Best Way To Soundproof Windows From Traffic Noise

How To Soundproof Windows?

The majority of the noise enters thru the window of your room. There can be many types of noise or many sources of noise like traffic, barking, vehicle engine, etc. Traffic is the major source, and to prevent that, you need to know how to soundproof windows from traffic noise. So, here you will get the best way to soundproof windows according to your need.

If the noise has become one of the most irritating parts of your life then you must take care of this and soundproof the sources of the noise. You can soundproof the floor, ceiling, use soundproof blankets, curtains, etc to make your room quiet.

There are so many ways to make your room quiet, some are costly and some are cheap ways. In the same way, when you are soundproofing your window, there are both ways i.e costly and cheap, and we will discuss both here.

Causes Of Noises Entering Thru Window

Without knowing the reason or cause, we can not cure the pain. So, at first, let’s see how and why the noises entering thru your window and after that, we will see how to get rid of those noises.

1. Bad Quality Material

It usually happens that we use very poor kinds of material on our windows like poor glass, or poor curtain, etc, and because of that sound doesn’t get absorbed easily and efficiently. If you really want to soundproof your window then you need to install high density and thick material on the window.

2. Installation By Unqualified Person

Many times it happens that, we install anything on our window on our own. It is okay for some cases like hanging the soundproof curtains, hanging blankets, but when it comes to installing glass on a window or filling the holes of the walls, you must hire a professional person or else you will not get the best result.

3. Holes or Cracks

If you have installed all the soundproof materials perfectly but then also noises are entering your room, you must check the holes or cracks beside the window. It is a very common cause of soundwaves entering your room.

So, these were some major causes because of which you may be failing in soundproofing your window.

Best Ways To Soundproof Windows

So, we have discussed the main reasons for which your work may fail, so focus on those points and try to implement them while soundproofing the window. Now, let’s see how to soundproof windows in the easiest way possible.

1. Seal The Window

This may sound very silly but yeah it is the most effective way. If the window from which the noise is coming is not necessary, then block or seal the window. Of course, It is not a very good way to soundproof a because if you have only one window in a room, you can not seal that window or if you need to sell the house in the future, no one will want to buy a windowless house or room.

It is just a good idea for the persons who want to make their studio soundproof because most studios don’t need any window and you need a very good soundproof room for the studio.

Not a good choice for the family house because if you block the window, you will not get enough light and air, especially if they have only one window in the room.

2. Fiberglass Panels

Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel

The fiberglass panel is almost like a moving blanket but more effective than them. They are thicker, denser, and heavier than the moving blankets and that is the quality you need in order to soundproof the window.

The best thing about this is you can use the panel in two windows by cutting it into two equal pieces. Hanging like a blanket or curtain is not a good way to install these panels. for a better result, you can use double-sided tape to install fiberglass panels on the window.

The cost of the fiberglass panel is a little bit costlier than the moving blankets but this is worth buying, you will not regret it.

If you want to buy a good fiberglass panel then we will suggest you go with Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel. The key features are:

  • Double-faced material in nominal 2″ thickness
  • Measures 48″ width by 96″ height by 2″ thickness
  • Withstands Temperatures up to 180ºF

3. Thick Blind

US Window And Floor 2"

Using blind is one of the very good ways to soundproof windows because they are thick, strong, and look good. If you are not gonna block the window permanently but want to feel like it is blocked then it is a very good choice.

The blinds make your room dark, work almost like window panels. If you compare the blinds and sound deadening curtains, curtains work better than the blinds in absorbing the sounds but if you want to buy the blinds then US Window And Floor 2″ Faux Wood will help you a lot.

This is one of the best blinds available in the market. They absorb the soundwave and also make them bounce back because they are made up of hard surface Non-Leaded PVC Slats.

4. Sound Deadening Curtains

NICETOWN curtains

Using soundproofing curtains is a great way to stop sounds from entering your room thru windows. There are a lot of great soundproof curtains available online and the best of them is NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber.

Sound deadening curtains are very much effective on noise cancellation. You will get a great result after installing the soundproof curtains.

The best thing about the soundproof curtains is they absorb the soundwave and don’t let the sound bounce back and because of this, it reduces echo in the room.

For example, if you are playing any music in the bathroom, the music will sound irritating because so many echoes will be there but if in the same bathroom you put curtain and play music, that will not echo and will be pleasant to ears.

Another nice thing about soundproofing the window with the help of soundproof curtains is, the curtains can be installed very easily. It is easier than installing the fiberglass panels with the help of double-sided tapes.

The sound deadening curtains will work as per their thickness and density. Thicker and denser means a better result.

It is always advised that try to take the curtain almost 10 inches extra from both sides and you can take the height as long as the ceiling.

Note: Soundproof curtains will not absorb all the noise coming from outside. It can decrease the noise of traffic or barking, or crying baby, etc up to 85%. If you use soundproof curtains along with a thick blind on the window then you can get a great result.

5. Fill Gaps Or Cracks

If you have tried the above ways but the noise is still entering your room then you must check the gaps or cracks on the joining of window and wall.

These cracks may formed because of aging, or poor installation by unqualified people. So, what can you do for them? Well, you need to fill the cracks with the help of some soundproofing compound like green glues.

Using the green glues to fill the cracks is the easiest way to do so. Other than glues, you can use adhesive seal tape to make the holes close. They are very much easy to install. It is like tape, just paste that on the window frame and cut it at whatever dimension you want.

It can endure any weather and that is the best thing about the self-adhesive seal tape. If you don’t want to go with these also, you must go with a window insulation kit. Just as the adhesive tape and caulking, it is also very easy to install.

