How To Buy A Microwave | Best Tips & Awesome Suggestions

How To Buy A Microwave

Do you know, if you will have a grill microwave oven then you will not able to bake in that? Yeah, there are many tips and secrets like this you will get here and learn how to buy a microwave oven.

So, we are gonna discuss here if you are planning to buy a microwave oven for your family now or in the future then what are the points you should know before buying the microwave ovens.

Importance Of Microwave Ovens

How To Buy A Microwave

We know that a microwave is a fantastic appliance we use in our kitchen to reheat, grill, or sometimes bake also. This is one of the best kitchen appliances which helps to cook your food within the minutes and saves your so much valuable time and electricity also.

So many types of foods and that too healthier and tastier food you can cook in it such as grilled chicken, popcorn, muffin, pizza, kebab, and so many more varieties of foods we can cook. But there are many types of microwave ovens present in the market and the usages are different like if you take a grill microwave oven, you won’t be able to bake food in it.

So, there are many factors like your family size, food habits, some features of the oven, and many more, which you need to take care of before buying the microwave oven.

Types of Microwave Ovens

There are mainly 3 types of microwave oven available in the market. They are solo, grill, and convection microwave oven. If you need to know how to buy a microwave oven then you have to know each of the types briefly.

Solo Microwave Oven

Solo microwave ovens are basic entry level ovens which are used for only heating the food and simple cooking, and all.

Grill Microwave Oven

In this microwave oven, we get some additional accessories that are used for grilling the chicken or paneer. So basically, the grill microwave ovens are for grilling foods.

Convection Microwave Oven

In convection microwave ovens, there is a fan that spreads the hot air throughout the oven and used to reheat the food. This oven can be used for baking the food also.

4 Factors To Consider

How To Buy A Microwave

There are the 4 factors you need to consider before buying the microwave ovens i.e capacity, features, price, and technology. Now, let’s clear your doubt about how to buy a microwave oven.


The capacity of the microwave oven comes in liter and it shows that how much amount of food you can keep in that oven at once. The capacity should be directly proportional to your family size. The bigger family means large capacity and smaller means less capacity. Simple!

Family MembersUsageCapacity(liters)
2 to 4Solo Microwave Oven15 to 20
2 to 4Grill or convection microwave oven21 to 30
4 to 6Solo Microwave Oven25 to 30
4 to 6Grill or convection microwave oven31 to on

The above-mentioned chart describes the capacity you need according to your family size and type of microwave oven.


The name “Microwave” describes itself that microwave ovens work on the principle or technology of microwaves.

What are microwaves? Microwaves are basically rays, whose wavelength can be from 1mm to 1m. Magnetrons are the components that help to emit these rays or microwaves. Magnetrons are fixed in the microwave ovens.

How does a microwave heat the food? Microwaves help to vibrate the water molecule and that produces the heat and because of this reason, you are advised that dry foods are hard to heat in microwave ovens.


This is the main point or factor especially for a mediocre family, price. Price decides which brand should we buy, which type of oven should we buy, and many things. So, there is a chart you can check it out.

TypePrice Range

The price fluctuates because of the capacity and functions. There are the microwave ovens which are costlier than $250 also but the above chart just shows a rough figure.

If your family size is big then you may need to have a large capacity microwave oven and then the price may go beyond this chart.

So we have discussed 3 important things technology, price, and capacity.


Features- microwave oven buying guide

As you know everyday new functions are being introduced by many big brands and because of that, you may get confused that which functions are needed for you and your family.

So, we have noted some important features of microwave ovens and you have to consider out of them according to your need.

>Child Lock

If you have a child in your home then you need safety for them and there this child lock feature plays a good role. You can lock the microwave oven very nicely that your kids can not open the door of it.

Password type child lock is also there in many microwave oven which prevents your kid to keep the hand in the hot microwave.


This feature comes in the high-end microwaves or high budget ones, it doesn’t come at low prices. If you think you want to watch TV and the machine can cook automatically then this feature is for you.

But the thing is, you need to have a really nice knowledge about timing and temperature or power because you need to set the time and temperature also and you need to know that what temperature it needs to be done within a given period of time.

>Power Consumption

The more wattage machine it will have, the more power it will consume but it will help to consume the time also. That means the wattage of the microwave is inversely proportional to the time taken to cook.

We will suggest you to go with a powerful microwave if there are more family members in your house. And if you have 2 to 4 members only then less wattage microwave oven is okay for you.


This is actually a recently introduced feature. When do we use it? If we need to cook the frozen foods or the foods that are kept in deep fridges like paneer or meat or anything, here defrost micro oven can cook them very nicely and better than the normal ovens because it has the special feature which is only specified for defrosting.

There are the ways to defrost the food safely you must know them.

>Pre-heat Time

Pre-heat time is the time taken by the oven to be able or ready to cook the food. So, it is advised to check always the pre-heat time of the oven you are buying. The less pre-heat time means fast cooking or less cooking time and energy saving.

>Auto-cook Menu

This feature makes the microwave oven very much reliable to use. There is the menu and with the help of software they pre-program(timing & temperature) the switches according to the cooking you want to do like pizza, popcorn, and many more.

FAQs On How To Buy A Microwave

What should I look for when buying a microwave?

At first, see your need and then choose the type of microwave oven according to your need then see the capacity, price, technology, and features(child lock, auto-cook, power consumption, defrost, pre-heat time, auto-cook menu, etc.)

Which brand of microwave is best?


What is the best cheap microwave to buy?

Here are the best 3 microwave ovens at the cheapest price available online.
AmazonBasics Microwave bundle
BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven
Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

How much should I spend on a microwave?

We have mentioned the range of the price of different types of microwave ovens. Check them out and if you are going to buy the best microwave oven then at least spend $90.

What is the average lifespan of a microwave?

On average, the best microwave oven can last for 7-8 years. This lifespan can vary according to your usage, maintenance, brand, and many factors.

Last Few Words on How To Buy The Best Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are one of the best appliances in our kitchen. The invention of the microwave oven made our cooking style very smooth. There are many types and brands of microwave ovens, this is why we get confused while buying the best microwave among them.

So, being a very important appliance of our kitchen, you must take care of some factors(which are discussed above) before you buy the best microwave oven for your family.

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts about buying the best microwave and if still, any query is there, comment down below. Every feedback is appreciated.

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