6 Best Quiet Space Heater For Bedroom/Office 2021

When it is the time of winter, we just love not going out and chilling in the room by turning on the heater inside the room but it will be peaceful rest when the heater is silent, or else it will be an irritating moment. So, I have selected the 6 best quiet space heaters for bedroom or office, anywhere you can use them(where electric supply is available).

A room heater is one of the important appliances of a room and it should be noiseless because this is gonna run throughout the day and night.

In the daytime, you may work and at night time, you may sleep peacefully but if the room heater is not quiet at all, it is very hard to do the job peacefully.

There are basically three types of heaters available i.e infrared, oil-filled, and fan assisted. Other than these, ceramic and halogen heaters are also there. According to our room heater buying guide, infrared and oil-filled heaters make lesser noise than fan heaters.

Note: If you want to buy a quiet space heater, then make the room soundproof from inside first, or else it may not be a good decision.

Why Some Heaters Are Noisy & Some Are Quiet?

Mostly, the radiant and oil-filled heaters are quieter than the ceramic because in ceramic we use fans and there are no fans in oil-filled and radiant heaters.

If you need the best quietest space heaters then you must go with non-ceramic heaters but they are more expensive than other types.

It is not like all the ceramic heaters make loud noises, some make fewer sounds also and there are two reasons behind the loud noises of ceramic heaters. One is its motor, and the second is its blades.

The brushless motors are the best for quiet heaters and the blades should be very nice so that it doesn’t make noise while cutting the air.

Among all I have mentioned above, the first 3 heaters are ceramic(although quiet and cheap by cost) and the last 3 heaters are nonceramic and costlier ones (but worth buying).

6 Best Quiet Space Heaters For Bedroom/Office

If you don’t have much time to read the whole article, then I have listed the best quiet space heaters for small and large rooms accordingly. You can go with them.

Best Quiet Space Heater For Small BedroomBest Quiet Space Heater For Large Bedroom
Lasko CD09250Taotronics TT-HE001
Lasko CD09250Taotronics TT-HE001

So, we understood that how much noiseless space heaters are important in winter if we want to sleep or work peacefully, we need the best quietest space heater for room and here I have picked up the 6 best noiseless heaters which are available online.

You can select the best heater according to your need and room size. I have rated each space heater out of 5 based on many.

 Product NameArea Coverage(sq ft)Sound(dB)Our Rating 
Electric Space Heater, 1500W PTC200454.8BUY NOW
Lasko CD09250200454.8BUY NOW
Portable Electric Space Heater200454.8BUY NOW
Taotronics TT-HE001150-300less than 454.9BUY NOW
TaoTronics PTC300less than 454.9BUY NOW
Lasko 755320300less than 454.9BUY NOW

1. Electric Space Heater, 1500W PTC

Electric Space Heater, 1500W PTC

If you are searching for the best noiseless space heater for your small bedroom then this one can be a good choice for you.

This space heater is faster than many room heaters available in the market and the reports of the consumers are so great. This is also one of the most reviewed space heaters online.

It will not cause dry skin problems because it rotates 70° angle for a nice dissipation of heat, which means it will not heat only in one direction but in a multi-direction.

This heater is capable to heat up small spaces very quickly. It has 3 modes of heating and they are 1500W(High Heat) / 750W(Low Heat) /Cool Blow Fan.

The consumption of wattage will be according to the mode of heating. There is the “only fan” mode which can be used on summer days.


The safety measures of this heater are very good. There are the auto power cut options when it becomes overheated or out of contact or 30-degree tipping, which means if it is gonna shut off when accidentally tip-over occurs.


This ceramic heater will not cause bad chemical or plastic smells when it is heating up because it is made up of high-quality materials.


✔️Great safety measurements

✔️3 modes of heating

✔️Rotates 70° angle to heat up in multi-directions



❌Not okay for large rooms

2. Lasko CD09250

Lasko CD09250

This is the best quiet space heater for the small bedroom(our selection). This is the most highly rated room heater till now and there are many reasons for this being the best space heater.

The cost of this unit is more than the last one mention above but the benefits are also more than that.

This electric space heater is perfect for small spaces and it has three modes(high heat, low heat, and fan only) of heating just like our 1st product.

Adjustable Thermostat:

It comes with an adjustable thermostat which gives you the reliability of setting the temperature. It has 11 different temperature options which can be controlled by the rotation of the dial present over the heater.


This unit has a carry handle which makes it very much easy to move from room to room and you can keep it anywhere like under the table or on the table because it takes very small space.


The safety measurements are very good in this unit because there is overheat protection with it, which means it will not be overheated even if it is left on for an extended amount of time. The body of this unit doesn’t heat up which it is on.


