Best Rug For Dog Owners: 7+ Dog Rugs(Review+Suggestion)

Having a pet like a dog or a cat is one of the best feelings in the world. But along with the pets, some responsibilities come like training them for everything. Here I am gonna help a little bit by suggesting the best rugs for dog owners.

You can not use the normal rugs in the house if dogs are there because they chew, shed, pee, etc. So, here we are gonna see the

  • best rugs for dogs that pee
  • best rugs for dogs that chew
  • best rugs for dogs that shed
  • best entryway rugs for dogs
  • Washable dog rugs

Why Should Dog Owners Use The Best Rugs For Dogs?

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of things that a dog do like chew, shed, pee, etc. A normal rug is not made to resist these things.

For example, if you need the best rugs for dogs that pee, you need to have the waterproof rugs or the best pee pads for dogs. Or else if you use the normal rugs for the bedroom, the urine may get leaked and the hardwood floor will get damaged.

There are lots of issues with dogs other than peeing. Let’s see them one by one.

  1. Chewing: This is one of the common problems among senior dogs. They chew everything they get. You may not know that certain rugs like hand-tufted rugs use latex in the back. They are not good for health. If the dog chews the rug, and latex goes into him, it can be unhealthy.
  2. Shedding: The shedding of a dog can depend on many factors like its breed, age, health, also on season. Mostly, dogs don’t shed in winter and do shed in summer. If the dog sheds very much, it can be very hard for the dog owner to maintain hygiene. In this case, you need to have the best rugs for dogs that shed.
  3. Vomit: This is one of the most common issues which almost every dog owner has faced. If the dog has eaten something which is not going down, he vomits all over the floor. And you would not want him to vomit on the beautiful rug of the bedroom.
  4. Dirt: Dogs carry a lot of dirt or mud from outside and they are not aware of them. So, in this case, you can use the best entryway rugs for dogs. Whenever he enters, he can clean himself over that and enter into the house.
  5. Smell: Whenever the dogs sleep on the rugs or couches, it leaves a very bad odor there. If you are using normal rugs, it may not be easy to wash them very often. So, you need rugs for the dogs accordingly.

These were some common problems that any dog owner can face and because of these issues, dog owners should use the best rugs which are customized especially for dogs.

7+ Best Rugs For Dog Owners

There are a lot of problems with dogs as I mentioned above. So, I have picked up some rugs for each problem, and all of them can be used for dogs.

1. Best Rugs For Dogs That Pee

You can use the pee pads for the dogs instead of rugs, but if you need the rugs for dogs that pee, check these rugs out. And also you can use the high pile rugs for the dogs that pee

#1. Artificial Grass Rug

Artificial Grass Rug

Multipurpose: This can be used in many places like in pets playing area, yard, flooring decoration, balcony, roof, swimming pool, garden, patio, road verges, doormats, etc.

This 39″x19″ rug is way bigger than the the rugs at this cost. It is worth buying.

Looks & Material: It is made up of artificial grasses that are very soft to touch and eco-friendly. The color tones make it look like real grass. It is thick and lush.

Quality: This rug is designed for extremely hot and cold weather. Lasts very long. The materials make it soft and comfortable for kids and pets. Doesn’t shed easily.

The rubber underneath makes it nonskid. It means the rug will not slide and it is safe for your pet and kids.

#2. Pet Rugs Mats for Dog

Pet Rugs Mats for Dog
Size26 X 36 Inches

This is available in 4 different sizes and one of the best rugs for pets. Because of its strong backing, you can use it anywhere like in the kitchen, entrance, or in the bathroom.

Quality: The quality is very awesome. Having a great absorbency of liquid, which is very much needed in the rugs if dog pees.

Traps the dirt, mud, etc very fast and also dries up very quickly. Fast-drying is one of the best qualities that every rug should have.

Material: Chenille makes it so soft and comfortable to lie on. Thickness is also good, because of which it becomes spongy.

Washing: You can simply use washing machine with cold water and mild detergent.

Note: Don’t bleach, iron or dry-clean. Also don’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

2. Best Rugs For Dogs That Chew

For these types of dogs, better to use low pile rugs so that they can’t chew easily and spray “no-chew spray” over the rug.

No-chew spray basically makes the taste of rugs bitter and they are non-toxic also, they don’t harm.

Let’s see the best rugs for dogs that chew.

