How To Choose Gas Grill🔥 {Best Gas Grill Buying Guide} Jan 2021

How To Choose Gas Grill | Best Gas Grill Buying Guide

Are you a huge fan of grilled foods and gas grills? But having confusion about how to choose a gas grill? No need to worry more because we are here to guide you in the best way that how you can choose the best gas grill for your home.

Choosing the best gas grill is no doubtable a huge task because it has so many parts and every part has a different variety. In short, you can say that choosing the best gas grill is like a huge and complex chapter but we are here to make it simple and make you understand in the easiest way possible.

Before choosing the best gas grills, there are so many factors you need to take care of like size, price, type of grid, steel or ceramic, style, features, interior lighting, and many things.

Things To Consider Before Buying Gas Grills

How To Choose Gas Grill | Best Gas Grill Buying Guide
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Nowadays there are a huge amount of brands available who are producing gas grills and because of that, normal people are getting confused that how to choose the best gas grill. So, let’s start with the important factors based n which you must choose the best gas grill for you.


So, this is one of the most important factors while you’re buying any kitchen appliances. The size determines so many things like space efficiency, price, and many more. Most of the people may think the use of size according to the amount of food they need but it is not only this, there is something more than this. The bigger size of the gas grill gives you more versatility as there will be more gas burners.

You can measure the size by inches, mostly it is seen that people do prefer 34 inches gas grill. Other than measuring by inches, you can go with the 4 inches round hamburger size because it is a better-known size by most of the people. You can understand the size by how many burgers it fits at once.

Grid Types

There are different types of grids available in the market. let’s start from stainless steel grids.

Stainless steel grids have a wide variety of grids like the thicker, thinner, cast, tubular stainless steel.

Stainless steel grids give you great durability and if you want a good sear in the grilled food then it is advisable to go with the heavy section of the grid because the heavy section of grids retains the heat best.

Porcelain-coated steel grids may look good on the grill gases but the thing is they can get rust very easily in the run of heating and cooling cycle and that’s why they are the least desirable grid type.

Porcelainized-cast iron is quite better than the porcelainized steel. Porcelainized-cast iron may also have some rusts after a long usage but it has better long-lasting quality than the usual porcelainized steel.

How To Choose Gas Grill | Best Gas Grill Buying Guide

Flame Distribution System

The use of a flame distribution system is very important. These plates are placed in between the gas flame and grid to prevent many things like falling of debris, fats, and other waste things of the food directly on the burning flame. The most important work of this plate or layer is to distribute the amount of heat equally throughout the gas grill.

It increases or enhances the taste of the food because when you use the dripping on the food, that can go into that layer and again come up to the food by getting vaporized.

So, there are two types of materials used for that distribution layers i.e metal and ceramic.

In metal distribution layers you will get two types of layers, one is a perforated sheet and another is of a tent shape. The perforated sheet covers almost all areas of the burner, distribute more heat & protects from flare-ups.

Whereas in the tent-shaped layer, you will get many free spaces between the burners and the heat distribution will be quite un-even.

In ceramic, you can get two types of plates, one will the plates with rods and another will be with some sort of briquette.

There is a thing about ceramic metal is, they hold the heat for a long time compared to steel. This has advantages and disadvantages also. The disadvantage is like, if you are gonna make a dessert searing a steak, you need to have a low temperature, and to low down the ceramic temperature, you need to wait.

The advantage is that, as it holds the heat very well, it can do the searing very well by consuming less energy and giving a long period of heat.

Flame Distribution System

Types of Burner

There are two types of burners i.e conventional and infrared. They both have different works. Conventional burners flame can diffuse in every direction and give heat in wide range whereas in infrared it is somewhat like laser light & the heat will not be spreading widely.

Infrared is widely used for steak houses because it needs an intense sear. If you are like a full crust sear-oriented person then a conventional gas burner can be absolutely fine.

And if you are the person who wants both the things like sear the steak and end up in conventional then we must say that you can go with the hybrid gas burner.

Many companies provide these hybrid gas burners like one side will be of infrared and another will be having conventional gas burner.

Rear Infrared Burner

This comes with many gas grills. This helps at the moment when you want to have the rotisserie kit. At the time of purchasing the grill, you may not have the plan to have a rotisserie kit but afterward, you may want and because of that make sure that your gas grill has the rear infrared burner from the beginning itself.

Interior Lighting

Many grills come with interior lighting which makes it very much attractive and it is essential also to have the interior lighting to cook at night time and especially if you are doing outside of the house.

Last Few Words On How To Choose Gas Grill

Everyone loves gas grills but with the days passing by, the number of brands also increasing who are producing the gas grills and it is becoming tougher for us to know how to choose gas grills. Well, no need to worry about anything. You just need the thing which will suit your needs and this best gas grill buying guide will help to clarify your all doubts about how to choose a gas grill.

We have discussed all the important things about the gas grill in this gas grill buying guide which you should know and we hope now you can choose the best gas grills according to your need.

If still any query is there, please comment down them below.

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