Best Room Heater Buying Guide(2021)

Is winter knocking at your door? Want to buy a heater but wondering about which room heater is best? Then, you are at the perfect place to get all the information regarding your queries.

I am here to guide you and give you all the details about a room heater. I assure you that, you will not disappoint being here.

As you all know winter is a season of beauty. This is the most loved season by people as we do not sweat at all and it is the perfect season for showing off the fashion. Anything you wear, you will not sweat, this is the beauty of this season.

But at the same time, we do want to get out of the couch for some time without a sweater but cold stops us. So, we need the best room heater to make our room warm and cozy so that we can sit without a blanket.

Best Room Heater Guide | (Aug 2020)

Let’s see the points on the basis of which we will check that, which room heater is best;

When you will go to the market to check the available heaters, you have to see price, size, shape, type, and many more.

At first, we will start with the types of heaters. There are mainly three types of heater present in the market, but each of them has many other different names.

  • Oil Filled Room Heater
  • Fan Heater
  • Infrared Heater

Take a look into each of the heaters;

Oil Filled Room Heater

These heaters are also known as oil heaters. This type of heater is the best choice for health purposes. Especially for newborn children. These heaters do not cause any suffocation so that you will never feel any breathing problems at all.

It doesn’t cause any skin problems like rashes or eye problems. It avoids the burning of oxygen and reducing humidity.

These types of heaters save electricity so much because it uses oil as a heat reservoir. It gives heat even after switching off the current.

Top 3 Best Oil Heaters

Fan Heater

This type of heater can be called a ceramic heater, convection heater, or blower room heater. This heater Makes the large space warm within a few moments. The ceramic oil helps to heat the surrounding air. It works very quickly compared to other heaters and is safe to touch.

Its fan helps to blow out the hot air from the heater and heats your room within seconds. This room heater is not that costly also. So, you can afford a safe and beneficial heater for your home.

Top 3 Best Fan Heaters

Infrared Heaters

This type of heater is also called a Quartz heater or halogen heater or Radiant heater. This is called the cheapest heater compared to other types of heaters in the market but, it is not really true. Maximum infrared heaters are costlier than other types of heaters.

This is very much ideal for small-spacing places or individual usage. Not a good choice for large rooms or huge gatherings. Heats up very quickly and the surface of this heater gets heated. also. So, better not to touch during it is on and because of this, it is not safe for children.

It works like a campfire. It is best for carrying to any camping place. These heaters make no noise. Very silent they are

Top 3 Best Infrared Heaters

Room heater For Single Person?

If you are a single person then, Infrared and Fan Heaters are ideal for you. They occupy very small spaces and can be kept on a table as a table lamp.

As infrared heaters consume very less energy(lesser than fan heaters also), they are very good for a single person. Fan heaters can heat more than infrared heaters.

Infrared heaters, you have to stay beside all the time while in fan heaters, you can leave your place but you will get the heat.

Big size room?

If your room is big in size or if you want a heater for your living room then, you should go with Oil-Filled Heaters. This heater has the capability of heating the large rooms, way better than infrared or fan heaters when it comes to large rooms. Infrared heaters are only for small and individual usage.

Safety of children?

having children in the house? You must go with Oil-filled Heaters. They do not cause any type of skin problem or any suffocation. It is ideal for a home that has children.

Fan heaters are also a good choice for children safety as it works on the basis of blowing hot air by a fan.

Infrared heaters you never should use if the child is there in the room, as its rods get hot and turns red then it gives heat. A child can be attracted to the red color and want to touch and its surface gets hot as well while it is on.

Energy Saving

If we talk about the energy or electricity saving heaters then, Oil Filled Heater comes first. As oil-filled heaters give heat after heating the oil and we know by nature oil stays hot for a very long time. So, it gives heat even after switching off. Most importantly, it uses a maximum of 1000 watts.

Infrared heaters use up to 1200 watts and take much time to get heated.

fan heaters heat fast but consume very much energy as it uses up to 2000 watts. If it is a high-class model then it may consume up to 1500 watts.


Oil and ceramic heaters come within 50-70$ but infrared can go beyond 100$ also. According to the reliability, Oil and ceramic heaters are better to buy.

Traveling or Transporting

When you plan to visit any place for tour purposes or any business purpose, you, may not have any idea about the availability of a heater over there. That time easily portable heaters can help you. For transporting purposes, infrared and fan heaters are best. They are very light in weight compared to oil-filled heaters.

The oil-filled heater is not a good choice for traveling.

Time takes to heat

If you are coming from a very cold place and when you reach home, you need a heater which heats in the minimum or fastest time then, Fan Heaters are really good at this.

It produces heat very faster than oil and infrared heaters. As the oil heater needs to heat up the oil first then it can produce heat. So, it takes a longer time.

Which room heater suits well to asthmatic patients?

This is a very important question. As many countries have gas room heaters, that can cause problems for asthma patients. But, electrical heaters do not harm any of those patients. You can use electric room heaters in the presence of them.

Noise production

This is a big point if you have children at home. You will neither want to disturb their sleep nor want to be disturbed by any sound while you are concentrating on some work.

The sound of the heater depends on the technology, which is been used to heat it up. So, in this case, infrared and oil-filled heaters are best to use. As the fan heaters produce very much sound, it is not a good choice on the basis of noise.

Looks and designs

A room heater can be used as decor in a room. You can use it as an interior designing product. Many beautiful and fashionable heaters are available there in the market. Most of the Oil Filled Heaters are good-looking and fashionable but as they are big in size, they may not suit in a small-sized room.

If you have a medium to large-sized room then, Oil and Fan heater will suit you best.

Infrared Radiant heaters suit in the small-sized room.

3 Topmost fashionable heaters

Rating(out of 5) each type of heater on the basis of specific quality

BEST PRODUCTDr Infrared Heater Portable Space HeaterLasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater


I hope that I gave you the exact information which you were searching for. Now afterward, you will not be confused regarding “which room heater is best?”

On the basis of all the factors, I will suggest that the Oil Filled Heater is the best. Cheaper than all and better than all.

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