How To Choose Kitchen Faucet In 5 Easy & Innovative Steps❓

As I always say that the faucet is like the jewelry of the kitchen. If you are decorating a kitchen island, then a great faucet can do 80% of your work easily. But many of you may not know how to choose kitchen faucet in the right way.

Here I have mentioned the 5 main steps which you need to follow in order to get the best kitchen faucet according to your need.

How To Choose Kitchen Faucet?

If you don’t know how to choose kitchen faucet then the main 5 things you need to consider while to choosing the best kitchen faucet are:

  • number of holes in the kitchen sink
  • number of handles in the faucet you want
  • the best material for faucet
  • type of coating on the faucet
  • some modern features of the faucet

Number of holes in kitchen sink

If you buy the kitchen sink and faucet combo, then there is no tension in the number of holes. you will get a matching number of holes and faucets in that.

But if you have an existing kitchen sink then, mostly you see the single hole, double hole, and three-hole sinks, but 4&5 hole sinks are also there. Let’s see which faucet will be convenient for you to buy.

1. Single hole sink

single hole kitchen sink diagram

If you have the single-hole or one-hole kitchen sinks then the best option to go with the single handle faucets.

In single-handle faucets, you can go with the single valve, thermostatic, and contactless faucets.

I personally will prefer the single valve(means the normal single handle) faucets to use in the kitchen because there is no need of using the thermostatic or contactless faucets.

They both are very expensive faucets and totally no use of them in personal kitchen room(until or unless it is for any restaurant or mall type of areas).

2. Double hole sink

2-hole kitchen sink diagram

If you have the kitchen sink with two holes then you have two choices to go for. One is to use the single handle single hole pull-down faucets(with a side accessory) and faucet without a spray(with side or veggie spray).

I prefer using the 2nd option actually because all faucets don’t have a put-out or pull-down feature, so side spray is good to have.

3. 3-hole sink

three hole kitchen sink diagram
without deck plate

If you have the kitchen sink with 3 holes then either you can go with a single handle pull-out or pull-down faucet which comes with a deck plate. What does a deck plate do? It covers the other 2 holes(as shown in the photo below) of the sink so that the other 2 holes are not visible and you can use the single handle faucet even if your sink has 3 holes.

3 hole kitchen sink covering two holes with a deck plate
covering with a deck plate

Or the second option is the fill the other two holes with two accessories so that you can use the single handle faucets with the other 2 types of accessories.

Here I will not prefer going with the single handle faucet with the deck because if I am getting the option to use other accessories also with faucets, why won’t I use them?

Yes, if you don’t want to spend money on other accessories than faucets then it is ok for you to go with a faucet with a deck and cover the other 2 holes.

4. 4&5 hole sink

4&5 hole sink diagram

Some kitchen sinks come with 4&5 holes. You can have multiple types of combinations in these types of sinks.

At first, you need to determine how many holes you want to fill with faucet and side spray, then you can think about what to do with the rest of the holes.

You can use a soap dispenser, an air gap, or just use the hole cover. Anything you can use in the rest of the holes.

Number of handles of faucet

Based on number of handles, I have divided the faucets into 4 types and they are:

  1. single handle faucets
  2. dual handle faucets
  3. thermostatic
  4. contactless
  1. Single handle faucets: The single handle faucets are the most used faucets as far my knowledge. They are very much convenient to use and don’t get damaged soon because they don’t have rotating valves. Switching on and controlling the temperature done with only a single handle.
  2. Dual handle faucets: The dual-handle faucets actually give a retro look to the sink. Water temperature may be regulated within 1 degree by slightly twisting one valve. Sometimes they stop working within 2 years because we frequently rotate the valve to change the temperature of the water.
  3. Thermostatic faucets: These faucets are the costlier ones but worth buying. They have an automatic system inside the body with automatically mixes the hot and cold water and pours out the water at a convenient temperature. Also have a nice safety feature, if the supply of cold water cuts by mistake, it will stop working. It saves us from getting in contact with hot water.
  4. Contactless faucets: The contactless faucets are the most expensive faucets and I never will prefer using this in household kitchens. They can be used only in restaurants or in malls. These faucets work with the help of infrared. When you bring your hands close to the sensor, it starts pouring water out. They help to save water because you can’t keep it open even by mistake and they will stop working after moving hands away.

