How To Make Room Warmer In Winter💯(15 Effective Ways )

Most of us love the winter season but hate to be conserved in one corner of the room because of the cold. There are many normal ways to keep the room warmer and cozy which we are gonna discuss one by one here.

If you want to learn how to make the room warmer in winter then this guide will help you and add value in your life.

Most Important thing: For the best result, make sure your room is air-tight. This means no air should be able to pass from outside to inside.

How To Make Room Warmer In Winter

Here is a list of all the ways you can do to keep your room warm in winter. This will teach you how to make room warmer in winter in the simplest way possible.

  1. Room heater
  2. Seal air gaps
  3. Use blackout curtains
  4. Insulate windows(with bubble wrap)
  5. Reverse fan rotation
  6. Add draft stopper
  7. Use a humidifier(or a DIY humidifier)
  8. Keep some house plants
  9. Intake sunlight
  10. Blankets(or electric blankets)
  11. Use rugs or carpets
  12. Add fireplace
  13. Move furniture away from radiators
  14. Keep kitchen door open
  15. Use water heater
  16. Add layers in dress

Room heater

Obviously, a room heater is a basic appliance for winter. Making a room warm without a room heater is quite tough.

When it comes to room space heaters, there are few things you need to take care of while buying them, they are:

  1. Security: The space heater should have an anti-tip shut-off feature. It means when the heater is gonna fall(by some accident) it will stop working immediately.
  2. Sound: Always try to buy a quiet space heater because some space heaters are there which make so much noise and irritate you during your work.
  3. Size: I prefer the size-efficient heaters that take the minimum area of the room and heats up the most.
  4. Portability: Almost every space heater is portable nowadays but still you should check twice before buying.

For more, you can check the space heater buying guide.

Seal air gaps

Sealing the air gaps is one of the most important things to do in order to make the room warmer. Usually, you will find these gaps or drafts around the window pipe beams.

After you find the air gaps in your house, you can seal them by using some caulk strips or ask some professionals to help you out in sealing those gaps.

Use blackout curtains

The best thing about the blackout curtains is they are very much thick and because of that air and sound both can’t pass thru them.

You can soundproof a room by using blackout curtains also because they absorb the sound and don’t let them echo.

The blackout curtains will help to keep the temperature of your room constant and don’t let the cold come from outside.

Insulate windows(with bubble wrap)

If you have a glass window, then paste a sheet of bubble wrap on the window. It will really insulate your window and create a great impact on your room.

You can just spray some water on the bubble wrap and stick it on the window glass. It will create a layer between glass and room, and cold won’t be able to enter. The warmth of the room won’t go out and the cold of outside won’t enter the room thru the window.

Reverse fan rotation

Although it will not create a huge impact, but everyone suggests this so I am also suggesting. You can reverse the fan rotation so that it starts pulling the air upwards.

Note: Only fans who have winter settings can rotate in a clockwise direction. And works better if the room has a high ceiling.

Add draft stopper

Usually, doors have gaps underneath and air can pass thru this and make the room cooler. You can buy a draft stopper and seal that gap or you can make a DIY draft stopper and fix the gap.

There is a youtube video at the end of this article, refer to that to learn how to create a DIY draft stopper.

Use a humidifier(or a DIY humidifier)

A humidifier is a device that adds humidity to the air and because of that, the place becomes warm. In summer we use dehumidifiers and in winter we use humidifiers.

If you don’t want to buy a real humidifier then, you can create a DIY humidifier. Just put a pot of water on the stove at a low setting and leave it to heat the water. The steam of the water will go into the air and humidify it.

Also what you can do is, leave the door after you take shower. It will also humidify the room.

Keep some house plants

The main use of keeping the plants inside the house is to get fresh air. But here will use them as a humidifier. Yes, plants release moisture into the air and it will humidify the room in a better way.

Intake sunlight

Never forget the power of sunlight. If your window is sun-facing, then open the curtains or remove blinds from the window. Let sunlight heath up the room.

The heat of the sunlight stays longer actually. Let it enter your house and warm it up. I know almost all people do this, still if you don’t do it, then you must do it.

After the sun goes, immediately close the blinds or curtains so that the captured heat can’t go out of the room.

Blankets(or electric blankets)

Blankets are the obvious thing to use in winter I know. But many of you may not use electric blankets. They are warmer and better than the normal blankets for winter.

In electric blankets, you can set the temperature you want and they are thinner than the normal blankets.

Use rugs or carpets

The whole day we can’t wear slippers inside the house so it is better to use rugs or mats on the floor. There are two advantages of doing so, one is you don’t have to keep your feet on the cool floor and the second is rugs help to soundproof floors.

So, insulating and soundproofing the room at the same time. Hight pile rugs will work better than low pile rugs. Choose accordingly.

Add fireplace

Not everyone has the place in their house to add a fireplace but yes it is an effective way to get rid of cold inside the house.

The fireplace looks so good also. It gives an aesthetic look to a room. If you have a place inside the house, you must add a fireplace.

Move furniture away from radiators

If you have radiators or space heaters inside the house, make sure nothing is there in front of it. Because if anything blocks it, it can’t show its best performance.

The room heaters need to circulate the hot air throughout the room to show their best performance.

Just for concern, try to stay 1-2 feet away from the heating elements like radiant or space heaters.

Keep kitchen door open

No room is warmer than a kitchen. So, if you are baking anything in the kitchen, leave the doors open so that the warmth can reach other rooms and warm them up.

Also, when you will cook something, you will obviously get its heat and feel good.

Remember: Don’t use a stove or oven as a primary heating element because it is risky and causes severe damages to the body because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Use water heater

In winters no one wanna use cold water. So, you can get a tankless water heater for your family.

The difference between a traditional water heater and a tankless water heater is, a traditional water heaters store the water in the tank and then heat that by using gas or electricity.

On the other hand, a tankless water heater heats the water as it is being used. That’s the advantage of tankless water heaters. It saves energy or electricity by not wasting it before water being used.

For more, you can check out the tankless water heater buying guide.

Add layers in dress

More layers of cloth mean more insulation and more heat. we all know that right? Yes, if you apply all the steps mentioned above, you won’t need to wear more layers of clothes inside the room.


These are the best and inexpensive ways to keep the room warmer in winter. I hope you learnt how to make room warmer in winter and some good ways to do it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no leakage of air inside the house, or else the room can not stay warm for a long time.

If still, any doubt is there regarding how to make room warmer in winter, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.

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