How To Choose Curtains For Living Room | 11 Tips To Select The Best Curtain

How To Choose Curtains For Living Room

Interested to change your curtains but have no idea regarding which curtain will be best for your room? Don’t know how to choose curtains for living room? Then, no need to worry. You are in the perfect place. I am here to guide you on this topic and will provide you the best tips which you can implement while choosing the best curtain for your room.

With the changing of seasons or on some occasions, we start changing many things in our house like wall colors, decorations, makeover the rooms or changing the curtains, etc.

So, if you are also planning to buy any curtain on some occasions so I will suggest you to read this full article and then go for the selection. This will help you to choose and buy the perfect curtain for your room.

What is the purpose of curtains?

Before knowing how to choose curtains, let us know why do we need to have curtains in the room or what is their importance in our room.

The curtain is one of the most aesthetic decors you can have in your room and it has many advantages along with making the room look better.

  1. Look: As just now said, mostly curtains are used for enhancing the look of your room. Your room looks very much aesthetic than before and it looks some sort of organized also. Different patterns can give different looks like modern, classy, bold, etc.
  2. Illusion: Yes, the curtain creates an illusion also of being a bigger room. The size or height of the curtain can make your room look bigger too.
  3. Budget-Friendly: Curtains are very much budget-friendly decor for a room. The sitting decors cost way more than the curtains but both impact in the same amount.
  4. Installation: Unlike other decors, the curtains are very much easy to install. You just need to screw the curtain rods and hang the curtains on them, that’s all!

Let’s get started with the best curtain guide

1. How To Choose A Curtain Color And Pattern

“How to choose a curtain color?” is one of the most common doubts people ask. If you want to give a bright look to your room then use a contrast combination. Contrast combination means you put any different type of curtain in between two plain curtains. But the color of the middle curtain should have at least some colors of your wall.

Like if the color of your wall is red then, the middle curtain should have some strokes of red color in it.

The middle curtain should be lighter in color as compared to side curtains to look more attractive.

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The fabric of all the curtains should be the same. The combination of different types of fabric usually does not look well. For example, if the middle curtain is of silk then, the other two also should be of silk only.

2. Curtain Rod

Tip number 2 is whenever you use any curtain rod then, the length of the rod should longer than the width of the window or door. So that the curtain can cover the full window or door.

3. Combination

Whenever you take plain curtains, prefer a sheer curtain with it, to keep it in the middle and enhance the look. Always prefer to keep in such a place, where the light can come thru it. You can do lining also behind it if you want.

Sheer curtain always enhance the look and beauty whenever it combines with plain curtain.

4. Height Of the Rod

Try to keep the height between the rod and the ground bigger, to give a bigger look to the room.

So, if you want to make your room bigger then, install the rod higher than the door or the window.

5. Customized Curtains

If you have some different choices then, you can go with the customized curtains. You can do yourself or can hire any tailor who can make for you according to your need. So many types of designs are available in the market.

Customization gives you the freedom to make the curtain according to your window size and design also according to you. Ready-made curtains may not give you that freedom. If ready-made curtains do not fit in the window means, either have to return or give to tailor. Means extra cost.

customized curtain

6. Same Pattern

If you are trying to give a simple look to your room and using the same pattern and the same color for that, then one repetitive look comes in that pattern. In order to break that, You can change the pattern(keeping the color combination same) of the middle curtain with respect to the other two.

7. Match With The Wall

If there are some drawings or paintings on the wall of your room and which are brighter in color, then you can choose plain and light color curtains. And if the wall is neutral or plain in color then, in order to give a bright look to your room, you can go with those type of curtains which has some paintings on it of little dark color.

8. Looks

If you want to give a luxurious look to your room then, you can prefer velvet or silk curtains.

For a casual look and modern curtain designs for living room, you can go with cotton or linen curtains.

9. Grommets

Metal Grommets open very smoothly and give a fashionable and modern look to your room.

Hidden tabs give a normal look.

Pole pockets provide a classic look to your door or window.

How To Choose Curtains For Living Room

10. Layer Effect

If you want to have the modern curtain designs for living room then you can add a thinner layer curtain in between two thick curtains to look the room more decorative.

For this, you should use four curtains. Outer right and outer left side curtains should be thicker and inner curtains should be as much thinner as light can pass thru it.


11. Cleaning or Washing

There are two types of washable curtains i.e dry cleaning only and washing machine friendly. You have to decide first that, which type of curtain you are gonna buy, or else if you do not know about the washing pattern then you will spoil the color and texture of your curtain.

How To Choose Curtains Size

This is a big doubt that how to choose curtains size. Well, not anymore. Check out the video mentioned below and it will definitely help you out to understand how to choose curtains size.


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FAQs On How To Choose Curtains For Living Room

Which curtains are best for living room?

The answer to this question can differ from season to season because the heavier curtains can insulate very well and hence they are very good for cool days. On the other hand, silk type of curtains which are light, they can be a nice choice for the warmer season. And if you need modern curtain designs for living room then you can use the layer effect.

How do I match my living room curtains?

If you are trying to give a simple look to your room and using the same pattern and the same color for that, then one repetitive look comes in that pattern. In order to break that, You can change the pattern(keeping the color combination the same) of the middle curtain with respect to the other two.

Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

The curtain’s color and pattern should be opposite to the wall’s color and pattern, like if your curtain is of dark color then the wall color should be of light color and vice versa, then only it will highlight and balance both sides.

Should your curtains match your sofa?

Decor should always match with other decors present in the same room. As the curtain is one of the best decors of a room, you must match the curtain with the couches, rugs, chairs, and other decors.

My Wall colour is purple and with a blank white roof and a white floor what color curtains should I pick?

I would suggest going with beautiful modern white curtains with these types of combinations. And if you don’t have any curtains, then go with some light color curtains like yellow, sky blue, etc.


We hope that we gave you all the details briefly regarding the curtain and provided the best curtain buying guide. Those are the points you should keep in mind while buying a curtain. After reading the full article, we hope that you got to know how to choose curtains for living room, how to choose a curtain color, how to choose curtain size and many more things about the curtain.

The most important things you have to know are the measurement of your door or window, the color of your wall, the fabric of the curtain.

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