Best Extra Large Washable Dog Pee Pads {XL Size}[Jan 2021]

Nowadays everyone wants to be a pet owner but being a pet owner, the first challenge you face is making your pet pee in a specific place. Obviously, no one will want to reach home and see their pet has peed in the corner of the room. So here, washable pee pads play a great role and I have selected the best extra large washable dog pee pads which are available online.

Extra-large because somebody may have more than one dog or any other pet so, it can be helpful for everyone.

There are two types of pee pads available and they are disposable and washable. I will discuss here about the washable pee pads for dogs, not disposal units.

You can use disposal units for only one time and they are good for outing purposes like traveling in cars or trains, etc. But if you want to use the pads for home then I must suggest going with the washable peed pads.

Just like rugs and rug pads, pee pads also help to protect the floor and save it from damages. Let’s see the other benefits of using dog pee pads.

Benefits Of Washable Dog Pee Pads

  1. Washable pee pads are costlier than the disposal pads although washable pads are a better choice & money efficient for the long run
  2. If you need to potty train your dog, a pee pad is one of the best options to start with
  3. Very much helpful when your doggy is sick or not in a condition to travel with you.
  4. A good looking pee pad can complement the floor also
  5. Eco friendly because it reduces the uses of disposal pads

8 Best Extra Large Washable Dog Pee Pads

Here, I have selected the best washable dog pee pads of very large size. You can make 3-4 puppies sit all together on it at the same time.

I have selected them based on many factors like pee pad size, absorbency, comfort, layers, durability, capacity, leakage proof, fast drying, etc.

Rated(out of 5) each of the pads based on those factors.

 Product NameDimension(in inches)Rating 
SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad 47″x 47″4.9BUY NOW
Gimars Upgrade72″x72″4.8BUY NOW
Niubya Washable Dog Pee Pads71″x71″4.9BUY NOW
JdPet Washable Dog Pee Pads72″x72″4.8BUY NOW
KOOLTAIL Extra Large Dog Pee Pads65" x 48"4.9BUY NOW
Pet Parents Pawtect PadsDiameter 48″4.8BUY NOW
Newoer Upgrade Dog Pee Pads72″x72″4.9BUY NOW

1. SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad

SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad
  • Comes with 2 packs of each size 47″x 47″
  • Made up of 100% polyester fabric and backing with anti-slip silica gel(so that it becomes a non-skid pee pad)
  • 4 layers of great material. Middle and inner layers are high density, breathable, and waterproof
  •  Knitting surface is for ultimate comfort
  • The backing helps to keep the floor dry and make the pad stay in one place
  • Washable, reusable, and super absorbent
  • You will get a free Puppy Grooming Gloves/Quilted with it
  • Its excellent soaking capacity can hold up to 20-30 times of pee
  • Available in 13 different sizes

NOTE: While removing from the bed, gather all four corners and lift by supporting the bottom of the pad.

2. Gimars Upgrade

Gimars Upgrade
  • The very large size of dog pee pads i.e 72″x72″
  • Anti-Tear Dog Training Pads
  • Can hold up to 10 cups of liquid
  • Strong, leakage proof, and fast-absorbing
  • No need to worry about washing. Just put it into the washing machine and wash it.
  • Gets dry up within half of a day
  • No odor left behind after washing
  • Enough thick, as it is has 4 layers of great materials
  • The back or bottom of the pad is made of epoxy resin which makes it non-skid and keeps your dog safe
  • Very durable and nails don’t get stuck into it
  • Can be used for multiple purposes like puppy play pads, car seat protector, dog whelping pad, carpet saver, etc.

