Best White Curtains For Bedroom | 5 Modern White Draperies 2021

White curtains add a great level of brightness to the room and enhance the beauty. The best thing about the white curtains is, they suit all the walls(with any color). I was searching for the best white curtains for bedrooms and got some amazing curtains.

I have selected the best 5 white draperies for the bedroom on the basis of many factors like durability, layers, material type, size, weight, etc. Check out the curtain buying guide for more info.

Why do we need curtains?

Being a house owner, everyone treats a curtain as one of the most essential products of a house, or especially for a room. Let’s look at the topmost reasons that why do we need curtains:


Privacy means so much to everyone. No one wants to share the information about whatever is going on inside their room. The curtain will play huge role in this purpose. Many people use curtains because of this reason.

Sunlight protection

No one likes sunlight to enter into their room when it is not needed. Direct sunlight can irritate you so much. Curtains help to protect you from sunlight when you do not want. You can remove the curtain whenever you want sunlight.

Gives a cool and warm room

If you wonder how a curtain can keep your room cool then, I must say this one is connected to the last point. If you will not allow sunlight to enter into your room then, the room can not get hot.

Curtains which are made up of linen, are ideally very good in keeping the room cool in summer days.

It helps to keep room warm in cold days also. A good curtain will not allow to enter the cold breeze into your room. In this way it will keep your warm in cold days.

Makes Room Look Bigger

If the curtain rod is placed almost near the ceiling and the size of the curtain is as big as it can touch the ground and rod, then it can make your room look bigger. In short, more height of the curtain means the room looks bigger.

Attractive Look

Who doesn’t want to make their room look attractive? When anyone enters into the room and it creates an awesome impression on them. The interior designers try to come up with innovative ideas every day to decorate our room. Curtain plays a huge role in designing our room.

Keep rooms clean

If curtains will be there on your window then the dust particles which are there in wind, will not able to come inside your room. In this way, curtains will help to keep your room clean. As the dust will gather on the curtains so, you have to wash it regularly.

Makes Room Quiet

If you use the sound dampening curtains, they decrease the echo inside the room and make the room quieter. Every curtain helps to minimize the echo more or less. The thickness matters a lot in deadening the sound.

Here we go with the list of 5 best white curtains for the bedroom and living room.

I have rated(out of 5) each of the curtains according to its reliability and based on many factors

 Product NameProduct Dimension(inches)Product Weight(pounds)Rate out of 5 
NICETOWN Window Thermal Insulated Grommet Room Darkening Curtains63 x 42 x NOW
NICETOWN White with100% Blackout Lined Curtains63 x 52 x 0.53.634.8BUY NOW
Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain14.8 x 10.71 x 1.51.414.8BUY NOW
AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains42 x 84 x 13.4.7BUY NOW
NICETOWN Window Draperies Curtains45 x 42 x 0.21.694.8BUY NOW

NICETOWN Window Thermal Insulated Grommet Room Darkening Curtains

NICETOWN Window Thermal Insulated Grommet Room Darkening  White Draperies

It is Made up of 100% Polyester and is imported. Made of high-quality fabric with no liner so, it feels too soft and heavy also. This set provides 2 blackout panels of wide 42 inches and length 63 inches and comes with 6 grommets. This is one of the best 63 inch curtains available online.

TEMPERATURE: It has triple weave blackout fabric which will help you to control the temperature of your room. Gives a cool sensation in summer days and keeps the room warm in cold days. It insulates the temperature very well.

As this curtain helps to insulate the temperature so that you can protect your interiors also along with floors and all.

LIGHT PREVENTION: Dark color curtains help to prevent more light than light color curtains. As this is a white curtain, it can not prevent light as much as the dark color does but this curtain prevents around 85-95% of light along with UV rays, which is very good.

Its triple weave technology helps to reduce the noise and gives pleasant sensation.

EASY TO WASH: You can wash it in a washing machine or can steam clean if needed. Coldwater is preferred for washing.

Provides rings of size 1.6 inches inner diameter which fits very well in standard curtain rods. They are really wrinkled free.

