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A multi-colored drinking glass set can help to decorate your kitchen island, or dining table, or any countertop in a great way. So, I have picked up the best multi colored drinking glasses which are available online.

You can use these multi-colored water glasses in the restaurant, Self-service areas, parties, Kids, Home, Event, Patio, Poolside, Picnic, and other outdoor places.

6 Best Multi Colored Drinking Glasses

Here we go with the best multi colored water glasses which are available online. I have chosen them because their durability, rating, cost, and looks.

 NameNo. Of GlassesCapacity(oz) 
Youngever Plastic Tumblers1820BUY NOW
Highball Drinking Glasses412BUY NOW
Lawei Unbreakable Plastic Drinking Glasses614BUY NOW
MITBAK Colored Highball Glasses613BUY NOW
Colored Water Glasses413BUY NOW

1. Youngever Plastic Tumblers

Youngever Plastic Tumblers
ColorYellow, green, purple, blue, red, aqua
Item Weight2.84 Pounds
Capacity20 Fluid Ounces
  • It is one of the best multi-colored plastic drinking glass sets available online. You will get 18 pieces of plastic glasses in 6 different colors(means 3 glasses of the same color).
  • The capacity of each glass is 20oz
  • Very much durable and a very good alternative to glass
  • BPA free & lead-free
  • Can be used in restaurants, party, picnic, event, patio, etc.
  • Warning: NO DISHWASHER

2. Highball Drinking Glasses

Highball Drinking Glasses
ColorAssorted Color
Capacity12 Ounces
  • These plastic glasses are of premium quality and the capacity is 12oz
  • I personally love its look very much. It adds a classy look
  • Made up of BPA free material
  • Having no plastic smell
  • They have used non-toxic and tasteless plastic
  • They guarantee a new replacement or full refund without any hassle(if any you feel any dissatisfaction)


MaterialTritan Plastic
ColorAssorted Colors
Item Weight1.74 Pounds
Capacity1.2 Pounds
  • These Tritan plastic glasses are made in japan
  • You will get 6 pieces of glasses and all are having different colors
  • Having an exact feeling of glass with zero plastic smell
  • Each glass has a capacity of 19oz
  • You can simply use them as home decor also
  • These glasses are been tested in the labs of Japan and they last even after 1000 times washing

4. Lawei Unbreakable Plastic Drinking Glasses

Lawei Unbreakable Plastic Drinking Glasses
ColorRed Orange Transparent Brown Aquamarine Light-Blue
Capacity14 Fluid Ounces
  • These beautiful multi-colored plastic drinking glasses have the capacity of 14oz
  • Set of 6 glasses(all are having different colors)
  • They are having no plastic smell and give the feel of glass water glasses
  • A very good option to use in parties, campings, patio, or even in the bathroom and poolside
  • The cost is lesser than the usual multi-colored glasses(of same quality and capacity)

5. MITBAK Colored Highball Glasses

MITBAK Colored Highball Glasses
Capacity13 Fluid Ounces
  • The shape of these high ball glasses is so classic and modern
  • They are made up of lead-free crystal and the color twist makes them look more beautiful
  • Comes with 6 glasses(of 13oz capacity each) in different colors
  • Whenever you will fill the water from the water pitcher, it will look so awesome
  • Thin shape, easy-grip, with flat and a sturdy base
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • Such a great item to gift in Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc.
  • If you’re not 100% thrilled with them, then they will issue a full refund.

6. Colored Water Glasses

Colored Water Glasses
Capacity13.92 Ounces
  • 4 Colored Water Glasses of capacity 14.5oz each
  • Its aesthetic design makes it so unique and beautiful
  • Real solid glass color. The color will not peel off the glass or fade after washes and uses.
  • All-purpose glass works equally well with iced tea, lemonade, or any beverage.

Last Few Words

So, I have mentioned the best multi-colored drinking glasses available online. They are the top-rated and some of the highest-rated glasses.

I hope you loved the product suggestions. If any doubt is there regarding these glasses, comment them below. All feedback is appreciated.

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