PUR Water Filter Pitcher Review 2021[Best Water Filter Pitcher?]

When it comes to the best water filter pitchers, obviously the name of PUR water filter pitcher comes up. But, is it really the best one and worth buying? Well, I will give an honest PUR water filter pitcher review here.

PUR Water Filter Pitcher Review


The PUR water filter can filter the sink tap water of your house and make it a drinkable one. The best part of the filter is, it changes the taste of the water from sink water to normal water. Even after the filter’s lifespan gets over i.e 2-3 months usually, it continues filtering the taste of the water.

Speed Of Filtration

When it comes to the speed of filtration of the PUR water filter pitcher, it might not be the fastest one but has a reasonable speed. It can filter 500ml of water nearly within 1 min. It is a decent speed and there is no complaint regarding the speed.


A PUR water pitcher can hold up to 11 cups of water and it is enough for 3 members of the family.


There is an indicator present at the top of the pitcher. If you press the switch for 5 sec, it shows how long the filter can work still. But if you see underneath the indicator, it is sealed and nowhere connected to the filter of the pitcher. So, I don’t know how does it say the timing to change the filter. In my opinion, it calculates the time which is programmed by default.

It has three colors of light i.e green, yellow, and red. Green means it will still work long and red means it is time to change the filter now.


The body of the PUR water filter pitcher is made up of BPA-free plastic and it is healthy to use such plastics. The shape of the pitcher is slim which means that is space-efficient(acquires less space on the countertop).


The PUR water filter weighs a decent gram weight. as per their instruction, the filter has two stages.

Stage one is the top has activated carbon microfilter which reduces sediment chlorine taste and odor. It filters lead, mercury, and other heavier metals from the water.

Stage two is the bottom has the pleated microfilter which reduces the microbial cysts such as giardia.

One filter can filter up to 40 gallons or almost 80 pitchers. So, it is a good product to buy.


The cost of the PUR water filter pitcher is not so high compared to the capacity. The reason behind its cost is its filter. Cost of the only pitcher is not that much but the cost of a single PUR filter is somewhere around 20$.

What Measures To Take While PUR Filter Replacement?

There are certain things to do when you are replacing the PUR water filter and they are:

  1. Place the new filter in the water for 15-30 mins
  2. Run the tap water on the top of the filter so that if any carbon sediment is there, it can be washed off
  3. After you put the filter into the pitcher, rotate it once to lock it and no unfiltered water can pass through the holes.


PUR water filter pitcher is one of the best pitchers available in the market. I must say it has not the fastest filter but the speed of its filter is decent.

If you are filtering like two liters of water daily, one filter can last up to 2.2 months(approx). I must say it is a good value for money product.

If still, any doubt is there regarding PUR water filter pitchers, comment down. Every feedback is appreciated.

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