#3. Hero Dog Mattress

Hero Dog Mattress
Size35 INCH
MaterialFleece, Cotton
BrandHero Dog
ColorBlue Grey

This can be the best rug for dogs that chew because the surface is fully flat. It will be very hard for the dogs to chew it.

Material: They have used the best quality of fleece and 3cm cotton to make it very much comfortable to sit. The fabric they have used is nontoxic and also breathable.

Layers: It has three layers. First layer: eco friendly and soft fleece(for soft touch), Second layer: breathable 3cm cotton(breathable and moisture absorption), Third layer: anti slip nylon(to make it nonskid).

Machine Washable: No need to be worried about washing it. It is 100% machine washable. Fold it in a way that the fleece side faces outside and put it into the washing machine. After getting washed, it will be more comfortable with no deformation or fading.

Its non-slip back helps to keep it in the same position while kids or dogs are playing on it. So, it is safe to use.

Available in 7 different colors and 3 different sizes.

3. Best Rugs For Dogs That Shed

The best option for the dogs who shed a lot is to go with low pile rugs. If you are taking the low pile rugs then it will very easy to vacuum the hair of your dog.

If your dog sheds, then trim or brush its hair on regular basis. You can use the pet grooming gloves or brush to do so.

Here we go with the best rugs for dogs that shed.

#4. Safavieh Madison MAD611B

Safavieh Madison MAD611B
Size2′ 3″ x 8′

This Bohemian rug is designed perfectly for the dogs who shed. The design of this rug is awesome in that it adds a classy look to your floor.

It is a very low pile(i.e 0.375-inch) rug so that you can easily vacuum it and take the hair of your dog out of it.

This pet-friendly rug can be used in multi-places like in the bedroom, living room, playroom, foyer, or dining room.

Safavieh is a trustworthy company who is producing products for 100 successful years. So, you can trust their products.

This rug is available in 6 different colors.

#5. Unique Loom Sofia

Unique Loom Sofia
Size7′ x 10′
ColorBlue/Light Blue

This is also another low pile rug and it is very much renowned in the online market. This rug adds a classy and luxurious look to your room.

One of the great rugs for the dogs who shed a lot because you can easily vacuum clean this rug.

It is machine woven, not hand woven. Backing with jute, that means it is non-skid and will last really long.

Easy-to-clean, stain resistant, and does not shed.

Cleaning is very easy. As t is a low pile rug, vacuuming regularly is recommended. You can use the carper cleaner also but it should not be wet for a long time.

This rug is available in 9 different colors also all are so awesome. My personal favorite combos are Black/Gray, Orange/Yellow, and Turquoise/Light Blue.

4. Best Entryway Rugs For Dogs

Always there should be one rug in the entrance especially if you are having dogs. The entryway rugs for dogs will help to keep your room clean.

If your dog comes from outside with mud or dirt in his body, he should clean himself on the rug. You can use normal entrance rugs for hardwood floors, or else here I can suggest some best entryway rugs for dogs.

#6. Wipe Your Paws Brown

Wipe Your Paws Brown
ColorWipe Your Paws Brown
Pile HeightFlat Weave

This rug is one of the best options for the entrance rug. In this, you will get small cute paw designed bumps.

Material: Made up of 100% recycled PVC and artificial grasses which is eco-friendly and helps to remove the mud or dirt from your dog’s paws. It absorbs the moisture very nicely.

Uses: You can use it as both an indoor entrance rug and an outdoor entrance rug. I would recommend using it as an outdoor entrance rug.

Cleaning: The cleaning is very easy. Just need to spray the water over it to clean it. It is better to take it outside and do this.

#7. Darkyazi 

Pile HeightLow Pile
Item Weight2.4 Pounds

The price of this rug is very lesser than any other rugs mentioned here. Although the quality is is very good.

Design: It is a low pile rug that means the thickness is less and it is flat. There are 3 paws drawn over it, that looks so cute with the big text “wipe your paws“.

Uses: Other than in the entrance gate, it can be used in the exterior patio entryway, laundry room, toilet, living room, office entryway or indoor bedroom or kitchen doors, porch door, garage, and in the garden also.

Quality: This is waterproof and moisture resistant. Very long-lasting. Can be used on both rainy and snowy days. Having a non-skid backing which helps to keep the rug stay in one place.

Cleaning: Made up of polypropylene and easy to wash. Just need to spray water over it, and that’s all.

5. Washable Dog Rugs

The rugs you are using inside the house for dogs should be washable. Or else the odor will not let you continue with the same rug.

