How To Decorate Kitchen Island[6+ Tips & Warnings]

How To Decorate Kitchen Island

When it was been asked to people about which thing you prefer most in the kitchen, Kitchen Island was the most common answer. There is a bunch of articles available online about kitchen island ideas but only a few of them say what to do and what not to. Yes, it is true that many people want a kitchen island in their kitchen but it is also true that they don’t know how to decorate kitchen island. Before decorating the kitchen island, we must look at the dos and don’ts of the kitchen where you are gonna place the kitchen island.

Different Usages Of Kitchen Island

When it was been asked to a bunch of people that, why they want a kitchen island, the answers were different for different persons. Some asked for normal casual meals, some said for cooking there, and some need for meal prepping, and some for just to decorate the kitchen. Different people have different reasons but, everyone needs one common thing i.e a kitchen island.

A kitchen island is not only the table of a kitchen but also a great showpiece of your house or great home decor.

Common Dos & Don’ts

When we are thinking about how to decorate a kitchen island, at first we need to take a look at the dos and don’ts.

Width Of Aisle

When you are keeping the kitchen island in between the kitchen space, you need to make sure that there is an aisle of a width of at least 42 inches around the island.

Not only for walking freely on the side of the island but also giving them space to open the door of the refrigerator, dishwasher, and other things present in the kitchen. Or else space will become short and will face problem in opening the door of the refrigerator.

The space of 42 inches aisle will also help if two persons are cooking in the same kitchen, they will not strike with each other and will have enough space to work freely.

Now Focus On Island

So, we have sorted out the space between the kitchen appliances and island and now, we can focus on the kitchen island.

Height Of Island

The standard height of the kitchen countertop is 36 inches and the depth of the standard cabinetry is 24 inches deep. Many of you will want to have the seating at the island and for that, you need to have enough space under the countertop to keep the legs comfortably.

To keep the legs comfortably, a height of 18 inches is nice but if you don’t want your guests to ruin the cabinetry of your kitchen with shoes then you can increase to 24 inches.

Stool Type

Many persons are there who love to sit on the bar stools and if you are one of them, then you need to increase the height of your countertop from 36 inches to 42 inches. If you are doing this, that means some portion of the island will rise.

And if you are the person who loves to sit on the dining chair then you need to make your countertop height shorter i.e 29 or 30 inches from the ground. This is the standard height of the best dining tables.

The most preferable height of stool for the kitchen island is counter height stools. If you are gonna use them, you don’t need to change the standard height of your countertop, and looks attractive.

Other Dimension

There are also some other dimensions, which we need to take care of. At least 24 inches of width should be available for each stool. So that if 4 stools will be there then the island will be 8 feet long.

Take care of the size of the countertop slabs also because you need to know whether one slab will be enough or need to join 2 slabs side by side. One slab means that will be smooth and two means one divided feeling will come.

Note: In order to add some dimension in the floor, you can use the kitchen rugs on the floor.

Cooking Place

cooking on island

The stovetop can be the main attraction of your kitchen or kitchen island. People use the heavy overhead exhaust fans over the stove but we must say this doesn’t look quite good. You must make your island look light and in order to minimize these big overhead exhaust fans and ductwork, you can the retractable downdraft which will be fit right into your island.

While you are cooking, you just can make the exhaust fan up which will look more stylish and give lighter look than big heavy overhead exhaust fans.

Note: Always keep in mind, if you are having the stovetop on the kitchen island, then make your seating side around 30 inches away from the stove, especially if you have the little ones in your house.

Sink Area

sink area of kitchen island

The sink area in the kitchen island can highlight the room and island as well. People use awesome-looking faucets to highlight the sink area on the island. There are many beautiful faucets and sink combo comes, you can try them out, it saves more money.

You can make it look more attractive by having room for the dishwasher next to the sink area and this thing will make your room very efficient.

Meal Prep

Meal prep on island

In order to decorate the island of your kitchen, you can prefer to maximize the full flat countertop surface for meal prep and hide the remaining storage in the kitchen island like microwave drawer, root vegetable storage, or books.

Style & Finish

Before styling the kitchen island, you must be cleared about which island size you need and for which activity or purpose you are gonna use that island. Once you are clear with these things, you can move to designing and decorating your kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are the opportunity of great burst of color and style.

Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas

Let’s see some kitchen island decorating ideas and learn how to dress a kitchen island so that we can decorate the countertop of the island. I have some ideas, take a look at them.


In this decoration, you can use some(2-3) chrome canisters, a simple glass ball with some moss inside, an elliptical-shaped wooden tray with brass handles, few candleholders(of different heights), a little tray of pasta, and a medium-sized white bowl full of lemons.

You can use these items altogether over the island. Let’s see what are these items use for?

Chrome Canisters: Just to add a little bit of punch

Glass ball with some moss: It adds color and texture in any space

Bowl with lemons: First of all, a white bowl with yellow lemon will make your island look very attractive, and also lemon adds a fresh smell to the air. So, your kitchen will smell very nice


Here we go with the second island dressing idea. Here we will make the island greenery. So, we will use two bubblehead types of plants in two brass pots, some (almost 1.5ft) white bosses with some plants inside them, a white color cookie jar, one covered glass jar, and lemons with a brass plate.

You can use these items altogether over the island. Let’s see what are these items used for?

Bubblehead type of plants: It gives some green life inside the kitchen

Some white bosses: Just to add a different geometry and texture to the countertop

White color jar: You can keep anything inside it. A white jar adds a neutral look to the island

Transparent glass jar: As we used brass and white-colored containers, just to neutralize the color combination, you can use the transparent glass jar or some multicolor drinking glasses.

A brass plate full of lemon: This brass plate is used to complement two brass pots and lemons are there to add fragrance to the air.

Note: The lighting of the kitchen island will boost the look of the kitchen. So, try to get the best lightings for the kitchen island.

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I would suggest you buy this light over the kitchen island because it can enhance the beauty of the island as well as the kitchen.

Look at the model, how beautiful it is. And also I have checked the ratings(you can manually check them too). They are awesome.

One suggested video

Refer to this video to understand these kitchen island decorating ideas or how to dress a kitchen island more beautifully.

FAQs On How To Decorate Kitchen Island

How to design a island kitchen if I want to cook in sitting posture?

Usually, the kitchen islands come with only a sink and no oven in them. Even if your island has a microwave oven, you can’t do anything with the island design so that it will be comfortable to cook in a sitting position. Irrespective of the cooking position, the island will be designed the same way.

What do I put on my kitchen island?

You can put some kitchen island decorating products on the island such as colorful drinking glasses, a Transparent glass jar, some white bosses, a lass ball with some moss, and also don’t forget to use beautiful lights over the kitchen island.

How much overhang should a kitchen island have?

The answer to this may differ from island to island but the approximate length of the overhang of the kitchen island should be somewhere around 9-12 inches. More than that size may look weird.

Last Few Words On How To Decorate Kitchen Island

A great and successful kitchen is always not just about look and style. You need to take care of many things inside the kitchen as we mentioned above to make the kitchen very much efficient.

Just a recap->

  • Space around the island(42 inches or more)
  • Overall size
  • All the functions within the island

Follow the key points mentioned above and go ahead to decorate your dream kitchen island. We hope that we gave you all the necessary knowledge about how to decorate a kitchen island and what are the dos and don’ts which you must take care of.

If still, any query is there, please comment them down below and every feedback is appreciated.

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