7 Best Salad Spinner Vegetable Washer 2021[Latest]

Washing the vegetables is one of the best practices inside the kitchen and for that, we need the best salad spinners.

I must say the salad spinner is one of the most important products to have in the kitchen. The best vegetable washer will help to provide you a healthier meal for you and your family. So, I have picked up the 7 best salad spinner vegetable washers which are available online and you can easily buy them.

I am here to give you all the important information that you should know before buying a vegetable spinner.

Why vegetable spinner?

Nowadays, it is highly advised to keep your surroundings clean because of COVID-19. Not only because of the virus but also for our immune system we should maintain our hygiene all the time. When it comes to vegetables or foods we should be very conscious of cleaning.

So many people would have touched the vegetables before you bought them. After you wash the veggies, the waters stay with them, and because of that, you need a good salad spinner. That will help to dry the vegetables in the easiest way possible.

Check out the best 7 vegetable spinners, which will be very useful and reliable to use. Also, it will enhance the look of your kitchen.

Top best 2 salad spinners out of our best 7 selection mentioned bellow

MUELLER Large 5L Salad Spinner Vegetable WasherThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is best-salad-spinner-vegetable-washer-2-1024x664.jpg
MUELLER Large 5L Salad Spinner Vegetable WasherOXO Salad Spinner

OXO Salad Spinner Review

List Of The Best Vegetable Spinners Mentioned Below:

 Product NameProduct Dimension(inch)Weight(pounds)Warranty 
MUELLER Large 5L Salad Spinner Vegetable Washer10.2 x 10 x 8.192.2Life timeBUY NOW
Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner9.88 x 9.88 x 6.751.8Not mentionedBUY NOW
Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner9.26 x 9 x 2.1314.1 Ounce5 yearsBUY NOW
OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner6 x 10.5 x 10.52.5not mentionedBUY NOW
Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner10.5 x 10.5 x 7.53.25not mentionedBUY NOW
Andcolors SMALL Salad Spinner7.87 x 7.87 x 7.091.45not mentioned(but if you don't like, 100% refund is available)BUY NOW
ZYLISS Easy Spin Salad Spinner10.1 x 10.1 x 5.651.95 yearBUY NOW

MUELLER Large 5L Salad Spinner Vegetable Washer

MUELLER Large 5L Salad Spinner Vegetable Washer

ANTI-WOBBLE FEATURE – This awesome built in vegetable washer and salad spinner comes with the revolutionary Pulling-Bar System and a Braking Button on the lid which makes the work so easy.

DESIGN – The capacity of this spinner is enough for any family. Designed to maximize your control and large capacity. Few persons may take it as a large one but really not.

RELIABILITY – It is very reliable to use, you just need to pull the handle to rotate it, and easily can be stopped also.

WARRANTY: This salad spinner has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. It is a great thing about this vegetable spinner.

QUALITY – Very much safe to use as it is BPA-free and no need to worry about cleaning, it is dishwasher safe.


✔️Lifetime warranty

✔️BPA free plastic

✔️Dishwasher safe

✔️Very reliable to use


Can’t see any cons but you can check the reviews

Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner

Cuisinart CTG-00-SAS Salad Spinner

This veggie spinner is actually very easy to operate. No need to remove the lid also. Just pour the water and drain through the hole or opening provided on the top and smoothly spin the knob after locking the spinner securely.


-It is very easy to turn the spin knob

– Add and drain water without removing the lid

– It locks to securely close the spinner

– This has a nonskid base

– You can use Its clear base as a serving bowl

– It has 5-quart capacity


✔️Easy to clean

✔️Lock feature is good

✔️Storage capacity is ideal

✔️Smooth to spin


❌Not mentioned about plastic quality

❌Not mentioned about the warranty period

Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner 

Westmark Germany Vegetable Spinner

HIGH-QUALITY KITCHENWARE: Westmark’s Salad Spinner is one of the best salad spinners available online today.

MATERIAL: The material they use is very much safe to use as they are 100% BPA-free and high-quality polypropylene.

RELIABILITY: This product is very easy to use as it will separate the liquids from your salad with very little effort. The handle of this veggie spinner is so beautifully equipped and very easy to pour the water, wash, and drain. That’s all!

It is dishwasher safe. That means it is very easy to clean.

WARRANTY: This appliance comes with a 5-year warranty and they claim that if you do not like the product then they refund you the money.


✔️5 Years warranty

✔️Dishwasher safe

✔️Easy to spin

✔️Very reliable


❌The materials are not much thick and the top doesn’t sit well onto the button(According to some reviews)

OXO Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

To operate this built-in vegetable washer OXO salad spinner is so easier than many of the washers. The pushdown system by hand and stopping with just a finger push make it so reliable to use.