I have picked up the best washable dog rugs. They are very soft and perfect for a dog or any child usage. Let’s check them out.

#8. Ophanie Machine Washable Area Rug

Ophanie Machine Washable Area Rug
Size4′ x 5.3′
ColorSenior Gray
MaterialPolyester, Velvet
Pile HeightHigh Pile

This can be one of the best rugs for dog owners because of its awesome characteristic and looks.

Material: This Ophanie rug is ultra-soft to use. They can comfort your legs as well as your dog’s paws. They have used polyester and velvet to make it extremely comfortable. Having a high density of 430 GSM(‘grams per square metre). The material is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Uses: This can be used in many places like in the living room, baby’s room, playroom, kindergarten, bedroom, nursery, children’s room, girl’s room, or your new space for homeschooling, etc.

Look: The look of this is so awesome especially because of the color. It will complement your floor and decors very nicely.

Anti-skid backing: The back of this rug is full of anti-slip dots which make it non-skid and hold it in one position. Safe for kids and pets.

Easy Wash: The washing is very easy. It is machine washable. You can simply vacuum clean it or for a deep clean, you can put it into the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent.

#9. Safavieh Montauk Collection MTK753A

Safavieh Montauk Collection MTK753A
Size5′ x 8′

The price of this rug is almost 3 times more than the rug mentioned above and the reason is its size and durability.

This rug is bigger in size than that rug and the durability is more than that rug, so it is worth buying although it is costlier.

Casual style is versatile enough to integrate with any contemporary, modern, bohemian, and transitional styles of home décor

Meticulously detailed artisan crafted hand-woven construction

Made from soft cotton fibers

Sleek flatweave pile allows for seamless placement underneath furniture and in entryways

How To Choose Best Rugs For Homes With Dogs?

Till now, we have discussed the best rugs for dog owners and I wish you got the best rug for your dog.

But what are the things you should check while buying the best rugs for homes with dogs? Let’s see the main points one by one.


The material is one of the main things of a rug. The material will decide the durability, long-lasting, comfort, fast-drying features of a rug. Most of the rugs are made up of PVC, cotton, propylene, etc. But there are many more materials like jute, synthetic fibers, wools, etc which are used to make rugs.

  1. Jute Rugs: They are very easy to clean and more durable than many other materials. As they are very easy to clean, it is a better option for the fur filled home.
  2. Wool Rugs: Wool rugs are extremely soft and so much comfortable for feet. It is a very good choice for pets and they are flexible so don’t lose shape even after many washes. They resist moisture and stains naturally.
  3. Synthetic Fibers: Some examples of synthetic fibers are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. Polypropylene is one of the most used materials for rugs. They usually make low pile rugs and hence they are good rugs for dogs that chew. They are not a very good absorbent and hence won’t be stained easily.


Try not to go with the plain pattern rugs because obviously, every dog shed more or less. If hairs will be there on the rugs, it will be visible very easily(if the pattern is plain). So, better to go with some random or complex patterns.


The color should be darker for the pet or dog rugs. It is because the dogs might be dirty and if they lay on the light-colored rugs, they will be dirty soon and have to wash them very often.

You can buy the dog rugs according to your dog’s color also. If the rug’s color and dog’s color will be the same, the shed hairs of your dog will not be visible easily.


For pets, low pile rugs are mostly recommended because most of the pets love to chew everything. If the pile will be low then they will not able to chew the rug easily.

Avoid Back Glued Rugs:

In hand-tufted rugs, they use glues in the back with some canvas material. That glue can be latex and latex is unhealthy.

Sometimes latex gets dried up and some white colored powder forms behind the rugs, if they mix in the air that can be harmful.

And if your dog pees on the carpet, the glue can be damaged and the rug won’t last long. So, it is better to avoid glued rugs for dogs.


When it comes to rugs, cleaning is the main headache. There are many ways to clean the rugs but especially if you are buying the rug for dogs, then it should be machine washable so that you don’t have to work a lot while cleaning the rugs.

Some Final Words On Best Rug For Dog Owners

I hope I was able to clear your all doubts regarding the best rug for dog owners. Here I have mentioned all types of rugs for different habituated dogs like for the dogs who chew, for the dogs who pee, etc.

According to me the most fashionable rug for the dog is Ophanie Machine Washable Area Rug. I hope you got the best rug for your dog.

If still, any doubt is there regarding the best dog rugs then comment them down. Every feedback is appreciated.

*Disclaimer: All the above-mentioned products are affiliated products of Amazon*

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