✔️Adjust between 11 different temperatures

✔️Carry handle is there

✔️Most rated space heater

✔️3 modes of heating

✔️Good measures of safety


❌Not for large rooms

3. Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat

Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat

This space heater is one of the best-recommended heaters to use in small rooms or offices. This unit is very much reliable to use. The cost is a little bit more than the heaters mentioned above.

You can plug this ceramic space heater directly into a 120V. Having three different modes of heating and are cool air(20W), warm(750W), and warmer(1500W).


This unit has very good safety measurements. It is made up of flame retardant material avoiding any fire hazard, cuts off automatically when gets overheated, and has a tip-over protection system which means if it gets tilted by mistake, it will shut off automatically.

Area Coverage:

It can cover up to 200 sq ft of the area when it is at a warmer stage(1500W). The cold air gets warmed very fast with the help of the PTC ceramic core and gets delivered by the long-lasting motor.


Comes with a handle which is used for carrying the heater from room to room. Easily you can port it from here and there.


✔️3 modes of heating

✔️Tip over protection system

✔️Well designed handle

✔️Thermostat adjustable


❌Costs a little bit more than the abilities

❌not for the large rooms

4. Taotronics TT-HE001

Taotronics TT-HE001

This heater can be the best quietest space heater for bedroom. It is absolutely fine for a large bedroom or office room. The design of this heater makes it reliable to use anywhere in the home or office.

The price of this heater is high but it is worth buying. If can buy this if you need a space heater for a big room and want to operate without getting up from your place because it is a remote-controlled room heater.

This unit is having fast and efficient heating with three modes of heating i.e eco, warm(900W), and warmer(1500W). Comes with a 70° oscillating heating capacity.


It is designed so well from a safety perspective. It has many safety measures like auto cut-off while overheating, tip-over protection, sensor, and 12 hours of timer work. This is one of the safest space heaters.


You can control this unit with the help of a remote by sitting anywhere in the room and having the LED display over the head. And also having the touch control panel over the head of the heater for more convenience.


It has a manual timer setting which means you can adjust the time, within which the heater will turn off automatically and the maximum time is up to 12 hours.


✔️Can set a timer for auto-cut

✔️Remote controlled, LED, and touch control panel

✔️Fabulous safety measures

✔️70° oscillating heating capacity


❌The remote system could be a little bit better

5. TaoTronics PTC

TaoTronics PTC

There is not a lot of differences between the 4th heater and this heater. The cost is almost the same and whatever feature that heater has, this heater also has the same.

Let’s talk about the extra things it has.


It is a little bit faster in heating than that heater because it reaches 70°F in just 3 seconds and heats up the room quickly.

It comes with a 7° tilted fan to increase the heat distribution range by 20% to efficiently warm yourself or your family without wasting heat.


In safety measurements, it is the same as the 4th heater but it has a 24 hours auto cut off system extra, which makes it more reliable to use.


✔️Remote controlled, LED, and touch control panel

✔️Can set timer for auto cut

✔️24hrs auto power off

✔️Awesome safety measures

✔️Comes with 7° tilted fan to increase the heat distribution range by 20%


❌Few people faced problem in temperature controlling

6. Lasko 755320

Lasko 755320

This electric heater is also one of the most highly rated heaters available online. It is a very much durable heater than many other reputed heaters.

Comes with 2 quiet settings i.e high heat and low heat. Its widespread oscillation distributes the warm air all over the room.

The thermostat is adjustable. You can adjust the temperature between a wide range of Fahrenheit or Celsius.


This unit can be controlled by remote and there is a control panel over the heater. You can control temperature, oscillation, timer, and many more with the help of a remote without moving from your seat. This is very easily portable as it has a beautiful inbuilt carry handle.


It has a good measurement of safety. Overheat protection is there which helps not to overheat the heater even it is on for a very long time. Its cool-touch exterior keeps the outer body cool even when it is on.


✔️Thermostat adjustable

✔️Controlled by remote

✔️Digital display and control panel over the head

✔️Safety measurements are good

✔️Widespread oscillation is there


❌Timer can be set between 1-8 hours only

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Quiet Heaters For Bedroom

Although I have mentioned the best noiseless space heaters above, also you need to know that what are things you have to take care of while buying quiet heaters for the bedroom or bedroom.

Types Of Heater

As I have mentioned above, there are three types of heaters and they are ceramic, infrared, oil-filled. Out of them, ceramic makes more noise than the other two because there is a moving part in ceramic heaters and that is the fan.

