How To Clean Rugs At Home | All About Rug Cleaning(100% Easy)

We buy the rugs for a house without knowing the cleaning process. Yes, they mention in the description that the rug is very easy to clean but it is really not so. Many of us don’t know how to clean rugs at home in the simplest way.

The rugs which are machine washable are comparably easier to wash but I usually prefer cleaning the rugs manually.

If we compare the high pile rugs and low pile rugs, the low pile rugs are easier to clean and wash. The high pile rugs get more dirt and they go deeper which is very tough to clean but low pile rugs have no such problems.

Note: The best time to wash the rugs is summertime.

How To Clean Rugs At Home?

The steps to clean the rugs at home are the same for both high and low pile rugs. If you are thinking about how to clean rug without machine then there are four steps to follow and the rug will be cleaned absolutely without machine.


The brushing is very important before washing the rugs especially the rugs of the pets. The hairs of the pets and also the owners get stuck on the surface of the rugs. When you brush over the surface, you remove the bundle of hair from the surface. So, first, use a brush and rub it all over the rug. The bigger brush you take, the faster work will be done.


After you remove the hairs and other stuck items from the surface, it is time to vacuum clean the surface. Again, vacuum cleaning is very important especially for high pile rugs because it takes the dirt out from deep inside. It is better to take them out before you start washing the rugs.


Now it is time to wash the rug. Prepare a bucket with water and mild detergent. Always check whether your rug can take mild detergent or not. If you don’t know, then use prepared liquid of bucket in a small area of the rug. If you see everything is fine, then go further.

I prefer using a mug in place of any hand spray. You have to use a mug and a scrubbing brush. Take one mug of water and pour it on a small portion of the rug. Start scrubbing that area with the scrubbing brush.

It may take up to one hour but it the most effective way to clean the area rug in the home.


After you scrub the whole rug with detergent water, wash it with the normal water. Roll the rug and make it stand. Pour the normal water from the top and you will see all the dirt coming out from the bottom along with water.

Repeat is for 5-10 times and at last, keep it stand in one corner of the bathroom so that the extra water will go out of the rug. Now you can hang it on your roof, garden, or anywhere. In the summertime, it gets dried up very soon and that’s why I said the best time to wash the rugs is summertime.

How To Clean Rug With Baking Soda?

Actually, baking soda is usually used to disinfect the carpet and used as a deodrizer. Here we are gonna see how to disinfect the carpet with baking soda.

Step-1: Sprinkle the baking soda all over the carpet nicely and evenly. Then wait for almost 30 min to 1 hour.

Step-2: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet surface after 30-60 minutes. Not a deep clean but just a normal vacuum clean because we will clean it at the end again nicely.

Step-3: Prepare a solution of vinegar and water having an equal ratio and add 20 drops of tea tree oil(which is a good disinfectant). Pour the solution into a spray bottle.

Step-4: Sprinkle salt(which is again a disinfectant) all over the carpet. Then spray the solution on the carpet. Now, you have baking soda, vinegar, salt, tea tree oil on the carpet and all are nice disinfectants.

Step-5: Now, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet properly and smoothly. This will be the final stroke and your carpet will be disinfected nicely.


I hope you understood how to clean rugs at home in the easiest ways possible. The simplest steps are, use a scrubbing brush to clean the hairs from the surface, then vacuum clean the surface, start scrubbing slowly with mild detergent water, and then clean with normal water and dry up.

It was a simple way to clean any area rug in the house. If still, any doubt is there regarding how to clean rugs at home, comment them below. Any feedback is appreciated.

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