5 Best Shower Faucets For Hard Water With Handheld Shower Combo

Nowadays, the problem with hard water is there everywhere, especially in bigger cities. Hard water can damage so many things from our belongings. If I talk about our body, the hard water can cause hair fall and rashes on the skin. So it is better to use the best shower faucets for hard water.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is the water in which magnesium and calcium are present in a high amount. The more amount of calcium and magnesium are present, the more hard water it becomes.

Effects Of Hard Water On Plumbing

Hard water is rough on the plumbing areas. It creates an ugly buildup on fixtures and stains in sinks and faucets. It can lead to reducing the water pressure by creating buildups inside the pipes of the plumbing system.

Best Bathroom Faucet Material For Hard Water

The best way of choosing the bathroom faucet is to determine its material first. I always prefer using brass(an alloy of zinc and copper) because they are more resistant to corrosion and stain.

Other than brass, we have bronze and nickel options but I personally do not prefer nickel because sometimes it is not good for allergic people. Also, bronze acquires a greenish tint on its surface over the period.

So, the best option is going with brass faucets, and whatever shower faucets I have chosen are mostly made up of brass.

5 Best Shower Faucets For Hard Water

Here I have picked up the 5 best shower faucets for hard water. They are highly rated and have great durability.

I have rated each of the faucets (out of 5) comparing the durability, price, strength, water flowing speed, etc.

 ProductWarrantyMy ratingHand shower 
Shower SystemShower System5 years4.8PresentBUY NOW
Delta Faucet LindenDelta Faucet LindenLifetime4.9presentBUY NOW
Delta Faucet WindemereDelta Faucet WindemereLifetime4.8not presentBUY NOW
Esnbia Shower Tub KitEsnbia Shower Tub Kit54.8not presentBUY NOW

In case, if you don’t have time to read the whole article, I have picked the best 3 shower faucets for hard water out of the 5 mentioned above.

Best Under CheapestCheapestBest Overall
Esnbia Shower Tub KitDelta Faucet Windemere Delta Faucet Linden
Esnbia Shower Tub KitDelta Faucet Windemere Delta Faucet Linden



Its air energy technique makes the water flow at a constant high speed even if the water pressure is low. This thing I loved about this faucet combo.

You will get an L-style handheld showerhead, 10 inches (25cm) 304 stainless steel rain shower head, and a solid brass shower mixer valve.

It has ten layers of polished chrome-plated finish which makes it look sleek. Because of these many layers of polish, it becomes corrosion-resistant and durable.

Also, comes with 10 years of warranty. Isn’t it awesome? They say “any product quality problem can be guaranteed free of charge. The shower cartridge is permanently replaced free of charge”.


  • Very much durable
  • Having a sleek look because of having 10 layers of polish
  • Water flow at constant high speed(even under low water pressure)
  • 10 years of warranty shows the assurance


  • set screws for extension rod don’t grip enough(only one buyer faced this issue)

Shower System

Shower System

Its handheld shower has three different functions and they are message shower, rain shower, and normal.

The high water pressure hand shower can quickly clean the shower foam and maintain excellent water pressure even in low water pressure areas.

Having an 8 inches rain shower head which also provides constant and excellent water flow even under low water pressure. It has a pressure adjusting valve that controls the pressure and temperature of the water.

This shower system provides free replacement parts in 5 years.


  • It has a pressure-balancing valve
  • 3 function handheld shower
  • the brass valve directs the water flow to two showering functions
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty


  • No such cons were found but the plumbing may not be easy to fit together

Delta Faucet Linden

Delta Faucet Linden

Note: You have to purchase Delta’s MultiChoice universal shower valve separately to complete the unit.

When it comes to shower faucets, the name of Delta will always come. They produce such great products.

If we talk about this shower faucet, you get a lifetime warranty with a showerhead and shower trim kit.

You can use this 2 in 1 shower as a hand shower with hose separately as well as a rain shower also. Showerhead spray settings include full body spray and fast massage spray.

Its Pressure-Balanced valve cartridge provides a constant shower temperature. Also, the dual-function shower handle helps to control the water temperature and volume separately for best control.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • A pressure-Balanced valve cartridge is present
  • Full body spray, Full Spray with massage, massaging spray, and pause
  • 60-86 inch stretchable hose


  • Just the price is high

Delta Faucet Windemere 

Delta Faucet Windemere

In this Delta shower faucet, you will not get a hand shower but if you need only a shower faucet then it is worth buying.

You will get three types of coating on this, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and stainless steel. This one is chrome coated.

The oil-rubbed bronze one is the costlier one than the other models.

Just like other Delta products, it is also having a lifetime warranty so that you can install this without any hesitation.

