Best Room Heater With Remote Control In 2021[Review]

We all need the room heater on cold days or winter days. But switching it on and off makes us come out of the blanket. So, we need a great room heater and it should be controlled by a remote so that we don’t need to come out of our blanket.

Here I have picked up the 7 best room heater with remote control which are available online and the price is not so high. They are affordable and so much effective even on the coldest days.

Best Room Heater With Remote Control

I have picked these 7 best remote control room heaters based on many factors like how fast they heat up the room, durability, price, reviews, etc. Also, I have given my own rating to each of the heaters(in the range of 1-5).

 ProductDimensionsMy Rating 
TaoTronics PTC7.72 x 7.72 x 17.76 inches4.9BUY NOW
Comfort Zone Space Heater25 x 9.5 x 9 inches4.8BUY NOW
Aikoper Space Heater15.39 x 6.38 x 26.06 inches4.9BUY NOW
COSTWAY Ceramic Heater11 x 11 x 34 inches4.7BUY NOW
Lasko 5538 Ceramic Tower Heater8.5 x 7.25 x 23 inches4.8BUY NOW

TaoTronics PTC

TaoTronics PTC

This is a remote-controlled ceramic heater and I prefer ceramic heaters over other heaters because it has better advantages.

This heater gets heated up to 70°F within 3-5 seconds. That means it is very fast and will save you time.

It is a space-efficient heater also. Space efficiency means it consumes very little area in the room and can be kept anywhere.

This heater can cover up to 70° area before it. The safety feature of this heater is very good. It has an overheat protection sensor, and also an auto power cut system in 12hours and 24 hours.

If it gets tilted 45°, it will stop working automatically. So, if you have any pet or kid in the house, no need to worry if they make it fall.


  • Heats up faster
  • Quieter than many other heaters
  • very safe to use
  • space-efficient
  • covers up to 70° area in front of it
  • A well-customized display over the head


  • No such cons are there, just its beep is louder

Comfort Zone Space Heater

Comfort Zone Space Heater

This is a remote-controlled ceramic room heater. This is almost the same as the heater mentioned above.

The price of this heater is a little bit lesser than that heater. This space heater uses a forced-fan circulation to heat as it rotates from side to side, quickly & evenly warming up the room also sustaining a consistent temperature.

It is a space-efficient heater Can be kept anywhere in the room, it will take very little space.

The safety features are also very good in this. It has an overheat protection sensor and an automatic fail-safe(tip-over protection) that cuts power to the unit if it’s accidentally tipped over.

This has an 8-hour timer with auto-shutoff. That means you can program the unit earlier to maintain a constant comfortable temperature.


  • Light weight
  • doesn’t make much noise
  • very fast
  • safe to use
  • space efficient


  • the cord could be a little bit longer

Aikoper Space Heater

Aikoper Space Heater

This is an oil-filled radiant heater and these heaters consume less energy because they heat up with the help of oil in it. And oil remains hot even after it turns off.

I would not suggest this heater for the smaller rooms because this is a good choice for the bigger rooms.

The price of this heater is a little bit higher than the other space heaters because it can cover larger areas.

It is easily portable because it has wheels also. It can heat up 95 degrees F within just a few seconds.

The safe technology of tail fin separation for overheat protection. Auto-shut-off safety includes tip-over protection.

It has an Anti-freeze setting to help prevent freezing pipes. This oil filled radiant heater is safe for the family with children and pets.


  • Good for bigger rooms
  • can heat up to 95°F
  • way faster
  • easily portable with wheels
  • good LED display
  • safe to use


  • Costlier one

COSTWAY Ceramic Heater

COSTWAY Ceramic Heater

The style or design of this heater impressed me. This is a very different type of room heater design.

Don’t judge it with its shape and size. It can heat up the room as fast as our first 2 products do. This ceramic heater can rotate from side to side within 72 degrees so it can fast and evenly warm an entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature.

It has also great safety features like overheat protection, tip-over protection, 8 hours auto power cut function, etc.

You can use it very easily anywhere because of its shape and size. It is space-efficient and can be used in study rooms, offices, kids’ playrooms, etc.


  • Unique and attractive style
  • easily portable
  • space-efficient
  • cover up to 72 degrees wide area
  • safe to use


  • air blow speed is a little bit lower

Lasko 5538 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko 5538 Ceramic Tower Heater

This ceramic tower heater is one of the most sold products online and it is worth buying. There is an LED display over the head.

This is very good for medium-sized rooms and also it is space-efficient. The size is small and acquires very little space.

This has the save-Smart Technology automatically uses high setting to warm a cold room and then switches to low power to maintain comfortable room temperature.

There is one handle behind it. It helps to be carried easily from place to place. This is the cheapest heater out of these 5 heaters.


  • Cheap in price
  • space-efficient
  • good for medium-sized rooms
  • safe to use
  • carrying handle present in back


  • Sometimes temperature control goes 2-3 degrees higher than what you set

Remote Control Room Heater Buying Guide

Before you buy a room heater, there are a few things you need to take care of. If you don’t know how to choose the best room heater for your home, then let’s see some points here.


The size of the heater should not be very large. It is better if it is a taller one. The taller and leaner ones take less area and they are space-efficient. So, even if the room is smaller, it won’t be an issue.


The room heaters are always supposed to be faster in heating. So, before buying make sure you check how many seconds the heater reaches its highest limit.


The noise is one of the important factors to consider before buying the room heater. Try to buy the quite room heaters. Or else you won’t be able to sleep or work peacefully. I will suggest

Highest Temperature

The highest temperature of every heater is different. So, make sure you check if the heater at least crosses 80 degrees F. If it doesn’t cross, then no use in buying that.


I hope I was able to help you in finding the best room heater with remote control for your room. Always check the size, speed, and the highest temperature of the heater before buying it.

If still, any doubt is there regarding the best room heater with remote control, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.

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