3. Niubya Washable Dog Pee Pads

Niubya Washable Dog Pee Pads
  • The size of this large dog pee pad is 71″x71″
  • Better for wallet and better for the planet
  • Made up of 50% cotton and 50% polyester for best comfort
  • Middle or inner layers are super absorbent, high density, waterproof, and breathable
  • Made up of 5 layers of great materials
  • The backing of 100% waterproof PVC makes it non-skid and safe for your pet
  • Dries faster, hygienic, and odor-free
  • Can be used in many places like on the bed, sofa, car seats, and floors
  • Non-skid backing protects the floor and makes the pad stay in one place
  • Niubya offers 2- year hassle-free quality assurance

4. JdPet Washable Dog Pee Pads

JdPet Washable Dog Pee Pads
  • Extra-large washable dog pee pad of size 72″x72″
  • 100% polyester knitting fabric and the backing of silica gel which makes it non-skid
  • Made up of 4 layers of awesome materials that make it a durable dog pee pad
  • Middle and inner layers have high density, are breathable and waterproof
  • Leakage proof and slip-resistant
  • Absorbs pee faster than many other pee pads
  • Protects floor and rugs very finely
  • Its triple stitch binding makes it very durable
  • Controls odor nicely
  • Comes with Free Grooming Gloves
  • Can be used in multiple places like on the car seats while traveling, while whipping, on rugs or floors, etc

5. KOOLTAIL Extra Large Dog Pee Pads

KOOLTAIL Extra Large Dog Pee Pads
  • Size 65 x 48 inch
  • Very cheap price compared to the size
  • Made up of 100% polyester knitting fabric
  • Inner and middle layers are having high density, they are breathable and waterproof
  • Provides odor control
  • dries up very fast and super absorbent of urine
  • Can be used in the washing machine, means reusable
  • The backing with silicon anti-slip gel makes the pad non-skid and holds it in one place
  • Great for using on the hardwood floor, carpet or under food bowls, dustbin or inside kennels for furniture protection

6. Pet Parents Pawtect Pads

Pet Parents Pawtect Pads
  • Comes with 2 pads, each diameter measures 48″
  • Very well designed and they compliment the floor very well
  • Absorbs & holds more liquids per square inch compared to many other pee pads
  • It is not a very large pee pad like others mentioned above but enough for 2 dogs
  • Controls odor very well
  • The inner layers are waterproof or leakage proof
  • Having the non-slip backing which helps to keep the pad stay in one place
  • Very durable and the machine washable
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty

7. Newoer Upgrade Dog Pee Pads

Newoer Upgrade Dog Pee Pads
  • Such an extra-large dog pee pad of size 72″x72″
  • Made up of 4 layers of awesome material
  • Having a strong absorption quality
  • The surface is designed with soft polar fleece in order to protect the pet from injuries and give perfect comfort
  • One of the best waterproof pee pads for dogs
  • For cleaning purpose, you can do both hand or machine wash
  • Very durable and can be washed up to 350 times
  • Can be used in multiple places like in car trunk, car seat, over living room mat, or in an outdoor picnic, etc
  • Having an anti-skid bottom
Best Pee Pad Under Cheapest PriceBest But Costly Pee PadBest Pee Pad(Overall)
KOOLTAIL Extra Large Dog Pee PadsJdPet Washable Dog Pee PadsNiubya Washable Dog Pee Pads
KOOLTAIL Extra Large Dog Pee PadsJdPet Washable Dog Pee PadsNiubya Washable Dog Pee Pads

Thing To Consider While Buying Dog Pee Pads

Nowadays there are thousands of pee pads available in the market and all have different characteristics.

Although I have mentioned the best extra large washable dog pee pads above, you need to know the factors based on which you need to buy the best product for your pet.

There a lot of factors based on which you can buy the best dog pee pad but here I am gonna discuss the main factors among all of them.

1. Pee Pad Size

Here all the pads mentioned above are extra large but why should you use extra-large pee pads? You shouldn’t buy a bigger pad if there is no space to put on the floor.

The size, age, breed, etc of the dog matters while buying the pee pads. If the dog is senior or big in size then you need a bigger size of the pee pad.