It is also having a pressure-balanced valve cartridge which provides a consistent temperature by balancing the pressure of cold and hot water.


  • Touch clean spray holes
  • Easily wipe away calcium and lime
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Intensely powerful


  • Couldn’t get any cons

Esnbia Shower Tub Kit

Esnbia Shower Tub Kit

This is one of the most beautiful shower faucets according to my preference. The look it has is just awesome and attractive. Its black color makes complements the bathroom very much.

This modern shower faucet offers constant high-pressure water flow even under low water pressure areas.

It is also having a pressure balance valve cartridge that helps in adjusting the temperature and pressure of the flowing water.

Multi-layer Matte Black finished, that is able to resist daily scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing in the humid shower room, etc.


  • Best under cheapest price
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Multi-layer Matte Black finished looks so attractive
  • Presence of pressure balance valve cartridge


  • Didn’t get such cons

Shower Faucet For Hard Water Buying Guide

Although I have mentioned the best shower faucets for hard water above, there are many things you need to know while buying the shower faucets.

A perfect shower faucet buying guide will help you to choose a faucet according to your need. You may not know how to choose bathroom faucets, so here I will try to give some tips.

The most important things you need to consider while buying a shower faucet are:

  • material
  • speed of water flow
  • type of sprays
  • pressure-Balanced valve cartridge
  • easy cleaning


The shower faucets are mainly made up of brass, bronze, and nickel. The best material for hard water is brass(an alloy of zinc and copper), also they are better corrosion and stain-resistant.

Then comes bronze. Bronze is a very good metal for durability but yeah it turns into a greenish tint over the period. And the nickel is in the last of my priority list. Sometimes nickel is not a good option for allergic people.

Speed Of Water Flow

Nowadays, almost all shower faucets offer a constant high-speed water flow even under low-pressure water areas.

Still, you should check in the details section whether your selected faucet is offering this feature or not. If no, then better not to buy that faucet. If there is no speed in water flow in the shower faucet, then no use in buying that.

Types Of Sprays

Many shower faucets offer different types of spraying styles such as full body spray, full Spray with massage, massaging spray, etc.

These features make the usage of faucets reliable and convenient. You can control the amount of water you want to release and excess water will not waste because of this feature.

Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge

The pressure-Balanced valve cartridge helps to adjust the pressure of the water and temperature. This actually balances the pressure of the cold and hot water for even distribution.

In my opinion, every shower faucet should have this feature. It is such a great thing to have in the shower faucet.

Easy Cleaning

The faucet you are choosing should be cleaned very easily especially for hard water users. Calcium starts blocking the nozzle of the showerhead after a long period of usage.

The branded faucets are very easy to clean. Just need to wipe the nozzle with your hand, that’s it. All the shower faucets mentioned above are easy to clean.

How To Remove The Water Sediments Build-up From The Shower Faucets?

Cleaning or removing the build-up stains from the faucet is very easy. The things which you need are white vinegar, water, and a brush.

Step1: Make a solution of white vinegar and water of the same ratio(i.e 50% water and 50% vinegar).

Step2: Keep the faucet head into the solution for 10-15 mins.

Step3: Take the faucet out of the solution and rub the head with any brush or cotton towel so that the layer of hard water sediments gets removed. Then wash it with normal water.

For a better understanding, you can refer to this video.

FAQs On Shower Faucets For Hard Water

How to protect faucets from hard water?

The simple way to protect the faucets from hard water is, whenever you wash or clean the faucets, use a mixture of white vinegar and water (of the same ratio) to clean them so that the layer of hard water gets removed.

What kind of faucet is good for hard water?

Brass(an alloy of zinc and copper)is a good material to fight against hard water because they are more resistant to corrosion and stain.

Other than brass, we have bronze and nickel, but I personally do not prefer nickel because sometimes it is not good for allergic people. Also, bronze acquires a greenish tint on its surface over the period.

So, faucets made up of brass are more preferable for hard water.

Can hard water clog faucets?

Yes, hard water can clog faucets but it is not very often. It takes so many years to happen. If the diameter of the faucet is very less then it may occur soon. Better to use the faucets which are made up of brass because they don’t allow to create a layer on the faucet by hard water.

Final Words On Shower Faucets For Hard Water

I have mentioned above the 5 best shower faucets for hard water which are available online and very reliable to use. They are also the most rated faucets.

I personally prefer the 3rd faucet I mentioned above i.e Delta Faucet Linden but it is a little bit costlier to buy. But it is worth buying.

I hope I helped you with suggesting the awesome shower faucets and also I hope you learned how to choose a shower faucet.

If still, any doubt is there regarding best shower faucets for hard water, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

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