Nicetown Soundproof Curtains USA [Honest Review] 2021

Nicetown soundproof curtains are the most renowned curtains when it comes to soundproofing and blackout. Nicetown is a very good brand and trusted by millions of people across the globe.

Here we are going to review the NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain. We will see the qualities, material, size, efficiency, etc.

NICETOWN Soundproof Curtains [Thermal Insulated Blackout]

nicetown soundproof curtains - Thermal Insulated Blackout
MaterialPolyester & Polyester Blend
SizeW3.5′ x L7′
Fabric Type100% Polyester
Item Weight0.65 Kilograms

The very first thing you have to know that, unlike the picture, you will get only one curtain panel(not two) with each purchase.

Every NICETOWN curtains are made up of 100% polyester and this is also the same. Made up of 100% polyester and it is imported.


Other than black, you get 16 more collections of colors. There are huge varieties of colors in NICETOWN.

This black color curtain will suit any light-colored wall like white, yellow, sky blue, etc. The black color curtains help to emphasize the room when used with light-colored walls. If you don’t know how to choose curtain colors, then you must learn it.


Its one panel measures 42″ wide x 84″ long. The normal width of the windows is somewhere around 40-50 inches, if your window size is also like that, then you can go with the single piece, or else you have to make two purchases.

The curtains should be almost 6-8 inches wider than the window frame so that it covers the whole window perfectly and no light can enter thru the side of the window.

So, even if your window is around 45 inches, try to make two purchases(if your budget allows).


You get 6 silver grommets in each panel. The diameter of the grommets is 1.6 inches. So, if your curtain rod has a diameter lesser than that, then only buy this curtain or else change the curtain rod(check out the beautiful curtain rods available online).

These silver grommets are really long-lasting and look very beautiful in the black color. It complements the curtain.


This curtain has three layers and this makes it thicker. It has a smooth, soft, and heavy-duty blackout fabric woven. The middle layer has black yarn which has a high density and makes it a blackout curtain.


The NICETOWN curtains are mostly famous in the field of soundproof curtains. This curtain is one of the best soundproof curtains you can get online.

I won’t say it will soundproof the room fully but can reduce the echoing of the sound inside the room. Sounds like traffic next to the room will be reduced by 16-20%.

If the sides of the window frame are covered by curtains, the sounds will be absorbed by the curtain and it won’t be bouncing back into the room. So, the echo will be less.


This Blackout Window Curtain will prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your room. It easily prevents cold or heat transfer from outside, will increase the energy efficiency of your home, and allow you to create darkness at any time of day.

It can prevent almost 90% of the light from entering your room. You can have the feel of the night in the daytime and sleep peacefully without the irritating light.


This curtain is machine washable and the water temperature must be below 86F. Mild detergent is allowed but no bleaching. Low-temperature ironing is also allowed.


✔️Heavy duty curtain

✔️Reduces the sound up to 20%

✔️Restricts up to 90% of light with UV rays entering the room

✔️Locks the temperature inside the room

✔️Less price

✔️Thicker, softer, and denser


❌You may not like having a dark room in day time

❌Few people have received curtains slightly different in color than they ordered

Rating(Out of 5)

In my opinion, I will rate this awesome soundproof and blackout curtain 4.9 out of 5.

Final Words

I hope you got a brief knowledge about this NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain. Again I would like to remind you that, only one panel you will get with a single order.

I will suggest buying this curtain for them, whose window frame width is lesser than 40 inches and height is about 80 inches. If your window frame is larger than this, you must order two pieces of curtains.

If still, any doubt is there regarding Nicetown soundproof curtains, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

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