Soundproof Blankets: Best Soundproofing Ways To Make Your Room Quieter

Soundproof Blankets: Cheapest Ways To Soundproof A Room

Staying away from a noisy place is everyone’s desire especially those who live in the middle of the city or beside a high traffic road. But soundproofing is a thing in which we don’t want to invest much money and want to get rid of the outside noises entering our room. So, here soundproof blankets help us a lot.

Everyone wants to control the sound entering from outside to their room but it becomes challenging to do that because of the surroundings like neighbors, traffic, and many more.

Using the blankets in the room to reduce the noise is one of the best under cheapest ways like soundproofing with curtains, soundproofing a floor, etc.

Note: Using blankets to soundproof a room is not a best practice because it is not 100% effective but if you want to get rid of normal noises like traffic and all, then it is okay to use blankets.

Do Soundproofing Blankets Work?

If we answer this question in a single word, then ‘Yes!’. Yes, we can soundproof a room with the help of the sound reduction blankets. But if you are expecting 100% result using the blankets, then you must be disappointed.

Blankets are used because of their easy installation and affordability. The blankets can be carried anywhere and the reliable to use. This costs very lesser than fully soundproofing methods.

As we discussed earlier that blankets can not stop the sounds to enter your room perfectly. After using the blankets, the sound will enter the room but the loudness of the sound will not be the same as without a blanket.

The working capability of the blanket can depend upon so many factors and some of them are thickness, density, and material. Nowadays many brands are calling their blankets as soundproof blankets but this thing shouldn’t fool you. Based on many ways you can understand about the capability of the blanket in deadening the sounds.

How Noise Reduction Blankets Work?

You must know that the blankets which are used to soundproof your room are not the same as the normal blankets you use.

You must need to have soundproofing blankets or acoustical blankets in order to reduce the noise entering your room. They are called acoustic blankets because it reduces the amplification of the sound or in simple words, it absorbs the wave and reduces the echo inside the room.

It can be observed that almost every soundproofing material is very dense and thick and the reason is that thicker materials absorb the soundwaves better than the normal materials.

An important thing to know about the noise reduction blankets is, they are technically sound deadening thing, not soundproofing.

There is a small difference between the soundproofing and deadening, that is “echo”. Soundproof things will not allow the outside noise to come inside the room but the sound deadening material will not stop the sound to enter the room but when it enters the room, it will prevent to reflect back by striking on the wall.

For example, if you play music in the bathroom it will sound very annoying and loud but if in the same bathroom you keep or hang some blankets, you will observe a great difference in the echoing of the sound. The echo will be less and the sound will not be annoying anymore.

Note: Always try to have soft, thicker, and dense blankets for better result.

How soundproof Blankets Work?

Benefits Of Using Soundproof Blankets

There are lots of advantages of using a blanket in the room to reduce the noise and the best thing about those advantages is you will get those advantages in the cheapest price.

  1. Affordability: Almost everyone can afford a blanket to make the room sound resistant because they come under a decent price even cheaper than the blankets used in cold.
  2. Easy Installation: You just need to put them on the floor or just hang them somewhere inside the room or fix them on the ceiling.
  3. Multi-place installation: You can install them anywhere in the room. Like if you are having the pro materials to soundproof a studio but the sound can strike on the door also, in that case, you can hang the soundproof blankets for doors.
  4. Better sound absorption quality: The sound absorption blankets can soak better echo than ordinary curtains which are hanging on the door or window(yes curtains look way better than blankets).

Ways To Use Noise Reduction Blankets

So, till now we understood that do the blankets help to reduce the noise, if they can do then how much they can, and why to use them. Now let’s see the ways to use them to reduce the noise inside the room.

1. Soundproof Blankets For Doors

We always take care of the floor, ceiling, wall, and many places in the room but one of the most essential parts we miss i.e the door. The door is the place where a soundwave can strike and bounce back.

As you know that the door and window are the major source of sound coming in so, it is very much advised to use soundproof blankets for doors. You can install the soundproofing blankets on the door in many ways like glue, nail, hang like a curtain.

Here is the problem in using the soundproof blankets for doors, and that is you need to nail the blanket to hang(if you don’t have any other option). So, if you don’t use the door then you can easily nail on that but after installing door will have nail marks or holes.

Nailing is not an option for them also who doesn’t live in their own property or say live in a rental flat, because no house owner will give permission to nail on their door.

If you can’t nail on the door you are left with the only option i.e hanging like a curtain. This will not be a useful technique because there will be a gap between the blanket and door but something is better than nothing. This can absorb the sound half times of nailing technique(but effective).

2. Soundproof Blankets For Windows

A normal curtain or even soundproof curtains will not work as good as soundproofing blankets although the curtains look way better than the blankets on the windows.

As a door, windows are also a major source of the sound or noise entering your room. Many people use soundproof curtains to prevent them to enter the room but up to an extreme limit, they work. But if the curtains are not working anymore then you must shift to the soundproof blankets for windows.

Using the blankets on the window is easier than the door but there are many more problems than the door. Easier installation because you can hang them in the place of the curtain but the problem is curtain can be moved easily because they are way softer than the blankets and because of the high density of blanket, the light and air also will not enter your room.

So, it is advised not to install the blankets on the window by nailing or using glue because they will make them a permanent move. If the window is not in use or there is an additional window through which the main light and air can enter then you can seal another window with the blanket.

If you are working in a studio and don’t want to sound go out and disturb anyone else then it is better to seal every loop hole of the window.

