How To Reduce Mixer Grinder Noise In 9+ Effective Ways

The mixer grinder is one of the most essential kitchen appliances but it is widely used in India. In western countries, they use blenders in place of mixer grinders. When it comes to mixer grinders, they make a lot of noise and many owners are confused that how to reduce mixer grinder noise.

There are a lot of ways to make your loud grinder quiet and some of the popular methods are using a sound dampening mat or thick towel underneath the grinder, soundproof the surrounding walls, use a good quality and quiet grinder, use some rubber material in the feet of the grinder, etc.

Many reasons are there behind a loud grinder but we will discuss those at the end of this article, let’s see the ways to reduce the grinder noise.

Best Ways To Reduce The Mixer Grinder’s Noise

There are many ways to get rid of a loud grinder but the ways we are gonna discuss here are very cost-efficient and very easy to apply.

  • Use rubber mat underneath
  • Use rubber feet
  • Move grinder away from the wall
  • Use rugs on the floor
  • Soundproof the kitchen door
  • Soundproof the kitchen window
  • Soundproof the kitchen walls
  • Create a sound deadening box
  • Buy a quiet grinder
  • Use grinder when everyone is awake(just optional)

1. Use Rubber Mat Underneath

Use Rubber Mat Underneath

This is one of the most effective ways to soundproof any loud appliance. You just need to keep the rubber mat underneath that appliance, after that the mat will do the job.

You can use any soundproofing material in place of rubber mats but we suggest rubber mats because they have high density and they are enough thick to soundproof the appliance up to an extreme result.

The best alternative to rubber mats is, MLV(mass loaded vinyl). This is also one of the best soundproofing materials available in the market but they are widely used to soundproof the ceiling or walls.

These soundproofing materials will absorb the shock or vibrations created by the blender or grinder because of which noise produces.

If you want to go with rubber mats, we must advise you to go with the wellhouse mat because they are perfectly sized to keep the grinder over it and enough thick to absorb the shock or vibration of the grinder.

And if you want to go with MLV then we must advise you to go with TMS mass loaded vinyl because it is the most trusted MLV available online and effective also. But the using the MLV is ways expensive than the rubber mat.

In a rubber mat, you can buy a small-sized product but for MLV, it comes very big in size which means it will waste your money unless you use the extra piece anywhere in the house.

2. Use Rubber Feet

use rubber feet

If you are implementing the 1st option but you need a better result, then using the rubber feet will be a great way to reduce the noise of your grinder.

As you can see in the above picture, they are called rubber grommets and you can fit 4 of them in the feet of the grinder. They are very good at soaking the shocks or vibrations of the appliances.

Another best thing about using these rubber grommets is, the appliance’s base becomes a non-skid base that means it will not slip on your countertop.

If it fits in the feet of your grinder by applying some force then okay or if the size of the grommet doesn’t match with the feet, then you can use green glue to stick them with feet.

Green glue is one of the best soundproofing compound available in the market. Many soundproofing experts globally advise to use green glues.

Note: Buying the rubber grommets online is not advised because you need to buy so many grommets all together(if you buy online) and will use only 4 grommets for one grinder or blender.

Our suggestion: BOLET Rubber Grommet

3. Move Grinder Away From The Wall

It is a better way to get a better result after implementing the 1st and 2nd options mentioned above. If you move the grinder away from the wall, the reflection of the soundwaves will be less and the echo will decrease inside the kitchen.

When we keep any appliance near a hard surface like a wall, the vibration of the sound creates by the appliance bounces back striking the surface and produces an echo.

So, in the same way, if you keep the grinder near the wall, it will create an annoying echo. Try to avoid using the grinder in the corner of the room, as that is the adjacent of two walls and because of this echo will be more.

The best place is the center of the kitchen. If you have a kitchen island then it can be a great option to keep the grinder over it.

4 Use Rugs On The Floor

As we discussed above that sound gets bounce back after striking on hard surfaces. So, it is better to cover the floor with some soundproofing material because it is also a hard surface and sound can bounce back from it.

If you want to soundproof the floors, the best choices are using rugs, carpets, rubber mats, etc on the floor. According to our choice, the kitchen rug will be a great option because it will suit the area as it is designed especially for the kitchen and will help to soundproof the floor of the kitchen.

For the best result, you can use the rug pad under the kitchen rugs as the pads will protect your floor and add thickness to the rug. The best thing about using a rug pad is, the rug becomes non-skid which means no fear of slipping.

Other than kitchen rugs, you can go with the rug sized rubber mats. For rubber mats, you don’t need to use rug pads because rubber mats work better than rugs. But the thing is, it doesn’t suit the kitchen.

5. Soundproof The Kitchen Door

So, till now we have tried all the things you could do to reduce the noise created by the grinder or blender. Now, we have to try the sound not to go out of the kitchen and for that, we need to soundproof the two major sources of sound incoming and outgoing i.r door and window.

Soundproofing the door will help is two ways, first is it will not let sound go outside and second is it will stop the bouncing back of the sound striking on the hard surface of the door.

There are a lot of ways to soundproof the door and some of them are:

  1. Use the soundproof blankets over the door so that the sound gets absorbed by the blankets and doesn’t bounce back. It will decrease the rate of echo inside the kitchen. You can hang the soundproof blankets with the help of grommets and stick them on the door with the help of double-sided tape. Sticking on the door is a better choice. There are many other ways to use soundproof blankets, check them out.
  2. Fill the gaps between the wall and door frame. In many cases, there are holes or cracks between the wall and door because of many reasons like the aging of the wall or any non-professional worker would have done that job(installing door). To fill the gaps or cracks, green glue is the best product to use.
  3. Use any soft material or any cheap sweep before the gap in the bottom of the door so that the sound can’t pass the door.

