Christmas Ornaments With Masks In 2020

First of all, Favhomedecor would like to wish you Merry Christmas(if you reading this on Christmas). So, Christmas is knocking at the door and we all need to decorate our room and beautiful Christmas tree. For that, we need Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. Here we have selected some best Christmas ornaments with masks that will make your tree look a little bit more creative.

Why ornaments with masks? It is because we all know that year 2020 was fully consumed by Covid-19 and because of that everyone was advised to wear a mask for safety.

So, we thought it will be like a celebration of letting 2020 go and welcoming 2021 and as a signature of 2020, we should use a face mask Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments of 2020

Christmas Ornaments With Masks

Christmas is one of the most auspicious days of the year and almost all of us celebrate it like anything, that can be by eating cakes, decorating rooms, decorating Christmas trees, going to church, etc.

Here we are stressing the decoration part and especially the decoration of the Christmas tree. For a creative and memorable decoration, we thought to use Covid mask ornaments because the year 2020 was full of Covid only.

So, we have picked some face mask Christmas ornaments that will add a beautiful look to your Christmas tree.

1. COSY 2020 Personalized Christmas Ornament

COSY 2020 Personalized Christmas Ornaments With Masks

This is one of the best Covid mask ornaments. You are gonna get everything related to Corona in this one ornament.

You can hang this on the Christmas tree and it will look so well. If you have two kids in home or only husband & wife then you can use this, because it has two faces.

In this ornament, you will get to see the second “0” of 2020 is made as Coronavirus, and other than that there is a sanitizer bottle, toilet paper also.

This beautifully depicts the summary of 2020. So, we can say this is the best Christmas ornaments with masks and toilet paper.

This is beautifully and very carefully hand-painted and there is the red ribbon which is for hanging purposes. The hats are blank so that you can write the names over the hat.

2. Dphnink Christmas Ornaments Snowman with Masks

Dphnink Christmas Ornaments Snowman with Masks

This is one of the cutest Christmas ornaments which are available online and at the same time, it shows the snowman is also scared of Covid.

This is a Santa Clause ornament snowman who is carrying toilet paper and hand sanitizer with him because he knows going to someone’s house without these things will be harmful.

You can gift this beautiful ornament to your mom, grandma, or any older relatives because they can relate better.

Note: This ornament’s height is only 3 inches. So, don’t think it is very big according to the picture.

3. DOCHI QUEEN Christmas Ornament Kit with Face Masks

DOCHI QUEEN Christmas Ornament Kit with Face Masks

This is also the same one as the first ornament mentioned above, just the color of the face is different. The length or the height of this is 13 centimeter.

The hats are blank so that you can write the name of the members over the blank area. If you want a chocolaty color then you can go with this and if you want creamy color then go with the first one mentioned above.

In this ornament you will see two faces who are wearing mask and having one hand sanitizer with toilet paper. So, if you want Christmas ornaments with masks and toilet paper then it can be a good choice.

4. SAM & LORI Face Mask Ornament

SAM & LORI Face Mask Ornament

If you want a covid mask ornament then nothing can be better than this one. This is a fully mask ornament and there is written “Merry Christmas” also.

There is the ribbon also with which “2020” is connected. You can hang this on the Christmas tree or on the welcome door.

This mask ornament is handmade from 100% cotton fabric. It has been made more beautiful with a gold metal” 2020” charm.

Note: These mini masks meant purely for decoration.


So, we have mentioned all the best face mask Christmas ornaments which we found attractive and available online. Just use them in your trees and the tree is gonna look more beautiful and creative.

We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and have a healthy and joyful Christmas in 2020.

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