokes by roller are way easier than brush strokes. You can cover a bigger area than a brush in a lesser amount of time. The efficient handle of the roller makes it so easy to reach the unreachable or the places which are very difficult to reach.

And the last best thing about the paint rollers is, they come at a very cheap price. Like under $20 you can get the whole set of the cover, frame, sometimes extra brushes also, etc.

4 Best Paint Rollers To Buy Online

So, there is some sort of things which you need to take care of while buying the paint rollers for the wall like

  • Handle
  • Cover or Nap
  • Size

Keeping all the factors in mind, we have sorted out the 4 best paint rollers for walls which are available online and very reliable to use.

1. Bates Paint Roller 

Bates Paint Roller

This is one of the best all in one painting kits you will get online at the cheapest price. The price of this kit is very low and you will get almost everything you want while painting the wall.

Roller Frame (9″)
2 Roller Covers (9″x1/2″)
Roller Frame (4″)
2 Roller Covers (4″x1/2″)
2″ Angel Paint Brush
High-Density Foam Brush

The quality of every thing present in the tray is very awesome. They will help you to finish your job very fast with a fantastic finish.

This roller comes with the thick nap of half inch which is very good size for painting the smooth as well as little rough walls. The synthetic filament of the brush helps to do the job little faster by holding more paint.

The naps and filament they provide are durable and really long lasting. This set is worthy buying and doesn’t cost much also. Comes under very affordable price.

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2. Pro Grade Paint Roller Cover Set

Pro Grade Paint Roller Cover Set

This set of painting brush and roller is, even more, cheaper in price than the set mentioned above. This set has 2 painting brushes extra, which means 3 in total, and all are of different sizes.

1 Tray
1 9″ Roller Frame
2 9″ x 1/2″ Roller Covers
1 4″ Mini Roller Frame
2 4″ x 1/2″ Mini Roller Covers
1 Flat Sash Brush
2 Angle Sash Brushes.

The availability of a nice variety of brushes and rollers makes our job very easy and fast. The 9″ frame of the roller makes the handle to hold very easily and comfortably and the mini frame helps to go for detailed painting.

The 1/2 inches roller covers are very much ideal for painting the smooth surface as well as little rough surfaces.

With this, you are getting one small in size flat brush and 2 angled sash brushes which hold a nice amount of paint and help to finish our job fast.

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3. Magimate Paint Roller Kit

Magimate Paint Roller Kit

The cost of this all in one tray is almost the same as the other 2 sets mentioned above. The quality of the things it has is quite better than some of them. It has two extra things like a paint mixing stick and cello tape.

A Large Roller Handle with 2 Roller Cover 9 Inch
A Small Roller Frame with 4 Tiny Roller Refills 4 Inch
A 1.5″ Angled Brush
A cello tape of 25-30 meters
A Paint Stick
Reusable Paint Tray 9 inch.

Why this is worth buying? At this price, you are getting 6 naps for the roller of 3 different sizes and textures.

9-inch roller frame makes the work fast and the 4-inch roller makes the detailed work easy. These naps are of the same thickness as other naps mentioned above i.e 1/2 inch and very much ideal for painting the smooth surface as well as little rough surfaces.

The tray is really of good quality plastic which is durable and long-lasting. Yeah, the brush is not that efficient because it’s quite small in size.

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4. PILOT FISH Paint Roller Brush

PILOT FISH 6Pcs Paint Roller Brush

The cost of this roller is obviously lesser than all the sets mentioned above because in this you will get only roller frame and 6 naps.

If you want only roller frame and naps then you must go with this product. You are gonna love them. The nap of this roller can store quite large amount of paint and make your work faster and efficient.

The material of their nap is very good and durable. it is better to use the water-based paint to apply on the smooth wall in order to make the brush more even and smooth.

The grip shape of the handle is very nicely shaped and you can add the extension rod(not included with package) also to make it longer in size and reach the non-reachable heights.

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How to Pick The Best Paint Rollers For Walls

How to Pick The Best Paint Rollers For Walls

In order to picking up the best rollers for walls or doors or anything, you need to know the basic elements by which the rollers are made.

The basic elements are nap and frame. The rollers are measured by the naps and the length of the fiber that makes up the rollers.


The quality of the nap or cover is judged by the thickness. Different thickness works for different type of walls.

For example we will take three different thicknesses and know which size is for what type of wall.

Quarter of an inch– The quarter of an inch thick naps are generally used for the smooth surfaces only. They are the best paint naps for smooth walls.

Half an inch– The naps which are half an inch thick, they are used for the smooth and little rough surfaces.

One Inch- If your wall is very much rough and there are the popcorn like structures on the wall then you must go with the one inch roller naps.


how to choose best Paint Rollers For Walls

When it comes to the reliability of using the paint rollers, always take care of the handle or gripping area. The handle is the thing which is gonna make your work easy and fast. There are mainly 3 types of handles that are used mostly.

1. Ball Bearing: The ball bearing rollers are the most used rollers and they are affordable and prove the awesome smooth movements.

2. Ergonomic: Ergonomic handles are very nicely designed to reduce the stain from your hand if you paint very much, like more than one room. They are a little bit costlier but worthy enough to buy.

3. Threaded handle: These handles let you increase the length of the handle by adding the extensions like sticks at the bottom. So, it’s better to check if there are threads or clips at the bottom of the handle so that you can add the extension and reach out to the unreachable positions.

Types Of Materials Of Nap

The material says that how long the nap or cover will last. The capability of holding the paint is directly proportional to the type of material and thickness of the nap. So, there is an important role of the material in the roller. There are mostly 5 materials which are been used for the rollers of painting.


Synthetic is used in almost all naps because it is mostly used with water-based paints on almost any kind of walls and they are very much durable although the ability to hold the paint is lesser than wool.

Wool With Natural Fibers:

The naps which are made up of wool and natural fibers are one of the best quality naps. They can hold so much paint at once which makes your work very easy, smooth, and fast. Mostly they work well with oil paints. You can use woolen naps on every surface.

Wool & Polyester:

The naps which are made up of wool & polyester are very efficient to use. You can use them in oil and water-based paints. They hold a nice amount of paints and lasts really for a long time.

How To Use Roller?

FAQs About Best Paint Rollers For Walls

What’s the best paint roller to use on walls?

If we talk according to the price and the number of equipment, then Bates Paint Roller is one of the best choices you can have. The material of this roller is very good and you will get many other types of equipment also along with this kit.

What paint roller is best for smooth finish?

The nap size of around a quarter of an inch will be the best choice for the smooth surfaces.

How do I choose a paint roller?

The best way to choose is, at first you need to check your wall that, it is a rough one or smooth one. And then according to the pattern, select the nap size and then check the handle and types of materials of the nap.

Are foam rollers better for painting?

Foam covers are slightly better than the latex covers and it is advised and also best selection for the smooth surfaces.

Last Few Words On Best Paint Rollers For Walls

Everyone wants to keep their house decorated all the time but here, the wall plays a great role in making your room look awesome. and to make your wall awesome, you need to paint them awesome. So with the use of the best paint rollers for interior walls, you can easily do that.

We have suggested the best paint rollers above which are available online and they are really cheap in price, worthy to buy, and very much efficient.

Read carefully that how to choose the best paint rollers for the wall, the points mentioned above, and especially always focus on the nap and frame because they only help 70% to make your work efficient.

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