  1. Ceramic Heaters: Ceramic heaters are also called fan heaters and they are cheaper in cost than non-ceramic heaters. These heaters have a fan so, they make more noise than other heaters but not all ceramic heaters make loud noises, some are there whose motor and the blade are made up of very good quality and creates less noise. They are ideal for small rooms, not large ones.
  2. Infrared Heaters: Infrared heaters are also called halogen heaters or Radiant heaters. These heaters are not cheap by cost. They are expensive than the ceramic heaters but not much because their price starts from $60(approximately). They are the best quiet heaters because it doesn’t have the fans or any moving part in the body. They are ideal for a room of area 200-300 sq ft.
  3. Oil-filled Heaters: Oil-filled heaters are also called oil heaters and they are the most expensive space heaters and the quietest. They are very good from a health perspective also(best for newborn babies or asthma patients). These heaters save electricity also because they heat up the oil inside it and oil gets heated even after switching it off.

2. Power Consumption

When you are buying any electric appliance, this is the must thing to check how much will this consume power?

The power consumption of a quiet heater will depend upon the wattage and that varies on the factors like the type of heaters, mode of heating, duration of heating.

Mostly, all heaters use 1500 watts when running on the highest heating mode. You can check how much watts does your heater consumes in different modes and use the heater according to that.

Oil-filled heaters are best for power consumption because as I mentioned earlier, it runs with the help of oil and once oil gets heated, it stays hot for some time even after turning the heater off.

3. Size & Capacity

You need to have the heater according to your room size. The shape should be space-efficient(can be adjusted in small places). Almost all heaters are space-efficient.

After shape, you need to check the capacity or the range of the heater. See whether the heater you chose can cover your room. Just refer to the chart mentioned below:

Type of heaterCapacity(sq ft)

4. Safety Features

When you are buying the quietest space heater for a bedroom, you must take care of the safety features especially if there is a kid in the house.

The best safety features created by the heater brands are tip-over protection(heater gets turned off automatically it is going to fall on the ground by any cause), flame retardant material avoiding any fire hazard, and auto cut when it gets overheated.

Other than these features, there are some other features that increase safety like the timer. If the heater is having a timer, you can set the working hour of the heater.

This can prevent excessive use of the heater if you leave the heater on by mistake. The maximum working hour of the heater can be up to 24 hours but most heaters have 12 hours of maximum duration.

6. Cost Of The Quiet Heaters

There are different ranges of costs for different types of heaters. Ceramic heaters are the cheapest, then infrared heaters come, and oil heaters are the most expensive.

Type Of HeaterStarting Price

Extra Things To Make Quiet Heaters Quieter

After buying the best quiet space heater for bedroom/office, there are some extra tasks, if you implement them also inside the room, the result will be very much better. They are basically soundproofing your surrounding inside the room.

1. Soundproof Wall

There are a lot of ways to soundproof your wall and they are by using soundproof paints for walls, use acoustic foams over some part of the wall, cover the cracks of holes, use some spongy or soft material over the walls so that the sounds creating by the heater will not bounce back after striking the hard surfaces of the walls.

2. Soundproof Windows/Doors

After walls, windows, and doors can be the hard surface on which the sound can bounce back and create an annoying echo. There are also a lot of ways to soundproof your window like hang the soundproof or sound deadening curtains over the window by using curtain rods, or stick the soundproof blankets over the window with the help of double-sided tape(better than hanging using the grommets).

3. Soundproof Floor

You can soundproof the floor on which you are gonna place the heater, or you can use some soundproofing material underneath the heater. If you want to soundproof the floors, the best option is to use fluffy rugs and rug pads because they are enough to absorb the shocks created by the heaters.

If you don’t want to use rugs then you can use the rubber mats like wellhouse mat underneath just like we used to quiet the mixer grinder.

FAQs Of Best Quiet Space Heaters

What is the quietest space heater?

There are different types of space heaters i.e ceramic, infrared, and oil-filled. Let’s see the best of each type.
Best quiet ceramic heater: Lasko CD09250
Best quiet infrared heater: Taotronics TT-HE001
Best quiet oil-filled heater: Aikoper Space Heater

Which type of space heater is cheapest to run?

The oil-filled heaters are the cheapest to run because it runs with the help of hot oil and once the oil gets heated up, it stays hot even after switching off the current.

Can you run a space heater all night?

It is not advised to use the space heaters all night but there are many heaters with the best safety features that don’t let anything wrong happen as they get off automatically if they start overheating. But it is not good to keep the heater on all night. You can set the timer before sleeping.


If your budget is high and the room is big then you can go with the oil-filled heaters or else ceramic and infrared(heaters which are mentioned above) are very quiet, you can happily use them in small rooms.

For better results, you can soundproof the hard surfaces of the room like walls, doors, windows, and floor. You can use small rubber mats underneath the heater.

I hope I have mentioned all the details about the best noiseless space heaters for bedroom/office and if still, you have any doubt regarding the quietest space heater for office or bedrooms, then comment them below. Any feedback is appreciated.

*DISCLAIMER: All the above mentioned products are Amazon affiliate products*

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