Soundproof Blankets For Windows

3. Put On Loud Appliances

You can put the blankets on the appliances in the room because there are two reasons to do so. One is the sounds in the room which is producing by any instrument will not bounce back after striking on the surface of the appliance.

And the second reason is if the appliance itself is producing any sound then the sounds will not come out and will be absorbed by the covered blanket.

These appliances can be a dishwasher, washing machine, TV, portable ACs, and other appliances that create sounds.

4. Soundproof Blankets For Walls

In the journey of soundproofing the room, we need to cover every hard surface. And wall is the majority of the hard portions of the room.

Whenever sound enters the room, the majority of it strikes on the wall, bounces back, and creates an echo. So, if you need to decrease the echo of the sound inside the room, you have to use soundproof blankets for walls.

There are some techniques by which you can cover your walls with blankets, most of them are effective and simple to perform. Some of them are:

  1. Nailing: You can nail the blankets on the wall and this will be very effective but the thing is you can do this only if you have the right to do this. Many people live in rental flats so that is not their own property and they need the permission of the house owner to do so.
  2. Glue or Tape: If you don’t get permission to nail on the walls, then using tape is a good option but nailing is a stronger way than tape.
  3. Mounting Putti: It is also a way to install the blanket on the wall but this is not that advisable because of its weak grip. If the blanket is heavy then it is hard for putti to hold in the place.
  4. Curtain Rods: You can use the curtain holders also to cover the wall but it has a problem that there will be an air space in between the wall and blanket and because of this a little amount of sound can bounce back striking the wall.

So in short, covering a wall is almost like covering a door and this is very much effective. It is not necessary to cover the full wall, covering the majority portion is also okay.

5. Blankets On The Floor

Covering the floor is also a good practice when you are soundproofing your room. There are many techniques to soundproof the floor but using the blanket is also a good technique.

When you walk on the floor, there is a huge vibration produces and because of that along with you, your neighbors also get annoyed who is living right under your floor.

Installing the blankets on the floor is the simplest task compared to all other ways mentioned in this article. You just need to put them on the floor and that’s it. If you don’t want to make your blanket slip then you can use the rug pads underneath the blanket.

6. Pin On Ceiling

We know that every hard surface is the point from where the sound can bounce back so we need to cover them all. You can fix the blankets on the ceiling also for a better result.

Pinning the blankets on the ceiling will help to reduce the noise which comes from the upper floor because of the other families.

You can nail the blanket on the ceiling which will be most effective than just sticking with glue or tape. Because of the gravity, you need very strong glue or tape to hold and blanket so, nailing is the perfect solution.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Soundproofing Blankets

So, we discussed how blankets are essential to reduce the noise of your room. But now the question is, is every blanket soundproofing? If no, then which blankets are considered as the soundproofing blankets.

Nowadays, many brands are there that claim their blanket as soundproofing but you need to know how to check if the blanket is really soundproofing or not. For that, you can check some factors based on which you can understand which is a good soundproofing blanket.

1. Thickness & Density

Almost every soundproof material has more thickness than its normal version. This is because the more thick material will be the better sound absorption will take place.

Same with the density also. Almost every soundproof material has a very high density because higher density means better sound absorption.

These two factors are the most important factor while you are choosing a blanket for sound reduction. The blanket should have high density and more thickness.

These two factors decide almost 80% capacity of sound absorption by the blanket.

2. Size

The size of the blanket also matters indirectly while soundproofing your room. If you are buying blankets for walls, floors, or ceilings then it is okay to choose a decent size that can cover a major portion of that surface.

But if you are searching for the door or window, you must take few inches larger than the actual size so that you can cover the side areas of the door or window from where sound waves can enter.

3. Design

As the blankets will be kept inside the room, the designs should enhance the beauty of the room, or else the room will look like a garage. So, there are many soundproof blankets available in various designs that will boost up the look of your room like other decors.

Some of the well designed most effective soundproof blankets are Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet, WEN 272406, etc.

4. Grommet

There are many blankets which come with grommet and those are especially for door, window, and wall because there you may need to hang them with a rod.

If you are going for a floor blanket or ceiling blanket then there is no use in having grommets in the blankets although if you don’t have the grommets in the blanket you can install them with the help of the tailors.

5. Cost

Last but not the least, cost. Whatever you buy, the price tag matters a lot. The cost depends upon the size and quality of the material you are buying. There is no fixed range of soundproof blankets but if we say a rough figure, $50 is the average starting amount.

If you really want to buy a nice soundproof blanket then you must invest at least $50.

FAQs On SoundProof Blankets

Do soundproofing blankets work?

As we discussed fully in this article, soundproof blankets work up to a limit which can not be 100% but yeah almost 60%-70%. If you want to soundproof your room from a huge load of noise then you will be facing disappointment.

How do you soundproof a blanket?

The soundproof material will work as soundproof when it has high density and thickness. So, if you want to soundproof a blanket then you can double the thickness and density by adding more layers one by one.

What is a noise blanket?

These are also called noise deadening blankets rather than soundproof blankets because they don’t stop sound from entering the room but they decrease the amount of echo caused by that sound.

What are sound blankets made of?

The best materials to use for making soundproof blankets are wools, polyester, thick cotton. These materials can minimize the echo and also insulate the room.

Final Words On Soundproofing By Blankets

So, we have discussed the possibilities of soundproofing a room with blankets, how much it cant resist sound, and the various ways to soundproof your room by the blankets.

For the last time, we want to remind you that the blankets can not be 100% efficient in soundproofing your room. So, if you are disturbed by little sounds like traffic beside the house or neighbor’s noise then you can go with soundproof blankets.

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