How To Clean Curtains At Home[Best DIY Techniques]✅

The curtain is one of the most aesthetic decors of a room and it shouldn’t look dirty at all. Curtains are like magnets of dust particles in the air. So, they get dirty very soon and if it is a white curtain or some light color curtain, it looks extra dirty.

Here we will learn how to clean curtains at home at the cheapest price possible. These techniques will be DIY methods and you don’t need any professionals to help you in cleaning the drapes.

How To Clean Curtains At Home

Almost every curtain has grommets and sometimes they break or come out when you put the curtain into washing machine for cleaning.

Step1(Tie the grommets): Take the curtains down and make all the grommets together and tie them nicely with some handkerchief or something else so that they can’t move from their place(like the picture mentioned below).

first step to clean curtains
tie the grommets with handkerchief

Step2(Prepare for washing machine): Now put the curtain into the washing machine and use the same amount of mild detergent and baking soda with it.

Note: Mild detergent and baking soda can be used in almost every curtain(I would suggest you confirm it before washing your curtain). If you don’t know if you can use the mild detergent and baking soda on your curtain or not, then try a small amount of solution of mild detergent and baking soda in one corner of the curtain. If all goes well, then you can proceed further.

Next, after you put the same amount of detergent and baking soda into the washing machine, make the machine run in delicate mode(if the machine has no delicate mode then can use the hand wash mode).

If you don’t want to use mild detergent, you can go with liquid detergent like ezee. Use the same amount of mild detergent and baking soda.

Step3(Dry and iron): After washing in the machine, take the curtains out and untie the grommets. Then let it dry in the natural air. Later on, you can iron it so that it looks fresh.

How To Clean Curtains With Steam Cleaner?

There are two reasons to steam clean a curtain, one is to clean without washing, and another is it removes the wrinkle from the curtain and it looks fresh.

In order to steam clean the curtain, you need a decent steam cleaner, and I’ll suggest KUPPET steam cleaner because it is cheap in price and very effective.

It is very easy to steam clean the curtain. Just switch on the steam cleaner and run slowly thru the curtain. For reference, watch the video attached below.

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How To Clean Curtains Without Washing?

There are two ways to clean the curtains without washing them, and they are steam cleaning and brush away the dust particles using some microfiber.

I have explained the first technique i.e steam clean(just above). Now we will see how to clean curtains without washing but using microfiber.

For this, You don’t need to take the curtains down. You can clean them while hanging. You will need a vacuum cleaner, one microfiber, some teaspoon dishwasher, and rubbing alcohol.


Use a vacuum cleaner thoroughly on the curtain. Use gentle vacuum speed or else it can such the curtain fiber into the arbiter of spade tool. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, then I will suggest a great cleaner i.e Bissell Zing Canister vacuum cleaner. It is a very awesome vacuum cleaner with 15k+ ratings. The price is very cheap and that’s why I am suggesting you this.

Step2(making the solution):

After vacuuming the curtains thoroughly, take the 5 liters of water and put 1 teaspoon of dish soap, and 50ml of rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is used to remove the pollution contaminants like carbon deposits on the curtain.

Step3:(Using the microfiber)

You can use any microfiber that will be easy to hold in the hands. So, I will suggest Arkwright microfiber, because it has great quality and it is like the gloves. You can easily wear it in your hand.

Soak this microfiber into the solution you made in step2. Then wear it in the hand. Start rubbing the curtain by the fiber section by section until the whole curtain is covered.

Step4(use rubbing alcohol directly on the microfiber):

You can take a spray bottle rubbing alcohol into it. Spray the alcohol on the microfiber and continue rubbing the curtain as same as the step 3 I mentioned above. I am attaching one video for reference below.

How do you clean heavy curtains at home?

The heavy curtains are difficult to take down and wash in the washing machine. So, I would suggest you go with the steam cleaning for the heavy curtains. In this, you don’t have to remove the curtains from the rod.

Should you wash your curtains?

You should wash your curtains frequently. The curtains are like the magnets for the dust particles. It gets dirty very soon and if it is a white or any light color curtain, then it looks extra dirty.

Can I wash my blackout curtains?

The blackout curtains has 3 layers and they may get damage if washed roughly in washing machine. So, try to wash the blackout curtains by hand gently.


I hope you understood that how to clean curtains at home in simple 3 steps. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is whether our curtain is capable of detergent or not. At first, apply in one corner of the curtain, if everything goes right, then it is detergent friendly.

If still, any doubt is there regarding how to clean curtains at home, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

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