Best Portable Air Conditioner For 2 Bedroom Apartment[2021🥶]

According to creditdonkey, the average size of the bedroom of the apartment is almost 132-150sq ft. And it is really the right measurement. Almost every bedroom of the apartment has an area between 132 to 150sq ft.

So, if you want to buy the best portable air conditioner for 2 bedroom apartment, first you have to know how much BTU will be suitable for that room.

Here is the chart, take a look at that. This will explain how much BTU you need for your room.

BTUArea(sq ft)

So, according to the above chart or table, if your room size is somewhere between 100-150sq ft, you can go with the 8000 BTU portable ACs.

Best Portable Air Conditioner For 2 Bedroom Apartment

Here is the list of 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners For 2 Bedroom Apartment. They all are 8000BTU portable ACs. There are so many ways to choose portable ACs, based on which I have chosen them.

There is a portable AC buying guide at the end, check that out to know how to choose the best portable AC for your 2 bedroom apartment.

I have rated all these 5 ACs based on their performance, reviews, durability, cooling capacity, etc. You can easily buy them online.

 Product NameDimensionWarantyRating 
BLACK+DECKER 8000 BTU AC16.5 x 11.5 x 26 inches1 year4.9BUY NOW
SereneLife 8000BTU Portable AC14.6 x 13.8 x 27.2 inches1 year4.9BUY NOW
MIDEA 8000 BTU Portable AC13 x 17.1 x 28.3 inches1 year4.8BUY NOW
TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable AC11.8 x 15.4 x 30.4 inches1 year4.7BUY NOW
COSTWAY Portable AC 8000 BTU12 x 13 x 30 inchesnot mentioned4.8BUY NOW



When it comes to portable ACs, the name of BLACK+DECKER will always come. It is one of the highest sold portable ACs online. It is obviously worth buying.

I just want to say that it comes with 3 panels and with a little improvising I was able to use this in a sliding glass door without purchasing a kit specifically for that.

I sit about 12 feet away from it and feel the chill with a setting of 76F. Usually, the portables ACs are used to cool the rooms of 200sq ft area. But this AC can cool up to 300sq ft(but depends upon many factors like the direct entry of sunlight etc).

A very good choice for small spaces like dorms, apartments, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, or small living rooms.

It comes with 3 modes of cooling i.e cool, fan, and dehumidifying mode. A 4’ 11” hose is included which gives a good range for moving the AC.


✔️Remote control included

✔️Easy to install alone

✔️Accurate thermostat instead of ‘low’/’high’ nonsense

✔️Easily rolls around on casters

✔️Relatively quiet

✔️1 year of warranty


❌May fail to keep up in very hot days(i.e above 95F)

❌Heavy to lift if required

2. SereneLife 8000BTU Portable AC

 SereneLife 8000BTU Portable AC

SereneLife is another renowned brand for portable ACs. This 8000 BTU AC of SereneLife is actually cheaper than the BLACK+DECKER 8000 BTU AC which is mentioned above.

The main differences between these ACs are, this is light in weight than that AC, and it covers comparatively less area than the BLACK+DECKER 8000 BTU AC.

If your room is under 150sq ft then, I must suggest you go with this one because both ACs will work the same in smaller rooms. Then why would you spend more money?

It can be controlled by remote from anywhere in the room. This also has 3 operating modes and they are fan, cooling, and dehumidifier. The cooling mode is the default. Whenever you on the AC, it will start cooling.

The dehumidifier works very well. It helps to purify which makes your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites.


✔️Remote controlled

✔️1 year warranty

✔️Light weight (if lifting is needed)

✔️Sleek design

✔️Cheap price



❌Not for the bigger rooms

❌Smallest setting for the adjustable window panel is far too long for a standard size window

3. MIDEA 8000 BTU Portable AC

MIDEA 8000 BTU Portable AC

Midea is the world’s largest provider of air conditioning products. This MIDEA AC is actually small in size compared to other ACs mentioned above. It has more ratings than our 2nd product mentioned above.

Its cost is also more than that. It can cover 150sq ft very efficiently but the difference is in the cooling capacity. It can cool the small room a little bit faster. Other than this I didn’t get any big difference between them.

It has a very good LED over the head which helps to read the temperature or other things easily. Can be operated by the remote.

It comes with a long 5ft hose which gives a good range to move the AC easily. And also the wheels are very good.