The best material for faucet

Mainly the faucets are made up of bronze, brass, coper, silumin alloy, etc.

  1. Bronze: Bronze is the alloy of zinc and copper. The body of the faucets which are made up of brass will turn into greenish color with time. Also, they need good maintenance and proper cleaning from limescale time to time.
  2. Brass: The brass faucets are more corrosion and stain-resistant. If there is any chrome coating over the body, then it gives a cold gloss over the surface.
  3. Silumin alloy: The faucets which are made up of silumin alloy are very cheap in cost. They actually sometimes get damaged within 2 years.

According to me, the best material for the faucet is brass and then bronze. The brass material is having many advantages compared to other materials.

Type of coating on the faucet

The type of coating also plays a great role in the look of the faucet and also the shine and durability.

The available coatings are chrome, enamel, nickel, chromium, etc. The best coating for the faucet I feel is chrome and chromium.

  • Chrome: The coating of chrome on the faucet makes the faucet look cold glossy.
  • Chromium: Protects against rusts, germs, and tap water disposits can be removed very easily by use of detergent
  • Nickel: Nickel is also a good option but sometimes nickel is not good for allergic persons. So, kindly concern before you buy it if you are an allergic person
  • Enamel: The best thing about enamel coating is, they make things look like marble, gold, etc.

Pull-out faucets

The modern faucets come with pull-out showerheads and actually, they are a very good choice for kitchen areas.

If you have the pull-out head in your faucet then you can reach every corner of the sink or beyond sometimes.

So generally, it increases the working area of the kitchen. If you have the veggie spinner or vegetable chopper, you can take the hose out and reach your destination to pour water.

Generally, the length of the hose of pull-out faucets is 1m long. It may vary from brand to brand.

Modern Kitchen Faucet Features

The brands are coming up with new innovative features in the faucets which will help the household works easier.

Let’s discuss the 3 cool and modern features I found innovative and helpful.

  1. Built-in aerator: The faucets which have a built-in aerator have two holes, one for plain tap another is for filtered drinking water. The filtered water hole flows the water saturated with air molecules. Isn’t it amazing? Now no need to install two taps.
  2. Lighting: Many faucets are coming with lighting on the mouth. The water flow sensory illumination changes the color depending on the temperature of the water. I found it so cool for home decorating purposes.
  3. With mini boiler: These types of faucets will supply hot water even in the absence of a centralized supply. They combine heater, cattle, and three in one faucet.

FAQs On How To Choose Kitchen Faucet

What should I look for when buying a kitchen faucet?

If I say sequentially, at first check the material of the faucet(it will show the durability of the faucet), then check the coating(for a great look), then check the number of handles(single handles lasts longer comparatively), at last, you can check if it is a pull out faucet or not(it increases the coverage area of the washing).

Which brand of kitchen faucet is best?

When it comes to faucets, DELTA is the name which must come. DELTA is the most renowned and trustworthy brand for kitchen sink faucets.

Does the kitchen faucet need to match the sink?

If we see from the decoration and look purpose, yes the kitchen faucet needs to match with the sink. If you are not that interested in the look, then you may use any faucet with your sink if it fits right into your sinkholes.

Are touchless kitchen faucets worth it?

It is not worth it if you are using it in your house. It is worth buying if it is gonna be used in some restaurants, shopping malls, or any big places like that. Because they are very costly and you are not gonna use them often if placed in the house.

Final verdict

Now, I hope now you got a good knowledge that how to choose the right kitchen faucet. It totally depends on your need and kitchen sink type.

I actually prefer buying the pull-out faucet with a deck(if there are three holes in the sink). The best advantage you get in pull-out faucets is it increases your working area or space. Just take out the hose and clean every corner of the sink and reach up to 1m away from the faucet.

If still, you have a doubt regarding how to choose kitchen faucet, then comment below. Every feedback is appreciated.

I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.

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