Its soft, non-slip knob locks down for storage, and a nonslip ring with a wide base keeps the bowl steady on the countertop

You can easily use the bowl of it for serving any food and the basket as a colander.

The clear, flat lid allows convenient stacking when not in use, can be dissembled for easy cleaning, and parts are top-rack BPA Free and Dishwasher safe


✔️Storage capacity

✔️Easy to clean(Dishwasher safe)

✔️Quality of material

✔️Very easy and convenient to use


❌No information about the warranty period

Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner

Oxo Good Grips 5 Quart Salad Spinner - Clear

This salad spinner is very reliable to use and can be the best piece for your kitchen because you just have to push the lid to spin the vegetables inside.

Its nonslip ring in the base keeps the bowl steady on the countertop.

Having 5qt 4.7L capacity with dimensions 10.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches

It is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Start spinning with one hand
Stop spinning with a single finger
The lid comes apart in easy cleaning
basket doubles as a colander


✔️Reliable capacity

✔️Nonslip ring in the base

✔️Dishwasher safe

✔️Very easy and smooth to use



❌Plastic is BPA free or not, is not mentioned

❌No information about the warranty period

Andcolors SMALL Salad Spinner 

Andcolors SMALL Salad Spinner

DESIGN – Sleek ergonomic shape, designed to handle the vegetable drying securely without any wobble, along with the secured clip and locking tab for extra safety. It is equipped with a pouring hole for the drainage of water for faster drying power

QUALITY OF MATERIALS – It is made up of the highest quality food-grade BPA-free plastic. It’s safe for handling the food, durable, and also designed to withstand high spins

EASY TO USE – Its design is like that, by which it will stay in your hand, without slipping. You will be able to easily prepare the small batches of your favorite veggies and fruits for salads in no time. It’s great for food prep for lunch or quick healthy snacks.

EASY TO CLEAN – You need to just wash with gentle soap, one soft damp fabric, and then rinse. Your salad spinner will maintain its original quality and last for years

USEFUL– The center basket can be used as a handy colander and the bowl doubles as an attractive salad bowl on the dining table.

NO RISK – If you will not be satisfied with your purchase then you can simply return the item for a full refund.


✔️Refund policy

✔️Easy to use

✔️Can use in many ways(as colander and salad bowl)

✔️Highest quality material

✔️Easy to clean


❌No information about the warranty period

ZYLISS Easy Spin Salad Spinner

ZYLISS Easy Spin Salad Spinner

This Spin Salad Spinner works by the use of an ergonomic handle that can be pulled to activate the basket to spin. With just a full pull, the basket of this salad spinner spins incredibly fast with very little effort.

You will be allowed to spin your salad freely until it stops or uses the brake button to stop the spin according to your need.

Braking also fluffs your salad so your salad comes out looking fresh and gets ready to dress.

SERVE IN SECONDS: From Prep to Serve, do in Seconds. This dry Salad spinner makes the process of creating salads very effortlessly and allows you to go from prep to serve in just a few steps using the serving bowl of it.

EASY TO CLEAN: This swift dry salad spinner is designed for ease of use from top to bottom. With this in mind, this Swift Dry Salad Spinner also has a dishwasher-safe bowl.

Now simply rinse the top of the spinner lid into the water separately and keep the salad spinner bowl in the dishwasher.

WARRANTY: From the starting onwards, Zyliss has built products with quality in mind. This is why they guarantee the Swift Dry Salad Spinner for 5 years.


✔️5 years warranty

✔️Dishwasher safe

✔️Easy to clean

✔️Very comfortable to use


❌Storage capacity

Few Things To Know Before Buying Salad Spinners

There are quite a few points you need to take care of before buying the vegetable spinners online or offline.

Material or Plastic Type

You always have to go for BPA-free plastic whenever it comes to eating containers. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. This is a chemical used to produce reusable plastic products. This has a very bad impact on human health.


Capacity depends on your need. If you live alone then better to go for less capacity and if your family is big then there is no use of going to a small one.


Warranty is like a symbol of durability. Many brands don’t give a warranty but they are really durable but always try to go for the highest warranty one. But a warranty is not enough. Along with the warranty, you need to check out the reviews.


Usually, the vegetable spinners come between $18-$35. Paying higher than that would not be that much worthy and going below that is also not enough.

Last Few Words

As I have mentioned at the beginning that washing the vegetable before cutting is one of the best practices done inside the kitchen. There are quite a few things you need to know(which I mentioned above) before buying the salad spinners.

So, I provided the list of the 7 best salad spinners. I hope that you got a brief knowledge and idea about the product which will be very useful to you to wash the vegetables. I am happy to help you. If any more query is there related salad spinners or vegetable washers then comment down below.

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