It also comes with 3 modes i.e fan, cooling, and dehumidifier. The fan mode actually makes a little bit of noise(not sure for every model).

When using the dry mode for dehumidification, the exhaust hose is required to be removed from the unit. It is only required for cooling mode.


✔️Small in size

✔️Cools faster

✔️Air filter is washable

✔️1 year warranty

✔️Beautiful LED display over the head


❌A little bit noisy

❌Price could be a little bit less

4. TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable AC

TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable AC

This is actually a new product in the online market but it has a good amount of reviews till now. The best thing about this portable AC is, it doesn’t take much area. Its height is more and its width is less, unlike the other ACs.

The cost of this AC is comparatively higher. It has one of the best body designs and also cools up to 250sq ft very easily.

It has an X-Fan Technology that helps to keep the fan spinning at a slow, silent speed to dry residual water in the machine and the air exhaust hose.

Both horizontal and vertical sliding windows can be used to install this. The sound level is very low i.e 49dB only(when the fan speed is low).

It has also 3 modes of operation i.e fan, cooling, and dehumidification. The screen over the top of this product is the center of attraction. It is designed very beautifully and attractive. Can be controlled by remote.


✔️Very attractive design and also space efficient

✔️It has X-Fan Technology

✔️Can cover area up to 250sq ft

✔️Very quiet

✔️1 year warranty


❌Quiet heavy if lifting needed

❌When it reaches set temp, it turns off the fan(which can create disturbing noise)

5. COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU

The cost of this AC is almost the same as the product mentioned above i.e TOSOT. There is no much difference between these two models.

Both can cover almost the same area and the speed of cooling is also the same. The difference is there in design. It looks old-fashioned and that looks the very modern type.

This product has more reviews online compared to the TOSOT(keep in mind that TOSOT is new in the online market).

The design of its body is very simple just like a white box. But, I like the LED screen it has on the top which faces front(it may help to operate by remote). Almost every portable AC has an LED screen facing upwards, but I liked its screen designed.

But the worst thing about this product is, they haven’t mentioned anything about the warranty period. You have to contact the customer service center to get warranty details.

It also has the 3 modes to operate, i.e fan, cooling, and dehumidification, and all work pretty well.


✔️LED screen facing front

✔️Fast cooling

✔️Energy saving

✔️High quality compressor and high efficiency motor


❌Quite noisy for a sensitive sleeper

❌No warranty information

Portable AC Buying Guide

There are many things you have to consider before buying the portable AC for the two-bedroom apartment. The things like BTU, area cover, hose, remote control, warranty, etc. Let’s discuss the points in brief.

BTU(British Thermal Unit)

BTU is the unit that can give an approximate idea to calculate the coverage area of the AC. In the starting, we discussed the size of the room of an apartment i.e around 150sq ft, and according to my chart and calculation, you should use 8000BTU portable ACs.

This can depend upon many factors like, whether the sunlight is entering the room directly or not, if sunlight is staying inside the room for hours, the number of people staying in the room, and the height of the room, etc.

Here is one BTU calculation technique which is developed by me and it works very well.

Length x Breadth = Area in sq ft
If main floor = area x 50 BTU
If the second floor or kitchen = area x 60 BTU
Each foot above 8 ft ceiling = estimated BTU + 1000(per ft)
Each person over two individuals= estimated BTU + 600(per individual)


Hose is a very important thing to have with the portable ACs. If you are staying in an apartment room, you have to connect the hose with the window and if the house owner doesn’t allow to change the structure of their window, then you have to drain the water somehow.

Also, the length of the hose also matters. It decides how much a portable AC can move from its place.

Remote Control

Yes, nowadays every portable AC comes with a remote to operate the AC from different corners of the room. Some remotes come with battery, and some company doesn’t provide battery. You should be aware of that before you buy the product. Also, some portable AC doesn’t come with a remote control feature, so read the description nicely before buying.


Almost every portable AC comes with a 1 year of warranty, but many brands don’t provide a warranty and you should be aware of that before buying. I see many buyers get to know about the warranty period after buying the product. So, take care of that.


I hope you got the best portable air conditioner for 2 bedroom apartment from my suggestions. In my opinion, if you can invest some money then going with the BLACK+DECKER will be the best choice.

If still, any doubt is there regarding the best portable air conditioners, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.

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