NICETOWN White with100% Blackout Lined Curtains

NICETOWN White with100% Blackout Lined Curtains

This curtain is made up of 100% Polyester and is imported. Comes with 2 panels in each package with the size 52 inches in width and 63 inches long. To install and slide, it is having the silver grommet of inner diameter 1.6 inch, which creates beautiful grace in your room. This is also one of the best 63 inch curtains available online.

Provides 100% blackout. Helps to make you sleep during day time by preventing the 100% sunlight and UV rays reaching your room. If you are a person who sleeps day time then you should know that it offers very good darkness during day time.

NOISE REDUCTION: This curtain will help to keep you away from the external noises. It works double times better than the other one layered curtains.

EASY CARE: It is easily washable in the machine but only below 86 degrees Fahrenheit so that the quality of this curtain will last for a long time. Mild detergent can be used but bleaching should be avoided.

DESIGN: Its design is very attractive and made is such a way that, it can last for long years. Its 2 layer triple weave fabric makes it last longer and helps to keep your room cool in summer days and warm in cold days by insulating the temperature.

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain

Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Grommet Window white Curtain

If you are searching for many options then, this curtain can be ideal for you because it comes with 3 options of sizes i.e 42 inches x 63 inches, 42 inches x 84 inches. and 42 inchesx95 inches (check out). These awesome blackout curtains are sold in a single panel per package.

This curtain helps to prevent the sunlight to enter your room and irritate you. Comes with six silver grommets on every panel.

This can save your energy bills as it insulates the temperature. It can keep hot airs inside in winter days and doesn’t allow sunlight to enter the room during the summer days.

This curtain gives a very smooth and soft touch sensation. it will match ideally with your window while providing great privacy.

This curtain is machine washable. Very hot water is not preferred for washing. It is Imported.

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

This curtain is imported and made up of 100% Polyester.

It will help to keep your room dark during day time. Because of a blackout, it prevents sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering into your room and keeps your room very clean.

Helps to reduce the noise which is coming from outside and will keep the room quite for you.

Have warm sensation in cold days and cold sensations in hot days because of its energy-saving insulating barriers. It makes this curtain so much reliable.

Triple weave fabric is used with no liner for 2 panels. Folds with a cultured drape and frames the window.

No need to be worried about pullback of curtains because this contains two velcro ties and its rod pocket fits any decorative or standard rod.

This curtain is Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory. Whose independent certification system ensures the textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.

Colors may differ slightly. (check out other colors)

NICETOWN Window Draperies Curtains

NICETOWN Window Draperies white Curtains

DESIGN: They provide 2 panels in each package. the measure of the curtain is 42 inches wide and 45 inches long with a silver grommet of 1.6-inch inner diameter to install and slide the curtain very smoothly. Creates a classic style for your house.

Made up of triple weave technology and having the middle layer white(where many other curtains have a black layer in the middle)

PRIVACY: It can not give that much privacy because this curtain is not blackout and prevents only 50% of sunlight but it can work very well as a home decor

DURABILITY: The curtains of NICETOWN last really long as they are machine washable (Hot water is not preferred). Can be Quickly ironed or stram cleaned.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best place to buy curtains?

It depends upon your need. If you want ready-made curtains then Amazon & WayfairWill be a great choice but if you need customized curtains then it’s better to avoid online.

What to look for when buying curtains?

Depending upon your room color, room dimension, window or door dimension, curtain fabric quality, blackout or not(according to your need)

Which color is best for curtains?

For dark color wall light color curtain and vice versa. If there is any pattern on your wall then better you go for a solid color curtain and if your wall is of solid color then go for pattern curtains.


Curtains are one of the best decors of anyone’s house. Curtains are more important than many furniture in the house. Although we have discussed only the best white curtains, there are many beautiful colors available online, you must check them out also.

Mostly we search for the 63-inch curtains as that is a general size but if you want different sizes then you must go offline and customize the curtain from any tailor.

I hope that you got the exact information about the best white curtains for the bedroom or living room. All 5 best curtains are listed above with a rating (according to us) out of 5.

I wish you are happy with this article and got valuable knowledge. If still, any query is there, comment down below. All the feedback will be appreciated.

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