Or if the dog is having diabetes, then you need a bigger pee pad because they pee frequently. Even if you like to keep dogs on the bed, then also you should buy a bigger one.

If the dog is small, it is better to buy a smaller pad rather than a bigger one because it will be a waste of money and also he will mess up the whole pad, won’t able to handle it.

The extra-large pee pads are very helpful for whelping because that time dogs need a very big place.

2. Absorbency

The absorbency is the most important quality of a pee pad because at the end of the day we use the pee pads to protect the floor, furniture, bed, car seats, etc.

If the absorbency is very less of any pee pad, there is no use in buying that pad. The absorbency depends upon the number of layers and the material of the layers.

The best material for soaking the liquid is polyester and cotton. The maximum number of pee pads are made up of polyester and they absorb very nicely.

More number of layers means better absorption of liquid so, try to buy the pee pads with 4 or more layers.

3. Leakproof/Waterproof

Out of all the layers, the center layer or the bottom layer should be waterproof, or else never buy that pee pad.

If there will be any leakage of urine then it will damage the floor, furniture, or the place where it will be kept on.

And if the floor is laminated hardwood floor then the urine will damage the joints of the hardwood floor, and that’s why when you are cleaning the hardwood floors, you never should use excess water.

Even if urine gets leaked, it will create a very strong stain on the floor which will be very hard to get rid of, even after you use the best cleaning machines for hardwood floors or the best cleaning liquids.

4. Layers

As I mentioned above, the layers are very important for absorption, but there are also many more benefits of more layers.

Layers create the thickness of the pads. More layer means more thickness, and more thickness means more comfort for your pet.

Usually, all pee pads have 4 layers and one of them will be a waterproof layer, one will be PVC, etc. Also, thicker pee pads will make the floor soundproof.

5. Capacity

After absorbency, capacity is the second more important factor while choosing the pee pad for dogs. The capacity of the pad will decide how frequently the pads will be washed.

The capacity of the pad is described by the cups of water. Some pads can hold 20 cups to 30 cups of water and some can hold up to 10 cups only.

But, you need to decide which one you need to buy according to your dog’s frequency. Always better to go with the large capacity pads so that you don’t need to wash very often.

Note: Even if your pad has a capacity of 20+ cups, better to wash it after 10-15 cups because it may start smelling.

6. Washable

Obviously, if the pad is reusable, it means it is washable. You should check if the pad is machine washable or not before buying.

After washing, drying them is a very big task and this is the next most important factor.

7. Fast Drying

The pee pad should be dried very soon. If you wash the pee pad, it should be dried up within a half-day.

Other than washing, even if its surface comes in contact with pee, it should be able to lock the moisture very quickly so that the urine can’t reach the surface.

For the best fast drying pee pad, you must buy the pads with charcoal or wet-lock technology.

FAQs On Washable Pee Pads For Pets

How do you wash reusable pee pads?

The first thing to keep in mind is, never to wash the pee pads with the usual clothes. Now, you can see how to wash reusable pee pads:
->put into warm water (can use a little bit of bleach to sanitize)
->Use some urine odor removing liquids so that the urine smell goes off
->Then you can dry on medium heat

How often should you change your dog’s pee pad?

The changing frequency depends upon the capacity of the pee pad. You can keep a pad unwashed for multiple days unless it is releasing a bad odor. For a better recommendation, try to wash it once in every 3 or fewer days.

Are puppy pads a good idea?

Using puppy pads or dog pads is a very good way to potty train your new dog. They are of course worth buying. It will help to keep your house hygienic, neat & clean.

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I hope you got all the details about the best extra large washable dog pee pads. All the pee pads I have mentioned above are having great ratings online.

Also picked up the best 3 pads according to price and overall factors. Always read the factors mentioned above before buying any pee pad for pets.

I wish your all doubts got cleared related to washable dog pee pads and if still, any doubt is there, comment them below. Every feedback is appreciated.


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