6. Extra Layer Over The Glass

Adding an extra layer on the window glass is not that expensive way to soundproof a window than replacing the whole window. You just need to add an acrylic layer over your window glass.

You will able to see a better result after applying acrylic over the glass. You just need to install the metal frame around the existing window and use the magnets to attach the acrylic with the existing window.

Don’t expect a very high result from this process because it can reduce the medium levels of noises like birds’ sounds, neighbor’s whispering noises, etc. If you want to block a high-frequency sound like high traffic noise or anything, then you might be disappointed.

Please, don’t install acrylic on the existing window by own. Take the help of professionals in doing this, because you need to do airtight the space between the window glass and the second layer. No gaps should be created while doing this.

7. Acoustic Foam Panel

BXI Sound Absorber

Acoustic foam panel is one of the best soundproofing materials available in the market. If you are not interested in other ways to soundproof your window then you can install the foam panel on your window.

These panels help to absorb the soundwaves which are coming from outside and also reduce the echo inside the room. This works almost like a sound deadening curtain or even batter because this has higher density and it is thicker also.

But the thing is, if you install the barrier panel on the window, you will not get the light that comes thru the window but if you install sound deadening curtains, you can slide the curtains.

When you are installing the barrier panel on the window, try to use a few inches long panels than your window frames so that no gaps or holes will be left.

Barrier panel suggestion: BXI Sound Absorber

8. Double Glazed Window

Double Glazed Window

Using the double glazed window is one of the most effective ways to soundproof any window. Every soundproofing expert advises to use the double glazed window for soundproofing the window.

Double glazed windows are mostly used in airplanes so that the outer engine noises can not enter into the plane and the passengers won’t be annoyed.

The double-pane windows not only help to make your room soundproof but also help as an insulator. It can help to keep your room warm on winter days and cool on summer days because it creates a barrier between your room and the environment outside.

Double-layer windows got much popularity in a short period of time because of their effectiveness. Not only traffic noise, but it can reduce aircraft noise also, that much effective it is.

These windows work in two processes i.e deflecting and dissipating the noises. The factors that affect the result are the thickness of window glass, the distance between the two glasses, and the quality of the glass.

The thickness of the glass will decide the amount of noise to reflect back, thicker glass means a better result. The air gap or the distance between the glasses will decide the level of insulation you will have.

For a great result, it is advised to keep the distance between the two glasses about 150mm. And for the excellent result, you can fill the gap between the glasses with any heavy gas like Argon.

Do Soundproof Windows Really Work?

Yes, soundproofing the window is very much effective in reducing the outside noise entering your room. The effectiveness can vary from process to process.

You need to do the tried & tested method. Not the same process will be effective for everyone because the noises entering from outside will not be of the same range for everyone.

If you are annoyed with the little sounds like vehicle moving, neighbor’s shouting, etc then you can try soundproof curtains at first, if that doesn’t work then install the thick blinds on the window and use both curtains and blinds at once.

If you thinking that how to soundproof windows from traffic noise, then you must need to install double glazed window because that is the best way to soundproof windows from traffic or any high frequency sounds.

If you are using a hard surfaced material like glass on the window then it will make the soundwaves bounce back outside but if you are using the thick surfaced material like a curtain or acoustic foam, it will help to absorb the sound and reduce the echo inside the room.

So, even if you are using the glass on the window, it is better to use curtains over it so that the sound inside the room will not be echoed.

Soundproof Windows Cost

Basically, the soundproof windows means double glazed windows. So, when you are using double glazed windows in your room, it is gonna cost obviously more than the normal windows because there are a wide varity of glasses which are used in the soundproof widows.

You have to use two glasses and that too thicker than the normal window glasses. The thickness of the normal glasses is between 5-6mm but the thickness of the glazed window glasses is between 15-16mm.

You can use triple glazed glass also if you need the best result but mostly everyone goes for the double glazed glass.

There are different types of series for double glazed windows and they are 30/65mm series, 27/65mm series, and 35/75mm series. You can use 15mm and 19mm glass in the 30/65mm series as well as in the 27/65mm series(20mm thick glass also can fit but it will be very tight).

Type Of SeriesCost per sq ft(appx.)

This was the cost of the glass of the window only. You need to add the charges of installation also. Yes, installing a double glazed window is not cheap but most effective.

Note: If you have more than one window in the room, don’t make only one window soundproof because that will be almost useless as the sound can enter from another window also.

FAQs On Ways Of Soundproofing Windows

How can I make my windows soundproof cheaply?

There are a lot of ways to soundproof windows cheaply but the best of them are using the curtains, or blankets, or acoustic foams, install any thick layer of material on the window or add an extra layer of glass on an existing one. These techniques may cost up to $50(estimated).

What are the best windows for noise reduction?

The best windows are double pane or triple pane windows for soundproofing. If you want to soundproof the existing window frame then you can try window insulating kit. This will help to block the holes or cracks around the window frame.

How do I stop noise coming through walls?

There are so many ways to soundproof your wall but the most effective way is to use the acoustic foams on the wall or install mass-loaded vinyl(MLV) on the wall by nailing.


We have mentioned all the 8 best ways to the soundproof windows and now you need to pick the best one according to your need.

Using the double glazed window is the best way to soundproof windows because it can decrease the sound of aircraft also, traffic sound is a very small thing before this. If you need a better result than this, you can go with a triple glazed window.

We hope you understood how to soundproof windows from traffic or any other sources. If still, any doubt is there, comment them below. Any feedback is appreciated.

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