How To Choose A Blender For Smoothies? (Buying Guide)

A blender is one of the most awesome kitchen appliances of this new generation. Everyone loves smoothies and so they need a blender for smoothies. But, many of you may not know how to choose a blender for smoothies.

So, here I am gonna discuss the factors to consider when buying a blender for smoothies.

Basically the blenders are of three types and they are

  • Traditional counter top
  • Personal
  • Immersion

Among these three types of blender, the traditional blender is for whole fruit juicing and immersion blender is usually used to make soups, and personal blenders are used to make smoothies.

So, as the personal blender is used for making smoothies, we are gonna discuss the buying guide of personal blender here.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Blender For Smoothies

We need to consider all the parts which are used to form a personal blender. Then what are the parts of a personal blender? The parts are

  • Motor
  • Blades
  • Material

So, these were are parts of a blender. Other than parts, there are few more things to consider while choosing a smoothie blender, and they are:

  • Rechargeable/Electric
  • Watts
  • Speed
  • Size
  • Type of blending
  • Type of switches

These all are the factors which we have to consider while buying a blender for smoothies.

How To Choose A Blender For Smoothies?

As we already discussed the factors which we have to take care of before buying the personal blender. Now let’s understand each of the points in detail.


The motor plays a great role in increasing or reducing the noise of the appliance. Just like a mixer grinder, the blender also makes noise and the major reason is the motor.

The most preferred motor is a brushless motor. they make a lesser sound than any other motors.

The blending speed also depends upon the motor quality. Usually, the motor with high watt will blend faster than the fewer watt motors. Well, this is not always the case, sometimes blades also play a major role in the speed of blending.


After motor, blades also play a great role in the speed of blending. There you will get two types of blenders i.e blenders with 4 blades and blenders with 6 blades.

If the quality of the blades and motor is same then the blender with 6 blades will blend faster than the blender with 4 blades.

The blades made up of stainless steel is the best quality of blades you can ever have for blenders.


Nowadays almost every kitchen appliance is made up of BPA-free or nontoxic material. But if you just double-check it once before buying the blender, it will be better.

Also just like a grinder, if you want a quiet blender you should go with the thick plastic body. The outer plastic should be thick so that the in-built insulation will be better. This will automatically reduce the sound created by the blender.

Some Other Factors:


There two types of personal blenders, one is which works on electricity and another which works on battery.

The blenders which work with the help of a battery can be recharged by USB ports. They are rechargeable and portable blenders. You can easily carry them anywhere like to gym, office, travel, picnic, etc. Just need to charge it thru a power bank or laptop. Once you charge them for 3 hours, it can be used up to 15 times.

On the other hand, there are blenders that need electricity(AC supplies) for blending. Although they are also portable because they can be carried anywhere but you can’t use them everywhere. You will need to have an AC supplying port. But these blenders are strong and blend faster than rechargeable blenders.


The minimum preferred watt for a personal blender is 600W. The more watt means the better performance in blending.

Blenders can be up to 1200W also but if you are buying a blender, it should be at least 600W.

It is not necessary that always the blenders with more watt will perform better, but almost in every case, it is like this.


If the speed of the blender is not high then the smoothie won’t be smooth. The speed of the blender mostly depends upon the blade quality, angle of the blade, rotations per minute, and the number of blades.

We discussed earlier that the blender with more blades will blend faster. But also the angle of the blades matter.

Some blenders have angle-up blades and some have layers of blades. The angle up blades help to blend smoothie faster than the layer of blades but that doesn’t mean layer blades are not useful.

Rotation per minute also decides the speed of the blending and this depends upon the quality of the motor.


This depends on you that which size will suit your need. If you want to go for the rechargeable & portable blenders, the jar with a capacity of 13-14oz is very good because it will be hard to carry if you choose the bigger size. 14oz blender will fit right into your bottle pocket of the bag(just like some 500ml water bottle).

If you want to buy the normal personal blender for the kitchen then you can go for how much you want. 15oz is a decent capacity for a single person.

Some Additional Factors:

Type of blending

This is not a very big factor to consider but just for some additional knowledge. There are two types of blending. Some blenders push the foods upwards while blending and some blenders pull the foods downwards while blending.

Usually these we observe these blending techniques in bigger blenders, unlike personal and small blends.

Type of switches

Again, this is not a big thing to consider while choosing a blender for smoothies but you should know that there are mostly 3 types of switches. Flip, knob, and touchpads.

Nowadays almost every blender comes with knobs and this is not a bad type of switch. Some expensive blenders come with touchpad switches.

But very few blenders come with flip switches and I personally don’t like those switches. They don’t look good and also you can control the level of speed in knob or touchpad switches but you can’t do that in flip switches. (only on/off can be done in flip switches)


I hope I helped to clear your all doubts thru this buying guide of blender for smoothies. You must check out the blades, motor, and watts before buying the blender for smoothies. After checking them out, you can go for the rest factors mentioned above.

Still, if you have any query about how to choose a blender for smoothies then comment down below. Feedbacks will be appreciated.

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