6. Soundproof The Kitchen Window

Just like the doors, the window is also a major source of sound going out of the kitchen. Same as the door, if you soundproof the kitchen window it will benefit in two ways, first is it will not let grinder’s noise go out of the kitchen and the second is it will help to reduce the echo inside the kitchen.

There are many effective ways to soundproof a window but the most renowned ways are using soundproof curtains, soundproof blankets, double glazed windows, etc.

Some of the best ways to soundproof the window are:

  1. Use the best soundproof curtains over the window so that the sounds created by the mixer grinder will be absorbed by the curtains and will not echo inside the kitchen. Always try to use thicker and denser curtains so that the result will be better.
  2. Use the soundproof blankets as mentioned above for soundproofing the door. You can hang the blankets on the window unlike doors because if you stick the blankets with window-like doors, you can not remove them from the window and no light will pass thru it.
  3. You can install thick blinds on the window so that the sound can not go out. It will bounce back inside the kitchen itself. The one downside of using it is, the sound doesn’t get absorbed, it gets bounced back into the room.

7. Soundproof The Kitchen Walls

If you are not getting enough results after implementing all the techniques which are mentioned above then go for soundproofing the wall. Wall is the most hard-surfaced area of any room so it is the most important to soundproof it.

There are many effective ways to soundproof the wall but the most famous ways are to use acoustic foam, soundproof blankets, soundproof paints, or MLV, etc.

The most effective ways are the following:

  1. Use acoustic foams like this on some part of your walls of the kitchen so that the sound gets absorbed and doesn’t echo much.
  2. Apply soundproof or acoustic paints on the walls and ceiling as well for a better result.
  3. Use mass-loaded vinyl on the walls for an extreme result. Don’t stick the MLV on the wall with glue. you need to nail it into the wall so that it doesn’t fall down because of the heavyweight.

8. Create A Sound Deadening Box

If you don’t want to soundproof your door, window, or walls, then this can be a good option. Even if you have implemented everything mentioned above, this process will give a better result. You just don’t need to do much, just have to create a box that will have one base and one side open(as shown in the above pic).

You just need few simple things and they are:

  1. Wooden sheets
  2. MLV
  3. Green glue
  4. Nails
  5. Hammer


  • Measure the height, breadth, and width of your mixer grinder and add at least 7 inches with the breadth and width, and increase the height according to the biggest jar of the mixer grinder.
  • Take the wooden sheets and make the box with one open base and one open side(as shown in the pic above)
  • Cover the outer side of the box with green glues and paste MLV over that and nail accordingly.

Whenever you use a mixer grinder, use it inside this box. This box will absorb maximum vibration of the sound created by the blender or grinder.

Note: Use a rubber mat underneath as we mentioned in the first point above for a better result.

9. Buy A Quiet Grinder

If you have tried all the things mentioned above or you don’t like those tips then, you must change your loud grinder with a quieter one. If you have a good budget then you can go for this. This will be the most effective way to reduce the noise, remove the appliance.

Many of you guys may not know that what is a quiet grinder or how to know if the grinder is quiet or not before buying it.

No mixer grinder company adds it as a feature of the grinder like “this is a quiet grinder”. There are some ways by which you can understand which grinder can be a quieter one. The ways are:

  • The outer plastic should be thick so that the in-built insulation will be better and because of this automatically the sound created by the grinder will be reduced. The thin plastic grinders usually make loud noises because the sound easily passes thru them.
  • Use the high-end models because they are usually quieter than the cheaper ones.
  • And the most important thing, motor. Always try to buy the grinder which has a brushless motor. You can ask the seller about the motor it has. Brushless motors make less noise.
  • At last, see the blades. The sharp and stainless steel blades are only advisable. Don’t go for any other metal’s blades.

Our Choice(for silent grinder): ULTRA Stealth(For US), Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder(For India)

10. Use Grinder When Everyone Is Awake(just optional)

This is not a very good tip but according to many person’s experiences, it is better to use the loud grinders when everyone is awake because it will not disturb them as much it could while they were sleeping and it seems the noise is less compared to when everyone is sleeping.

FAQs On Quiet Mixer Grinder

Which is the most silent mixer grinder?

Our Choice(for silent grinder): ULTRA Stealth(For US), Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder(For India)

Why do mixers make noise?

The major reasons for grinders making noise are their motor, blade, and outer plastic. Always try to use the mixer grinder which has brushless motors and very smooth cutting stainless steel blades. For outer plastic, always buy a grinder with thick plastic outer walls.

How many watts should my mixer grinder be?

More watts means smoother grinding. So, the minimum watts of the grinder should be 500W and it can go up to 1000W and beyond.

Some Final Words On How To Reduce Mixer Grinder Noise

We have mentioned all the 10 tips by which you can easily reduce the noise of mixer grinder and we must say to go with 8th tip i.e make sound deadening box first because it can bring good a result at low cost. Don’t forget to add the first tip i.e rubber mat usage with the 8th tip.

If you have a good budget or thinking to purchase a new mixer grinder then buy a quieter one and select on the basis of the motor, blade, and plastic quality.

I am Rajmun Khan from India, owner of Studying computer science and engineering. I have so much interest in home appliances and stuff. So, I learn them, implement them, and share the knowledge here.

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